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5 Tips for Securing Your Home

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February 28th, 2010


  1. Ensure your door locks are not loose and that you have a dead bolt that locks from the inside. In about 50% of burglaries, the burglar enters through the front door. Additionally, by adding an alarm sensor to your door frame, away from the locks, you will have added protection, ensuring the police will be called if the door were to be broken into.
  2. Consider your mobility. Will you be living in your current home for many years, or just short term? If you get an alarm system, ask about options for movers as well as to find out if there are any hidden fees.
  3. Plant rosebushes, cacti, or other prickly plants under your windows. This will help deter a burglar from attempting to break in to first floor windows. Also, ask for a glass break sensor from your home security provider. These sensors offer more protection while you are home and would have motion sensors turned off.
  4. Use timers on your interior lamps and exterior porch lights. When you are working late or on vacation, these simple methods can mask the fact that you are away from home. You can even add noise to your home by putting a timer on your TV or radio.
  5. Be aware and get notified. The majority of burglaries happen during the day. So whether you enlist the help of a neighborhood watch program or get an alarm system, be sure you are getting the notifications you need so that you do not come home to a burglary.
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