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Wirefly’s Top 10 Best Selling Phones of 09′ & Wireless Trends 10′

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January 26th, 2010


Reston, VA – January 26, 2010 – Wirefly (www.wirefly.com), the Internetís leading online retailer of cell phones, today announces its Top 10 best selling phones for the last quarter of 2009 and offers its predictions for wireless trends in 2010.

Smartphones and feature-rich touch screens flooded the mobile market in 2009, so it should come as no surprise that these devices would claim every spot on this particular Wirefly Top 10 list.

ìBy the end of year, it was quite clear that consumers had embraced smartphones and touch screens and the conveniences that come along with them, such as the user-friendly interface and the ability to quickly and easily email, upload photos, surf the internet and access social networking sites,î said Andy Zeinfeld, CEO of Simplexity, parent company of Wirefly.

Wirefly’s Top 10 Best Selling Cell Phones for the Fourth Quarter of 2009 (by carrier)

  1. Samsung Impression A877 (AT&T) – The Samsung Impression captured cell phone lovers who yearned for the combination of a brilliant visual and tactile experience along with the capability of cranking out messages quickly. The AMOLED display provides the crispest and brightest views of websites, videos and pictures on the 3.2″ touch screen, even in direct sunlight. The full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to send picture messages and emails.
  2. BlackBerry Bold 9700 (AT&T) ñ The BlackBerry Bold 9700 picked up where its predecessor left off. The next-generation Bold provides international 3G connectivity, connects instantly to your favorite social networks, surfs the web, downloads apps from BlackBerry App World and more at lighting fast speeds.
  3. Samsung Mythic a897 (AT&T) – The Samsung Mythic a897 has been a hit with multimedia users looking for a cool touch experience. The brilliant 3.3î touch screen is perfect for streaming AT&T Mobile TV anywhere or video conferencing with AT&T Video Share. Or use the virtual QWERTY keyboard and widget tool bar to quickly access your email, favorite social networking sites and instant messenger chat services.
  4. DROID by Motorola (Verizon Wireless) – The DROID by Motorola altered the cell phone landscape in the 4th quarter of 2009. The combination touch screen, QWERTY-slider smartphone features Googleís Android operating system, a 5.0 Megapixel camera, and a desktop-like web experience thatís fully customizable with apps downloaded from the Android Market.
  5. LG enV3 VX9200 (Verizon Wireless) - The LG enV3 offers an enhanced camera, support for even more removable memory, and unsurpassed messaging speed and convenience to the popular enV line-up. This slim, flip-phone conceals a spacious QWERTY keyboard designed for the ultimate quick messaging device that also has advanced capabilities such as auto-complete, instant reply, and more.
  6. Chocolate TOUCH (Verizon Wireless) – The LG Chocolate TOUCH is the first touch screen phone in the popular Chocolate line-up. The Chocolate TOUCH is a music loverís dream. And with communications and social networking tools, you will always be ìplugged-inî wirelessly.
  7. BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Sprint) - The gorgeous BlackBerry Curve 8330 brought the incredibly popular Curve to CDMA networks for the first time. Like all BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry Curve 8330 provided possibly the best on-the-go email and calendar solution for mobile professionals. But the BlackBerry Curve 8330 also included a 2.0 Megapixel camera, GPS, a rich media player, and stereo Bluetooth.
  8. HTC Hero with Google (Sprint) – The HTC Hero with Google was Sprintís first Android phone and the first Google phone to support Microsoft Exchange push email, allowing the user to sync calendar, inbox, contacts and more. The HTC Hero is a sleek, touch screen smartphone that allows instant access to your favorite apps without slowing down.
  9. BlackBerry Curve 8900 (T-Mobile) -The BlackBerry Curve 8900 was introduced early in the year and quickly became the top-selling BlackBerry device with a 3.2 Megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS and pre-loaded BlackBerry maps, internet browser, and organizer applications.
  10. Samsung Highlight t749 (T-Mobile) - The Samsung Highlight t749 was introduced as a web-centric, touch screen phone for the trendy socializer. Stay connected with friends and family through more than voice calls, thanks to the text messaging, instant messaging, picture and video messaging and, of course, email and social networking website apps.

As the largest online retailer of cell phones for all major carriers, Wirefly has unparalleled insight into cell phone trends and, more importantly, consumer behavior in the wireless market today. Millions of people flock to Wirefly.com every month to compare hundreds of phone models across every major U.S carrier.

Zeinfeld noted, ìBecause of our position, we have the ability to track and anticipate the trends driving the wireless industry. We predict that many of the trends that began to emerge during the last half of 2009 will continue to gain popularity in 2010. However, this market is forever changing and highly competitive, so we also expect to see vast improvements made to current wireless technology, as well as, the emergence of new technology in the coming year.î

Wirefly’s Mobile Trend Predictions for 2010

  • Carrier Rate Plan War Heats Up ñ We believe that carriers are going to continue to invest more heavily in increasing their footprint by improving quality and speed while driving down costs to consumers.
  • Continued Growth of the Android Operating System – With more and more cell phone manufacturers introducing various models on this revolutionary platform, we think it is safe to say that the Android Operating System is set to make significant gains in the smartphone market in 2010.
  • The Smartphone Surge Continues ñ Manufacturers will continue to roll out new and improved smartphones to keep up with consumersí growing demand to stay connected while on-the-go. We predict that for most consumers, the smartphone will be the norm and not the exception in 2010.
  • App Stores Aplenty ñ As more smartphones flood the wireless market, expect to see an even greater presence of App stores. Consumers will begin to rely more on their smartphones for productivity, entertainment and communication and they will no longer be satisfied with the standard, preinstalled applications. Instead, they will seek out and download specific applications that cater to their needs. We predict that the App stores that will ultimately succeed will be those that make it easy for consumers to shop and download quality applications safely and securely.
  • Emergence of Tablet PCs ñ The netbook was the ìItî device of 2009. In 2010, it is going to be all about the Tablet PC for mobile computing. These mini touch screen computers (think iPhone on steroids) generated a huge buzz at the International CES in Las Vegas this year, with several manufacturers announcing the impending launch of their version. Biggest question still remains: Will customers connect via a data plan or primarily use it with WiFi? Only time will tell.

Wirefly.com provides an easy and affordable way to shop for wireless phones and accessories. Visit www.wirefly.com to find the best phone to fit your lifestyle needs.

Reston, VA – January 26, 2010 – Wirefly (www.wirefly.com), the internetís leading online retailer of cell phones, today announces its Top 10 best selling phones for the last quarter of 2009 and offers its predictions for wireless trends in 2010.

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