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Android Phones
T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Vibrant — Speed Test w/ Video

Wirefly Learn » Android Phones

October 8th, 2010


By Bob Kovacs

T-Mobile’s new G2 Android phone puts a lot of power in the palm of your hand, including 4G Internet data speeds that match the fastest phones on the market. In a recent Wirefly speed test that compared the T-Mobile G2 with the Samsung Vibrant and the Samsung Epic 4G, the G2 demonstrated Internet download speeds that put it in the 4G category.

Capable of operating on T-Mobile’s HPSA+ network, the G2 tested at speeds up to 5.5 Mbps. In a Wirefly video recording on YouTube, the G2 showed a download speed of 3.07 Mbps. By comparison, the Samsung Vibrant (which runs on T-Mobile’s slightly slower HSPA network) topped out at a modest 437 kbps. The Vibrant is certainly capable of higher speeds and there are many variables that can account for the results in an Internet speed test. The Vibrant received a relatively weak signal for this particular test, which accounts for its lackluster performance.

Wirefly’s video also compared the G2 to the Samsung Epic 4G, which runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. As shown in the video, the Epic 4G grabbed an Internet speed of 3.6 Mbps. In tests in the suburbs near the Wirefly campus, the Samsung Epic 4G achieved Internet speeds as high as 4.5 Mbps. With the results of many tests now in hand, the T-Mobile G2 and Samsung Epic 4G have quite similar Internet data speeds.

Sprint has held 4G bragging rights since the company’s WiMax network started its slow roll-out in 2009. However, it’s clear that T-Mobile has closed the gap with its HSPA+ network and the new G2 phone. Now that there’s a new 4G provider on the block, we can expect the high-speed data competition to heat up.

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12 Responses to “T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Vibrant — Speed Test w/ Video”

  • That was an excellent review, thanks! I have been trying to decide between the Galaxy S and the G2. My girlfriend also got a huge kick out of you singing along to the Galaxy S startup song.

  • This test shows that Sprint’s WiMAX download is faster than T-Mobile HSPA download. Yet Wirefly recommened the T-Mobile’s G2?????? The comparision in the Wirefly office clocked HSPA at 700K to 3500K for WiMAX WOW that is five time faster. Seems the choice is Clear. In the DC suburb the test HSPA speed is 3000K and was conducted where there are fewer users per tower so the backhaul from the tower can support the faster speeds.

  • I’ve run SpeedTest on Vibrant over a couple days now and average 5mbps up/1.64mbps down. Clicking through to Settings/About Phone/Status: Mobile Network Type shows HSDPA during test (usually UMTS). Signal is five bars, icon “3G” (but I suspect “H” icon is available in Froyo 2.2, not 2.1 running on my Vibrant). Am in Seattle.

  • T-Mo Biggie
    October 9, 2010

    Clearly testing in an area where there is lousy signal completely skewing the results. Poor journalism and totally unscientific.

  • Damn nature you scary.

  • I’ve run the speedtest.net test 30+ times on my Vibrant. The best I’ve ever done is 5600kbps. That’s right, well over five-thousand. It’s broken 5K several times. The most common speed is around 3,600-4,200kbps. The only times I’ve seen speeds in the 200-300kbps range is when it has fallen back to an Edge connection.

    Important point to clarify. There are two different HSPA types of connection: 1. HSPA+ (which everyone has heard of) has a theoretical max of 14,000kbps. And 2. HSDPA 7.2 has a max of 7,200kbps. The Vibrant and several other T-Mobile phones support HSDPA 7.2, but no HSPA+.

    I would expect the Vibrant to max out in the 5,000kbps range and the G2 in the 8-10,000kbps range.

    • Just ran it again and got 5,639kbps from my bedroom. The log shows that the previous best was 5,647. Almost beat it! :)

      • 5,719kbps… it touched 5,800 a couple of times during the test, but settled at 5,719 at the end.

        And I don’t have the J16 update, yet.

    • Same on my n1. I average 4mbs.

  • Wow. So disappointing. Of course an HSPA phone will have faster Internet than a 3G phone. I was expecting speed test of the phone itself.

  • I just ran one on my vibrant and got 4553 kbps

  • I just ran the test on my Samsung Vibrant on 3G and had speeds ranging from 1582 kbps to 4162 kbps.

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