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About BlackBerry Phones
How to Change the Background Wallpaper on your BlackBerry

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December 2nd, 2009


Are you tired of giving your wireless carrier free advertising real estate on your BlackBerry’s home screen in the form of a background wallpaper? It’s easy to change your home screen background image from a bland carrier logo to any image you want — and chances are there’s a fair selection of pictures to choose from already loaded onto your BlackBerry.

Depending on what BlackBerry OS your phone has, there are a number of ways to change the wallpaper. Here’s a quick and easy one:

  1. Navigate to the full menu. To do so, press the BlackBerry menu button while on the home screen.
  2. Scroll to and open Media.
  3. Scroll to and open Pictures.
  4. Select a folder to view. You’ll likely find an acceptable pick in the Sample Pictures folder.
  5. Scroll to and open the image you’d like to use as you wallpaper.
  6. Press the BlackBerry menu button and scroll down to Set As…
  7. Select Wallpaper.

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One Response to “How to Change the Background Wallpaper on your BlackBerry”

  • steve nicks
    June 17, 2010

    Nice update on how to change the wallpaper in the blackberry phone.It helps a lot for those who have this kind of phone.


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