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BlackBerry 6 OS Breaks the Social Barrier

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December 6th, 2010


When a company changes to a new version of an operating system, what does this mean to the user? In the case of the new BlackBerry 6 operating system, it combines the features that BlackBerry users have come to love about their phones with new tools to reach out across the Internet and share your life.

Social networks have exploded in popularity in the last three years on the Internet. BlackBerry 6 has built-in features that make it a breeze to keep up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a YouTube app to make viewing and sharing videos a snap. You can toggle between your RSS and social feeds and see instant updates of your friends’ activities on Facebook. Also supported is the Reuters news feed for immediate access to up-to-the minute headlines, which is available in more detail with one click or touch.

Getting on the web is friendlier with BlackBerry 6, as it has streamlined the Internet experience and interacts more fluidly with 3G data services now common on BlackBerry phones. This new web experience includes tabbed browsing, so you can have multiple pages open at once and move between them by clicking on a tab. This greatly simplifies looking up a piece of information and adding it to an e-mail or web post.

Handling multiple tasks is one of the strengths of the BlackBerry 6 OS. Just press and hold the menu key to see a list of all the apps running on the phone, and you can jump from one app to another. Organizing your apps and content is easier, too – you can group your favorite apps, contacts and web pages in one place for quick access. Multitasking is built into the BlackBerry 6 experience.

The new OS provides intuitive controls for multimedia, such as music, photos and videos. Getting news, videos and album art for your favorite performers is a simple process, and a built-in YouTube application lets you view and upload videos with ease. BlackBerry 6 also gives you access to a range of camera modes that can help you capture better images. For example, there’s a “text mode” that helps when taking clear photos of text against a white background. There is also a smart tool for organizing your media into logical groups.

Of course, storing more on your BlackBerry means that you need a great tool for finding what you already have. The new OS can search everything on your phone at once and even reach out across the Internet for additional information. For example, you can search your BlackBerry for a contact’s name and the result will be all the information you have that relates to that contact, including icons for that person’s address book entry, e-mails and scheduled meetings with that contact.

BlackBerry has always been the right tool to integrate you with your business life. The BlackBerry 6 OS takes that a step further and makes your phone a part of your personal life as well.

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