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BlackBerry Applications
Gwabbit Makes E-mail Contact Capture a Breeze

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December 7th, 2009


The award-winning gwabbit for BlackBerry® makes email contact capture fast, easy, and fun! gwabbit automatically scans incoming BlackBerry emails, finds contacts, and instantly transforms them into contact records within your BlackBerry address book!

So what’s the difference between Free gwabbit and Paid gwabbit? The free version of gwabbit for BlackBerry is just like the paid version with one key difference. Free gwabbit includes an alerting feature that lets your contacts know (via email) when you’ve added them to your address book using gwabbit. This service is invaluable particularly for sales and business development. Of course, “gwabbees” can opt-out of the gwabbit alert service at any time if they prefer not to stay current on who’s added their contact info.

How does gwabbit work? The gwabbit for BlackBerry service is a combination of a client and a server. The client monitors opened emails, and if they seem to include the signature of the sender, it sends the information to the server for processing, and the server returns the results to the client. If a signature is found, the client prompts the user, and asks if the user wants to save it. It also searches the local address book to see if an address entry exists for that sender, and if so, asks the user whether he wants the information merged into the existing contact, or a new contact be created.

If the information found is the same as the existing information, no prompt will appear. This architecture takes the load of the processing off the device, and enables gwabbit to constantly improve the recognition, without frequent client upgrades. It does, however, involve a processing server, and information is submitted to that server. The user can change the settings of gwabbit so that only emails manually sent by him to gwabbit will be processed (manual mode, rather than automatic). gwabbit’s privacy policy can be viewed here http://www.gwabbit.com/privacy.php.

Source: Gwabbit

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