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Wirefly Predicts the Most Popular Phones for the Holiday Season

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November 19th, 2008


RESTON, VA — Wirefly.com, the Internet’s leading seller of cell phones and wireless service plans, today announced its “Top 10 Hottest Selling Phones” and predicts the most sought after devices for this year’s holiday shopping season. Smartphones and other feature driven devices with converged technology such as streaming video, MP3 music players, GPS, and hi-resolution cameras, dominate both lists.

“Our current top selling cell phones clearly reflect the tremendous impact the iPhone 3G had on the wireless industry. Based on our current sales trends, it is obvious customers want the newest, most cutting-edge devices with multimedia applications,” said Andy Zeinfeld, CEO. “Consumers are no longer interested in having just a stylish phone. They are now considering both form and function in their wireless purchases. Cell phones with touch screen interfaces, MP3 music players, hi-resolution cameras, GPS, email and streaming video capabilities are among our most popular.”

Wirefly has released its Top 10 Hottest Selling Phones list in advance of the holiday shopping season in an effort to help consumers find the most popular wireless products for that special ‘techno-savvy’ someone.

Wirefly’s Top 10 Hottest Selling Phones

  1. LG Vu CU920

    The LG Vu has dominated our best-seller list since its arrival. A sleek touchscreen phone with high-speed data and expandable memory, the Vu is specifically tailored for live TV and Video Share services.

  2. Blackberry Curve 8330

    This CDMA version of the BlackBerry Curve adds high-speed connectivity on EVDO networks, while retaining the other features that make the Curve so popular – including a 2-MP camera, GPS, push email, and memory card slot.

  3. LG Rumor

    The LG Rumor remains an extremely popular option for heavy messaging. The candy bar design hides a full-size slide out QWERTY keyboard, as well as a 1.3-MP camera and quality speakerphone.

  4. Sony Ericsson TM506

    The TM506 is a well-designed flip phone with large buttons and a full browser that makes it simple to view web pages over a 3G data network. The TM506 also features GPS, a music player, and a camera.

  5. BlackBerry Bold

    The latest BlackBerry to hit our best-seller list, the Bold delivers HSDPA 3G data speeds – faster than any other BlackBerry – and improves screen resolution by twofold. With 1 GB of built-in memory, WiFi, and GPS, the Bold is a powerhouse.

  6. LG enV2

    The LG enV2 is a uniquely designed successor to previous enV models, bringing more style, less heft, and quicker data speeds. The face of the enV2 flips up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, and a large QVGA display.

  7. Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

    This stylish music phone from Nokia is a sleek slider with external controls for navigating your music collection. The 5610 also includes a 3.2-MP camera with auto focus and video capture, and a colorful hi-res screen.

  8. Samsung Instinct

    One of the most popular touch screen phones. The Instinct features a large display, EVDO high-speed data, threaded messaging, a 2-MP camera with video capture, and a high degree of customization.

  9. LG Shine CU720

    The LG Shine is a thin, high-end slider phone for use on HSDPA high-speed networks. A beautifully constructed metallic form houses plenty of memory for your multimedia, and supports Video Share and voice-dialing.

  10. Motorola Krave ZN4

    Motorola’s first touch phone is also a remarkably unique one. The Krave includes a large main display with finger-touch technology, and a clear flip cover with a touch surface of its own. GPS, mobile TV, and a 2-MP camera round out the features.

In addition to the top sellers, Wirefly’s own active consumer research indicated several additional devices that have only recently debuted or have yet to launch, but they have already begun to generate a huge buzz and will likely be the most highly sought after devices during the holiday shopping season. Similar to the Wirefly’s Top 10 Hottest Selling Phones, these highly anticipated devices also are optimized for messaging and other advance multimedia features.

Wirefly’s Top 5 “Buzz-Worthy” Phones

  1. Blackberry Storm

    The Storm isn’t scheduled to launch until November 21st, however, based on early indications such as customer inquiries and traffic volume, BlackBerry’s first touch screen device is easily the most anticipated cell phone of the season.

  2. UTStarcom Quickfire

    The touch screen revolution continues with the Quickfire, a horizontal slider phone similar in form to the popular Sidekick, with one significant exception: the beautiful 2.8” QVGA touch display that slides aside to reveal the full QWERTY keyboard.

  3. HTC Fuze

    The Fuze is a Windows Pro smartphone that shares many of its features with another hugely popular touch screen phone, the HTC Touch Diamond. In addition to the crisp display, the Fuze offers a slide-out keyboard, WiFi, and a 3-MP camera.

  4. Samsung Behold

    The Behold is the fourth phone on our list, and the fourth touch screen device. This beautiful candy bar style cell phone also comes loaded with a best-in-class 5-MP camera, video capture capabilities, and runs on Samsung’s new TouchWiz user interface.

  5. Samsung Gravity

    The Gravity is similar to other messaging-centric cell phones like the LG Rumor, with its slide-out horizontal QWERTY keyboard. This Samsung device comes loaded with a music player,
    memory card slot, and stereo Bluetooth as well.

Wirefly.com provides an easy and affordable way to shop for wireless phones and accessories. All of the devices listed can be found on www.wirefly.com or through Wirefly’s Holiday Gift Center, an annual gift guide designed to assist shoppers find the perfect gift for a technology fan.

For more information on the products listed, please visit,Wirefly.com.

About Wirefly

Wirefly.com is America’s trusted source for cell phones, wireless service plans and wireless accessories. Owned and operated by Simplexity, Wirefly is the internet’s leading authorized dealer for every major cellular carrier in the U.S. Wirefly also offers discounts and services not available in retail wireless stores, including real-time online order status and tracking, and the lowest prices – online or anywhere else — on cell phone devices from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry and many other cell phone handset manufacturers. Wirefly.com has been named Best of the Web by Forbes magazine as the “best all-around number portability portal” and “Best in Overall Customer Experience” by Keynote Performance Systems. For more information on Wirefly, its wireless products and its services, visit Wirefly.com.

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