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Android Phone Reviews
Video: Custom widgets on the DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC

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April 29th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Thanks to HTC’s gorgeous Sense user interface built on top of Android 2.1, the DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC is equipped with a nice number of sleek, custom HTC widgets beyond the standard Android fare. A number of additional widgets are already freely available for download from HTC’s widgets store, and we’re told more are on the way.

The INCREDIBLE offers 7 widget-hungry home screens, as well as a convenient thumbnail view that is just a pinch away for easily jumping between home screens.

Hit that play button for a rundown of all of the INCREDIBLE’s HTC widget goodness. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Clocks: An impressive selection of fancy digital and analog clocks to fit your every whim. Includes HTC’s trademark flip clock complete with full screen animated weather.
  • Bookmarks: Choose between a visual bookmarks widget or a list view widget for easy access to favorite websites.
  • Calendar: Choose between month, daily agenda, and next appointment views.
  • Footprints: Capture the GPS location of your photos so you’ll never forget where you snapped a picture.
  • Friend stream: Integrates status updates from across your social networks and lets you easily update your own status across networks simultaneously. Flip through a number views including all updates, status updates, new photos, and updates with links.
  • Mail: Flip through new email messages.
  • Messages: Flip through text messages.
  • People: A visual representation of your favorite contacts with contact photos. Tapping a contact lets you easily call, email or text that contact.
  • Music: Flip through tracks in HTC style and easily control the music player from the home screen.
  • Notes: Draw directly on and flip through sticky notes.
  • Photo Album: Flip through photo albums right on the home screen.
  • Photo Frame: Just like it sounds. Choose a photo to occupy one of your home screens.
  • Search: Run a quick Google search from the homescreen.
  • Stocks: Three ways to view your stock portfolio in varying levels of detail.
  • Tip Calculator: A helpful way to quickly calculate tip and split up the bill between friends.
  • Today in History: See historically important events, births and deaths that occurred on the current day in history.
  • Twitter: Flip through a feed of updates from all of your Twitter friends and easily update your status.
  • Weather: An attractive trio of various sizes with varying levels of detail, ranging from current conditions with a 4 day forecast to a small current conditions indicator with highs and lows for the day.

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