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Google Gesture Search for Android – Video Demo

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March 4th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Thanks to a new app courtesy of Google, Android users have yet another way to quickly find contacts, applications, bookmarks and songs on their smartphones. Dubbed Gesture Search, the new app lets users find content by drawing letters on the screen.

To find your buddy Jimmy Johnson, for example, just fire up the app (which loads nice and quickly) and scrawl out a big ol’ “J” on the screen. Any content on your phone with a “J” in the name will pop into the list, and you can then draw an “I” over top of the list of results to further narrow down the choices.

Even if what you end up drawing on the screen is a sorry excuse for letters, Gesture Search does a pretty good job determining possibilities you could have been going for. Given that a lower-case “n” looks pretty darn close to an “h,” for example, the app will find results with both possibilities, and order results based on its best guess and what you search for and access most often.

While text, voice and gesture search is all well and good, telepathic search seems to be the obvious next step in the evolution.

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