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Motorola DROID X2 vs. Samsung DROID Charge Comparison

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May 23rd, 2011


The Motorola DROID X2 is a major refresh of the popular Motorola DROID X with a couple of features that immediately make it one of the most desirable phones in Verizon Wireless’ DROID arsenal. Combining strong performance and Android 2.2, the DROID X2 has a speedy dual-core processor and 540 x 960-pixel resolution on its 4.3-inch LCD display.

Verizon’s expanding DROID line of phones now includes a member from Samsung: the DROID Charge. The Samsung DROID Charge features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED+ screen that is considered one of the best in the business. although it has a lower resolution than the display in the DROID X2. The DROID Charge has a 1GHz single-core processor, but that’s augmented by a speed-friendly graphics processor (GPU) that makes playing games and doing visual tasks a pleasure on the DROID Charge. Finally, the DROID Charge connects to Verizon’s speedy 4G LTE network, and can share that connection with up to eight devices using its built-in WiFi hotspot capability. The Motorola DROID X2 and Samsung DROID Charge are two warriors in Verizon’s DROID line-up – so how do they compare?

Samsung DROID Charge Motorola DROID X2  
Samsung DROID Charge Motorola DROID X2
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Wirefly’s Price
(as of publish date)
$249.99 $149.99
Carrier Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless
Operating System Android 2.2 Android 2.2
Interface TouchWiz


Display 4.3″ Super AMOLED+, 480 x 800 pixels 4.3″ TFT LCD, 540 x 960 pixels
Data Speed 4G LTE 3G CDMA
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 Bluetooth 2.1
Mobile Hotspot Yes – optional Yes – optional
Camera 8-megapixel, LED flash and autofocus 8-megapixel, dual LED flash and autofocus
Front-facing Camera Yes No
Video Capture Yes; 720p HD Yes; 720p HD
Apps Android Market Android Market
Music Player Yes Yes
Adobe Flash Support Adobe Flash 10.1 Adobe Flash 10.2
Storage Space 2GB onboard; 32GB microSD card pre-installed 8GB onboard, 8GB microSD card pre-installed
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY
Battery 1,600 mAh, lithium-ion 1,540 mAh, lithium-ion
Processor Single-core 1GHz processor Dual-core 1GHz processor
Memory RAM: 512MB RAM: Not yet known
Microsoft Outlook Support Yes Yes
View Word Docs Yes Yes
Weight 5 oz 5.5 oz
Dimensions 5.1" x 2.7" x 0.5" 5″ x 2.6″ x 0.4″

Key Differences

  • Display: The Motorola DROID X2 has a 4.3-inch LCD display a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, shich is sometimes referred to as qHD. The Samsung DROID Charge has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED+ display with 480 x 800-pixel resolution. Using optional HDMI cables, both the DROID X2 and DROID Charge can “mirror” their displays on a big-screen TV, giving you a really big screen for web surfing and e-mail.
  • Operating system: Both the Samsung DROID Charge and DROID X2 use Android 2.2, a fast and stable operating system.
  • Processor and RAM: The Motorola DROID X2 features a dual-core 1GHz processor, but its complement of processor RAM is not yet known. The Samsung DROID Charge has a 1GHz single-core processor and 512MB of processor RAM, which is augmented by a smooth graphics processor unit (GPU).
  • Keyboard: Both the Motorola DROID X and DROID X2 have on-screen virtual QWERTY keyboards.
  • Storage Space: The Motorola DROID X2 will ship with 8GB of onboard memory and a pre-installed 8GB microSD card. The Samsung DROID Charge ships with 2GB of onboard memory and a pre-installed 32GB microSD card.
  • Camera: Both the Motorola DROID X2 and the Samsung DROID Charge have 8-megapixel still-image cameras and the ability to shoot 720p HD video.
  • Battery life: The Motorola DROID X2 has a 1,540 mAh lithium-ion battery, while the Samsung DROID Charge has a slightly larger battery rated at 1,600 mAh. Both are easily replaceable by the user.


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12 Responses to “Motorola DROID X2 vs. Samsung DROID Charge Comparison”

  • Hummingbird processor and Tegra 2 processor is completely different on so many levels. Nvidia owns Tegra 2 and seriously whup Hummingbird on many levels.

  • Can't Decide
    July 12, 2011

    How can you write an informative (which this one is not) comparison without even mentioning whether or not it has hdmi out jack and talking bout sound quality and reception?

  • Droix X2 PU
    When playing music you can not adjust music with out having to turn pohe off and back on
    Poor sound volume lots of missed calls
    Applications lockup several times a day
    When phone goes to sleep and the is a long lag time before it comes on.
    Buttons on the bottom are small and hard to push
    on/off button is center top of phone awkward and hard to locate
    adding apps takes additional steps
    only 8 gig memory card.
    Charging base difficulty to attach and disconnect because of HDMI port
    Used it for two days constantly dropped signal when using pandora
    Misted 5 calls because of tiny little speaker hold hard to hear calls even when at maximum volume.
    After only having the Droid 2x for two days it took over a hour of arguing with two sales rep and the manage to get Verizon to take the phone back and I had to pay a $35.00 restocking fee. I could believe the store manager kept arguing with me saying there was no difference between the charge and the droid 2x LIKE “I just wasn’t use to it”. 2 different CPU’s and no difference?Just because the both run android don’t mean they work the same.
    I don’t know why the sales are pushing this phone over the charge unless they are getting a bonus to recommend this one and it’s going to be obsolete in a few months when the new version comes out.

    I got the charge just in few hours I can tell it is so much better.
    volume is much better 2 speaker holes.
    I can listen to music without havening to keep turning it back on before I can to adjust the volume level.
    Graphics and color far superior on the charge difference between nigh and day
    I like you can change it to just swipe the screen either direction to unlock it
    User interface much easer and user friendly.
    Camera super fast compared to the x2 very little lag time.
    32 gigs vers 8 I can load all my cd and still have 14 Gs left
    On and on …..

  • This display for the Droid Charge in this review is false, it actually has a sAMOLED+ display, not TFT LCD.

    • Blake, thanks for letting me know about the mistake. I fixed it.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I’m at http://www.wirefly.com/learn/resources/cell-phone-comparison/motorola-droid-x2-vs-samsung-droid-charge-comparison/ and it still says No for front facing camera. What is the correct URL for this page?

    • Dan, it’s not the URL of the page… it’s the Internet cache in your browser.

      Go up to “Tools” and click on “Internet Options.” In the middle of the window is a button to click on that says “Delete…” (This is under the section of the Internet Options called “Browsing History.”) If you click on that button, you will be asked if you want to clear your browsing history, including cookies and cached pages. If you click on the “Delete…” button, there is a menu that will allow you to choose some things to delete and keep others. For example, you can keep the cookies on your computer, which will let you log into sites more easily. I recommend selecting only the “Temporary Internet Files” for deletion. If you delete that, then go to the URL you listed, you should see that the front-facing camera now says “Yes.”

      Bob at Wirefly

  • You shouldn’t list Operating System as a Key Difference since they’re the same on both devices. Same goes for Camera and Keyboard sections; if they’re the same then don’t list them as a key difference.

  • correction
    May 25, 2011

    the Charge does have a front camera. Basic info, should fix provided details.

    • I fixed it… thanks for letting me know!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • No you didn’t. It still says “No” for front-facing camera, a week later.

        • You must be looking at a page that’s cached somewhere, Dan. When I call up that chart, it definitely says “Yes” for a front-facing camera for the Droid Charge.

          Bob at Wirefly

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