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Android Applications
Top 10 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Bloggers

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February 10th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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If you are armed with an Android phone, frequently on-the-go, and unable to stomach the idea of fully parting from your blog for any extended period of time, this list of free Android apps will help keep the blogger in you in the know and even allow you to expertly share your thoughts and opinions from almost anywhere.



AndroBlogger is a simple yet functional app for reading, posting to and commenting on blogs powered by the popular Blogger engine. The app will let you add a picture using a URL, format text, and even save a draft of your brilliance so you can come back and finish it up later. Though AndroBlogger’s feature list more or less stops there, expect more to come in future versions of this Blogger tool. [more]


Remember that time when you had a great idea for a blog post on your way home from work and then by the time you sat down at your laptop it was gone? Billed as an “extension of your brain,” Evernote lets you take text notes, snap photos and record audio — preserving any idea that may pop into your head. The app allows you to search through your ideas, and best of all it will automatically sync with your desktop. [more]


Particularly for those bloggers writing to help put food on the table, keeping a pulse on how much traffic your blog is getting and where its coming from is, well, kind of important. mAnalytics brings your Google Analytics account to your Android phone. The free version of the app offers basic traffic stats and charts, while the Pro version offers a solution for those who want the ability to drill deeper beyond the basics. [more]

Meebo IM

Meebo IM

Many bloggers operate in a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals, and sharing thoughts and ideas via instant messaging is a common practice. When you’re away from your computer, Meebo IM provides a powerful solution for staying in touch. This Android app support most popular IM platforms, including AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo!. Multiple accounts can be online simultaneously, and you can continue instant messaging while writing that blog post. [more]


Although there are some bloggers out there who might disagree, most bloggers would agree that it’s hard to blog if you don’t have something worthwhile to blog about. For that, there’s NubiNews. NubiNews aggregates stories from an impressive number of major periodicals and blog. The list includes CNN, Fox, The Economist, Business Week, Car & Driver, Engadget, Gimodo, and more. Find out what’s happening in your world, and then let the world know how you feel. [more]

PhotoShop.com Mobile

From the makers of the industry standard in photo editing software comes a usable (granted basic) photo editing tool for your Android phone. PhotoShop.com Mobile is great for quickly sprucing up your photos before they hit your blog. The software offers the ability to crop, rotate, color-correct and tint your photos, among several others features. [more]


If you want to keep your readers updated, but aren’t in the mood for banging out a lengthy post from your cell phone, give Pixelpip a shot. Pixelpipe will let you easily push text, photos, audio and even video out to a slew (currently around 120) of popular photo and video sites, social networks, and blog engines. The latest version of Pixelpipe will let you snap a photo with your phone’s camera, add a title, caption, and tags, and push it out to the sites of your choice. [more]



Let’s face it, writing an epic blog post on your mobile phone isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. To ease the pain just a bit, there’s ShapeWriter. Instead of tapping out text on a virtual keyboard or using a potentially cumbersome physical QWERTY, ShapeWriter allows you to form words by dragging your finger over each letter without ever having to lift up from the screen. With some practice, ShapeWriter can be not only a time safer, but ease some finger fatigue to boot. [more]


How do many bloggers inform and communicate with their legions of loyal readers? Why Twitter, of course. Twidroid (and the paid Twidroid PRO) is among the most popular and fully featured Twitter clients available for Android. The app supports background notifications, and will let you make posts, direct message users, compose @ replies, post photos, and much more. [more]

WordPress for Android

If you have a blog(s), there’s a pretty decent chance it’s powered by WordPress. WordPress for Android offers a powerful set of tools to manage multiple WordPress blogs. The app allows you to make and edit posts as well as pages, moderate and reply to comments, and manage photos and tags. The app will even notify you of new comments in the Android notifications windows. [more]

Did we neglect to include your favorite blogger-friendly app, or is there a better app that trumps one of our top ten? Sound off in the comments below.

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