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Cell Phone Comparisons
Motorola Atrix 4G vs. HTC EVO 4G

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January 14th, 2011


One of the wireless hits at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was the Motorola Atrix 4G cell phone. Running on AT&T’s speedy HSPA+ 4G network, the Atrix 4G has a unique docking keyboard that turns the Atrix 4G from a cell phone into a compact computer. Like the Atrix 4G, the HTC EVO 4G has 4G data speed – in this case, using Sprint’s swift WiMax network. In addition, the EVO 4G has a big (4.3-inch) and bright screen, a front-facing camera and a convenient kickstand that makes it easy to sit the phone on a desk and have a video chat… or watch a movie. How do these two cell phones compare against each other?

Motorola Atrix 4G HTC EVO 4G  
Motorola Atrix 4G HTC EVO 4G
Wirefly’s Price
(as of publish date)
Not yet available $179.99
Carrier AT&T Sprint
Operating System Android 2.2 Android 2.2
Interface Modified MotoBlur

HTC Sense

Display 4.0″ TFT LCD, 540 x 960 pixels 4.3″ LCD, 480 x 800 pixels
Data Speed 4G HSPA+ 4G WiMax
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 Bluetooth 2.1
Mobile Hotspot Yes – Optional Yes – Optional
Camera 5-megapixel, LED flash and autofocus 8-megapixel, LED flash and autofocus
Front-facing Camera Yes; 640 x 480 pixels Yes; 1.3-megapixel
Video Capture Yes; 720p HD Yes; 720p HD
Apps Android Market Android Market
Music Player Yes Yes
Adobe Flash Support Adobe Flash 10.1 Adobe Flash 10.1
Storage Space 16GB onboard; microSD slot for expansion 1GB onboard; 8BG microSD card pre-installed
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY, optional docking keyboard Virtual QWERTY
Battery 1,930 mAh, lithium-ion 1,500 mAh, lithium-ion
Processor Dual-core 1 GHz processor Single 1 GHz processor
Memory RAM: 1GB RAM: 512MB
Microsoft Outlook Support Yes Yes
View Word Docs Yes Yes
Weight 5.0 oz 6.0 oz
Dimensions 4.6″ x 2.5″ x 0.4″ 4.8″ x 2.6″ x 0.5″

Key Differences

  • Display: The Motorola Atrix 4G has a 4.0-inch LCD display, but the big news is that it docks with an expansion module that has a keyboard and 11.3-inch monitor. The HTC EVO 4G created a sensation in the summer of 2010 with its combination of large (4.3-inch) LCD screen, Android 2.2 and fast 4G connection, and today remains the benchmark for large, fast Android phones.
  • Operating system: Both the Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC EVO 4G run Android 2.2, a fast and stable operating system. Motorola promises an upgrade to Android 2.3 for the Atrix 4G by the end of 2011. It is not known if the HTC EVO 4G will get an OS upgrade to Android 2.3.
  • Processor and RAM: The Motorola Atrix 4G features a dual-core 1GHz processor, and will be among the first cell phones to run with a dual-core processor. The HTC EVO 4G has a single processor running at 1GHz. The Atrix 4G will have 1GB of processor-available RAM, while the EVO 4G has 512MB of RAM.
  • Keyboard: Both the Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC EVO 4G have on-screen virtual QWERTY keyboards. However, the Atrix 4G will have a docking keyboard with full-size physical keys.
  • Storage Space: The Motorola Atrix 4G will ship with 16GB of onboard memory, and will have a microSD slot that accommodates memory cards up to 32GB. The HTC EVO 4G has 1GB of internal storage and comes with an 8GB microSD card pre-installed. The EVO 4G will also support a microSD card up to 32GB.
  • Camera: The Motorola Atrix 4G will have 5-megapixel still-image cameras that can record HD video at 720p resolution. The HTC EVO 4G has an 8-megapixel still-image camera and can also record HD video at 720p. Both phones have front-facing cameras for video chat, with the EVO 4G coming out ahead with its 1.3-megapixel front camera compared to the Atrix 4G’s VGA-quality (640 x 480) device.
  • Battery: The Motorola Atrix 4G will have a 1,930 mAh lithium-ion battery, while the HTC EVO 4G has a 1,500 mAh battery. Both can be replaced by the user.


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12 Responses to “Motorola Atrix 4G vs. HTC EVO 4G”

  • Gunsandtattoos
    August 27, 2011

    Well I just jumped in and got the ATRIX. Sprint wanted me to pay a $
    500 6 yr old bill my x wwife ran up at the time but it was a blessing this phone is crazy fast I mean it cam with 10gb of inboard mem but beware I filled it up with pics and music and it would lock up when
    trying to pull previews. But the fingerprint reader is totally awsom e! ! I love this phone I went and got the 32gbsd card there are a few quirks but im gonna get the media dock not the keyboard laptop one you don’t need it it comes with a hdmi cable so u can run it off ur computer ir use the ish ir bluetooth blink and it transfers files at what seems like 20 mb but besides the better cameras I am 100% happy I got the ATRIXhope this helps I wish I could have asked a regular semi knowledgeable person and I wouldn’t have been so scared. Oh well people kill people not guns

  • I have Sprint, meaning the best phone for me as of now is the HTC EVO 4G. However, it seems as if this Atrix is a much better phone. I love the dual processors and the doubled ram….anyone know when Sprint will have a phone that can get in the ring with the Atrix?

    • Blake, Sprint has some innovative and advanced phones in the pipeline. I don’t have any definite dates but some nice stuff is not far off. We may have a new video of an advanced Sprint phone on our YouTube channel in the next couple of weeks.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • maria
        July 5, 2011

        I have the Motorola Atrix. And I”m only 12!! I love the phone. It is very quick when i’m using the internet. Also the video recording is outstanding.

    • adboxerz28
      March 24, 2011

      Google upcoming sprint phones. The HTC Evo 3d will have a 1.2Ghz dual core processor, 1 gb of Ram and a 3d camera to boot. HTC Evo pwns again!

  • have the atrix. love it! like the swype and vlingo programs. plus motoblur

  • EvoNerd7373
    March 5, 2011

    Got the EVO 4G.
    Electrical Engineer
    So had to have Android open source.
    The EVO is very nice the battery does not last very long under heavy use.
    It is nice to be rooted and get free Tethering or Hotspot.

    The Atrix is very impressive with the dual core and more ram.

    However, the problem right now is the games on the Android market are lacking compared to iphone. There are not many heavy duty name brand first person games in the Android market.

    I believe they will come but I don’t know when.

    Still missing the Netflix app.

    But being able to run different ROMS and connect a Wii remote through bluetooth and play older nintendo games for free on a 4.3 inch screen is very cool.

    Personally hate Crapple, think it is a prison.

    Yes it is safer, less risk of virus etc.

    But you are also safer never leaving your house.

    Sprint is very frustrating though having to pay $10.00 more for 4g and not even being able to use it because it is not in the area is a bad thing for Sprint.

    But they are trying to improve, and customer support is pretty nice and give good reductions for an trouble.

    I would probably go for Verizon next, I just like a faster more stable network.

    Verizon does charge a little more but you can still root their phones.

    The dual processor market for phones is just beginning and it will be interesting.

    I would like more people to try the Atrix just so we can all learn.

    It seems like a nice phone, but I have not had the experience to use it.

    I do like the fact AT&T allows you to surf while talking on the phone the others don’t.

    The sprint Nascar app is very cool though to listen to the drivers.


  • I have an evo 4g and i absolutely love it! Its like having road runner on ur phone. The screen is beautiful download speeds are rediculously fast. The camera is also awesome as well..it comes preloaded with great apps i mean you still will want ur games and then some but the basics are there.id recommend this phone to neone who can afford it. Atnt has some real big shoes to fill.

  • My question is in the model I should purchase; I currently have a iPhone and I am very unpleased. I want a HTC EVO but would wait for the ATRIX if it were a better choice.

    • When it comes out, the Atrix will have the latest technology and will be a generation ahead of the EVO 4G in this regard. However, the Atrix isn’t yet out… if you need a phone now, the EVO 4G is a great choice.


  • Question, at&t has 4G? Because i always thought they didn’t have 4G. That’s why the iPhone wasn’t as good as it could have been. I’m confused because i thought the atrix was going to be a Verizon phone? And if at&t has 4g, when will it actually be rolling out?

    • Anthony, AT&T (and T-Mobile) refer to their highest-speed GSM service as “4G.” The technical designation for is it “HSPA+” and it offers theoretical data speeds as high as 42 Mbps. I have personally tested T-Mobile phones with HSPA+ and gotten download speeds of 6 Mbps, which I consider to be very fast. Since these two companies call HSPA+ “4G,” they call standard HSPA “3G.” HSPA will easily get download speeds of 3-4 Mbps, which is pretty darn good. This is the technology that the iPhone uses, so it is considered only a “3G” phone. The iPhone will not work with AT&T’s HSPA+ network, only with standard HSPA.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Bob at Wirefly

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