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Pre-Paid Phones Bring the Savings Home

Wirefly Learn » Pre-Paid Phones and Services

March 22nd, 2011


Wirefly is pleased to offer several choices in pre-paid phones. With an economy that is not all it could be, prepaid phones are a way for individuals and families to control their costs, while still staying connected. The best thing is that pre-paid today no longer means “basic” and “without features.”

Pre-paid phones offer a full range of functionality, starting with just a handful of talk minutes and going all the way up to fully fledged smart phones that have Internet browsing ability. There are even pre-paid phones with the Android operating system, capable of downloading and running apps from the Android Market. All share the primary cost benefit of pre-paid, which is that you never pay for more service than you need.

Another class of device available for pre-paid service is an air card or mobile hotspot, which can be used to connect a computer wirelessly to the Internet regardless of where you are. You can buy a pre-paid air card or mobile hotspot and load it up for a two-week beach vacation, and take the Internet with you. When the vacation is over, you are not stuck paying a monthly fee to keep the account alive – all you need to do is load it the next time you need a wireless Internet connection.

Which brings up one of the big reasons why you should consider a pre-paid phone: It does not tie you to any particular carrier for any more time than the number of minutes you purchase. You pay only once and have no recurring charges to continue the service. In some cases, you can take up to a year to use the minutes you purchase initially, making a pre-paid phone a handy device to have in an emergency in a glove box or bottom of a purse. Wirefly can help you choose the pre-paid phone that best meets your requirements.

Take a look at Wirefly’s prepaid phone selection today and start saving!

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6 Responses to “Pre-Paid Phones Bring the Savings Home”

  • terrekah wadley
    October 3, 2011

    when will my phone be here order number..384622807

    • Terrekah, one phone ships today. We are waiting to receive your returned phone. Once we receive that phone, your other phone will ship.

      Thanks for thing of Wirefly!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • i want to turn my sprints phone to boost

    • Gina, you will have to go to a Boost store to work that out. It probably can be done, but you will have to do it through a Boost store.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • will i be able to deport my boost number over to verizon i was a customer

    • Jessie, yes… you should be able to port your Boost phone number to Verizon.

      Bob at Wirefly

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