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Wireless Plans

When you buy from Wirefly, you’ll choose from the exact same plans. offered in the carrier stores. If you are lucky enough to have an employer discount or grandfathered plan, you can keep your great deal. Or change carriers worry-free: we’ll transfer your number with no service interruption. Buy a smartphone and we’ll help move your contacts to the new phone.

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New Service Plans

For the best deal on a smartphone or cell phone, purchase a New Account Contract service plan. By agreeing to a new, two-year contract you are eligible for subsidized phone prices – this means free phones. The New Account Contract Plan is right for you if this is your first cellphone or you are changing from one wireless provider to another. If this phone will be the only phone on the account, then you need an Individual Plan. If you want multiple phones on one bill, such as an account for both you and your spouse, then you need a Family Plan. With a Family Plan, you may have up to 5 lines on one account, and may even be able to share minutes among the phones.


Upgrade My Device

Already have an account and want to upgrade your current cell phone? If you are eligible for a device upgrade, we have a huge selection to offer you at greater savings over the carrier. Your service will continue uninterrupted until after your new phone is delivered. Select your current carrier and the phone that is right for you.

Add More Lines to My Account

Already have a cell phone and plan you are happy with, but want to add a family member to your account? Select Add More Lines to add up to 4 additional phones (5 total per an account). Most carriers will allow you to choose to share minutes from your existing plan with these new lines or determine the minute allotment for each line. Often, subsidized phone prices are available for new lines.


Replacement Phone: No Contract Changes

If you don’t want to renew your contract or a new plan, then you need a Replacement Device. This is a common choice for those who lose or damage an uninsured cell phone before they are eligible to upgrade or renew their plan. We strongly encourage you to always purchase Device Protection Service to prevent this situation. Unfortunately, Replacement Devices are not subsidized.


Prepaid Devices/ No Contract

If you want a new smartphone or cellphone without a two-year agreement or credit check, consider Prepaid/ No Contract. These phones have never been more affordable and there are many plans to fit your need – daily, weekly, monthly and pay-as-you-go. In fact, some of the best value plans are no-contract and often beat many standard carrier offers.


No Contract Ease and Convenience: Wirefly Prepaid Phones

Wirefly offers a wide-selection of cell phones and wireless plans from the nation’s most popular carriers, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and Nextel. Offering all the best cell phones and plans in one place, Wirefly makes it easy to shop for a new account, transfer carriers, keep your existing plan or to find the latest wireless plan option from your carrier that is right for you and your family. More than a selection of the most affordable phone plan options, Wirefly’s committed customer service can help you keep your grandfathered plans or discount plans, if you are still eligible. We offer the same phones, plans and services as in store, but without the lines. If you’re shopping for a new smartphone it’s likely that one of your key considerations will be the data plan you select. If you’ve been using a cell phone and shopping for your first smartphone, it’s even possible that in addition to asking how much data do you need, you also might be asking what is a data plan? Rely on Wirefly to help you answer these important questions during your phone plan shopping process. We make smartphone shopping easy, convenient, and fast!

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