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Cell Phone Comparisons
Motorola Droid vs. HTC Hero: Comparison Review

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February 5th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Before Motorola’s Android-running Droid came dropping from stealth bombers into the hands of excited Verizon Wireless subscribers everywhere, Sprint’s HTC Hero was arguably the undisputed Android champion in the hearts and minds of many. We know that since the day the Droid debuted and challenged the Hero to an Android showdown you’ve been just dying to see how these two smartphones stack up against each other.

Well, we aim to satisfy your thirst for knowledge with another Wirefly Cell Phone Schmackdown.

As of this review, the HTC Hero is unfortunately stuck way back in Android version 1.5, meaning Sprint’s flagship Android phone is without some of the Android goodies found in later versions — most notably Google Maps with Navigation for free turn-by-turn GPS directions. Come March, however, the Hero (along with the Droid, which is currently running Android version 2.0.1) is expected to follow in the footsteps of the Nexus One and get Android 2.1.

While the Droid runs a vanilla version of Android, HTC built its sleek Sense user interface on top of Android. Sense delivers some gorgeous widgets, seven home screens instead of three, and HTC’s Scenes which allows users to easily change to any number of customized home screen setups depending on what they’re doing.

Size wise, the Droid and Hero are fairly comparable, though the Droid has a more industrial and unique appearance while the Hero adopts a more traditional, curved form. Thanks to its slide out QWERTY keyboard, the Droid is a heftier (in a good way) device than the physical keyboard-less Hero.

The HTC Hero comes equipped with an 8GB microSD card pre-installed, while the Droid offers twice the space right out of the box with a 16GB card. Both phones have a 5-megapixel camera and take pretty decent pictures, though the Hero tended to do a bit better in low lighting conditions. The Droid and the Hero offer comparatively impressive camcorder quality, but the Droid stands out as one of the best phone camcorders on the market.

For a more in-depth look at the Motorola Droid vs. the HTC Hero, check out our video comparison.

Motorola Droid HTC Hero
Motorola Droid HTC Hero
Shop Now Shop Now
Interface Standard Android HTC Sense
Operating System Android Android
Screen Size 3.7″, 480 x 854 Pixels 3.2″, 320 x 480 Pixels
Video Overview Watch Watch
Wireless Capabilities
3G Capable Yes Yes
Global Roaming Yes No
WiFi Yes Yes
Mobile Hotspot No No
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Voice-dialing Yes Yes
Messaging Capabilities
IM Yes Yes
Text Yes Yes
Video Yes Yes
Mobile Email Yes Yes
Outlook Support Yes Yes
View MS Office Attachments Yes Yes
Web Browser Yes Yes
Camera Megapixels 5.0 5.0
Apps Android Market Android Market
Video Yes Yes
Music Options Yes Yes
Memory Capacity Up to 32GB microSD (16GB card pre-installed) Up to 32GB microSD (16GB card pre-installed)
Keyboard Physical & Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY
Removable Battery Yes Yes
Weight 6.0 oz 4.5 oz
Dimensions 2.4″ x 4.6″ x 0.5″ 4.5″ x 2.2″ x 0.5″
Processor Speed 550MHz 528MHz
Wirefly’s Price (as of publish date) $99.99 $129.99

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2 Responses to “Motorola Droid vs. HTC Hero: Comparison Review”

  • Any idea when would you offer free activation on verizon plans/phones again? Probably during Valentine’s Day (Wirefly did it last year as well)? I am ready to purchase 3 family phones and am waiting for free activation deals.


  • kelly pettersen
    February 5, 2010

    i LOVE my htc hero. i chose it over the motorola droid and haven’t regretted it for even a second. its the perfect phone and does everything i could ever want while being sleek lightweight and stylish. i find the droid aesthetically displeasing, sorry.

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