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  1. Motorola DROID Bionic vs. HTC ThunderBolt

    Thanks, Buck. I agree with your criticism and appreciate your feedback.
    We’ll be more thorough on these on going forward and, certainly, once we have the phones in our hands.

    Jeff Gregory

  2. Samsung Epic 4G vs. HTC EVO 4G

    Hey, lala,
    I’d recommend you go with the Epic. If you like the screen and the the keyboard, that’s exactly why you should get it. While the EVO is a great phone, the EVO is not better than the Epic in terms of display quality and does not have a slide-out keyboard.
    Plus, even with the keyboard, the Epic is lighter weight, while offering the same processing power as the EVO.
    If you’re choosing between the EVO Shift and the Epic, I’d still recommend you go with the Epic, as it’s lighter than the Shift, as well, and also has more storage space and a much faster processor than the Shift.

    Hope this helped,
    Jeff Gregory

  3. Samsung Galaxy S 4G Pre-orders Begin Feb. 17 on Wirefly!

    Thanks for catching that typo, Tawnya!
    You are correct. The Vibrant camera does not have LED flash.

    Jeff Gregory
    Director of Search

  4. myTouch 4G vs. Samsung Vibrant - Cell Phone Schmackdown!

    You are correct. However, the terms are actually quite simple:
    Pay your bill on time, make no changes whatsoever to your plan … and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

    For more detail, you can read this:


  5. myTouch 4G vs. iPhone 4 Comparison

    Hey, J.R.,
    We do not have a current comparison of multiple AT&T smart phones vs. the iPhone.

    What I can tell you, though, is that the closest competition to the iPhone 4 for AT&T is the Samsung Captivate.

    In many ways it is superior to the iPhone (larger screen, Flash support, better processing speed, RAM), but it lacks a front-facing, if video chat is something you need.

    Check out the comparison here: http://www.wirefly.com/learn/resources/cell-phone-comparison/samsung-captivate-vs-apple-iphone-4/

    And you can’t beat the price for the phone quality on AT&T. The Captivate is only $9.99 for new AT&T customers and $69.99 for existing customers who are eligible for a full upgrade. Both require 2-year commitment with AT&T Wireless.

    Hope this helped!
    Jeff Gregory
    Director of Search Marketing

  6. Best BlackBerry Blog of 2010 - Nominate Your Favorite

    The finalists were not chosen solely on the volume of nominations.
    Finalists were chosen based on quality of the site relevant to the category and number of nominations.
    Blogs with high volume of nominations were given extra consideration, but in many cases the extra consideration did not push the site higher than those we selected as finalists.
    Several sites that received a high volume of nominations were actually forums, not blogs. Others sites only posted once or twice a week, at most.
    In the end, the blogs that posted quality content on a consistent basis were deemed worthy of being finalists.

    We appreciate your feedback, and will continue to look for ways to improve our Blog Awards going forward.
    We welcome any and all suggestions.

    Jeff Gregory
    Director of Search Marketing

  7. Motorola MOTO Q for Sprint and Verizon Wireless Manual

    Multimedia Messaging Service. (Sending images, videos, etc.)

  8. T-Mobile HTC HD2 Video Unboxing & Quick Look

    The HD2 is scheduled to launch on March 24. Wirefly should have it that day, as well.

  9. Wirefly Showcases the Hottest-Selling Mobile Devices on the Internet

    Hi, Dorothy,
    I’d recommend you go with a pre-paid phone option. Since you don’t need all of the gadgets and goodies that come with the higher-end phones, a pre-paid phone is the soundest financial bet.
    I recommend you try either the Nokia 2320 GoPhone for $49.99, http://www.wirefly.com/catalog/gophone/nokia/2320-gophone-kit-black/, or the Samsung A137 for $39.99.

    Each of these currently comes with a $15 airtime bonus, as well.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Samsung Mythic vs. Samsung Solstice

    Lookin’ good, Driessen.

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