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The Best Guide Ever for Drying a Wet Cell Phone!

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August 30th, 2011


By Luis Gonzalez

Did your Wirefly cell phone or Wirefly smartphone survive the rain from Hurricane Irene? Water damage is one of the most common reasons for cell phone failure. Chances are you or someone you know has damaged their wireless phone by getting it wet. Our Facebook friends have provided us with a lengthy list of how they’ve damaged their device. Whether you dropped your HTC EVO 3D smartphone in a bowl of soup, almost flushed your Motorola Droid 2 Global smartphone down the toilet, dunked your BlackBerry Bold into your favorite brew, or decided to give your HTC Sensation a bath in your washing machine, you still might be able to bring it back to life!

Follow these 5 steps for the chance to restore your phone addiction!

  1. Remove the phone out of liquid as soon as possible.
    We understand how shocked and upset you may be to see your cell phone or smartphone doing the back stroke in a puddle of murky water, but you must react quickly! The less time your wireless phone spends time in liquid the more likely it is to survive. Rescue the phone as quickly as possible but do not power the phone on as it could short circuit.
  2. Take the phone apart quickly!
    At this point tears will be running down your face, but dry them quickly as you need to act fast in order to save your phone. Take off the back cover and remove the battery to ensure that your battery will survive the submersion. This is important as it might ensure that your phone will not short circuit because you are effectively cutting the power. Proceed to remove your SIM card (if it has one) and your memory card from your Wirefly wireless phone to ensure you won’t lose any valuable information. Remove any other covers your phone may have (rubber charging port covers, etc.).
  3. Dry the Cell Phone or Smartphone.
    Your phone might still be dripping so this part should help in removing a lot of the moisture from within the device. We are sure you love your phone dearly as it connects you to the people you talk to the most, so dry it with as much care as possible. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently remove as much liquid as you can. If you are caught in the wild an undershirt should do the trick, just try not to move the water deeper into the device. Do not, under any circumstances, shake the cell phone or smartphone as it could move the water deeper into the wireless device and pass over contacts that could short circuit the device. If you happen to be at home a vacuum cleaner can go a long way in extracting the moisture from the wireless phone (no blow-dryers).
  4. Use Rice or a Desiccant to absorb the moisture.
    You are probably asking yourself what in the world is a desiccant. A desiccant is the little packages you find in a shoe box or a new purse. They draw out the moisture that may still be inside of your cell phone. If you’re like me and always throw those packets away do not despair as rice works as a great substitute. With the parts removed insert the battery and the actual device into a bag or bowl of uncooked rice. The rice works great to pull out the moisture but you might need to rotate the wireless phone every two hours so the moisture can find an escape. Leave the phone in the rice overnight and let it work its magic. If at all possible try to leave the phone in the rice for 24 hours for the best results.
  5. The moment of truth – Power on the phone.
    After removing the wireless device from the rice or desiccant packets check to see if there is any moisture. If none is apparent to the touch leave it on an absorbent cloth for a few hours. If you touch the cloth and there is moisture, repeat steps three and four. If the cloth is not wet then put your phone back together, cross your fingers, and press the power-on button. If the cell phone or smartphone does not power on remove the battery, connect the phone to your charger and if the phone powers on then you just need to replace a battery. If this does not work however, don’t lose sleep over it, you tried your best! Take it as an opportunity to upgrade your wireless phone plan to a new phone at Wirefly and restart your texting and tweeting addiction!

Remember, Wirefly is your place to shop for all the latest and greatest phones because we provide you with amazing savings. Our prices provide great savings every day usually $100 lower than in-store prices for many phones. We have a great selection of phones and we continue to add new carriers, and of course offer all of the latest phones from top-rated carriers including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

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