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Android Phone Reviews
Schmackdown! HTC Rezound vs. Samsung Epic 4G Touch Smartphone Comparison

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December 2nd, 2011


Perhaps the two most powerful phones available in the U.S. today are the HTC Rezound for Verizon Wireless and the Samsung Epic 4G Touch for Sprint. With the power and features of these two phones, people are reasonably asking how they compare head-to-head, and what better way to compare them than a Wirefly Cell Phone Schmackdown?

In this Schmackdown, Wirefly’s Bob Kovacs puts the HTC Rezound and the Samsung Epic 4G Touch into Schmackdown ring and lets them butt heads to see which phone will be the last one standing. Can the big screen and smooth touch of the Epic 4G Touch hold up against the class-leading display and audio capabilities of the Rezound? Click on the video window to the right to see which one will be the winner.

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10 Responses to “Schmackdown! HTC Rezound vs. Samsung Epic 4G Touch Smartphone Comparison”

  • Kris Essex
    December 29, 2011


    I wonder if when you went in to demonstrate the number of clicks required to turn off the 4G on the Rezound if unexpectedly it stayed in the 3G setting. I asked Verizon and the verified if 4G is not showing in the status bar, than it is not active on the phone. I would think if the test were run again with both phones in 4G mode that the results would have not been so shocking.

    • Kris, I just checked the Rezound that I have (which is a standard retail device) and confirmed that it was in 4G mode. When I draw down the notification bar, it does not give me a choice to switch off 4G. If I touch the Quick Settings tab at that point, none of the available selections is to disable 4G. The only way I have found to turn off 4G on the Rezound is to use the steps I show in the video.

      I like the Rezound a lot and would love to learn of another way to turn off 4G. If you or anyone else can give me the steps or point me toward a video that shows how to do it, I’d appreciate it.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • David Palanker
    December 19, 2011

    Hi Bob, good comparison. How would you compare the HTC Incredibal 2 to the rezound? I am about to upgrade again. I have the first Incredibal and didn’t know if i should stay with the same model and go with 2, or change.

    • David, the HTC Rezound is considerably more advanced than the HTC DROID Incredible 2. The Incredible 2 is certainly not a bad phone, but the Rezound is better in several notable ways.

      1. Much higher resolution display.
      2. 4G vs. 3G
      3. Faster processor
      4. Comes with much more storage space
      5. Beats Audio technology and comes with iBeats earphones

      Bob at Wirefly

      • David Palanker
        December 19, 2011

        Bob, The area live in is South jersey and not yet 4G. I do travel to areas that are 4G, Phila area. Would i just turn it off when not in those areas and how long do you think it will be before verizon expands into that area? I can upgrade to the droid for %150, and Rezound for $300. Definitely worth it?

        • David, I really enjoy 4G speeds when it’s available. Once you get used to 4G speeds, it’s hard to toodle along at 3G. So yes, I think it’s worth it. And you can simply turn 4g off when you are in an area that does not have 4G.

          Both the recent DROID phones (DROID Bionic and DROID RAZR) are excellent, and you can pretty much take your pick. The RAZR is lighter and more comfortable in a pocket. However, the HTC Rezound is better still, with it’s true HD display and Beat Audio. If you can afford the upgrade, I recommend the Rezound for $100… that’s a good deal.

          Bob at Wirefly

  • Looking closely at the phones, the Rezound was showing 3G in the status bar and not 4G after you went to CDMA (then back to LTE) on the Rezound. The video’s before and after the speed test also show 3G in the status bar.

    • Don, if you look carefully at the test as it ran, you can see the Rezound spike at more than 5 Mbps, something it can only do on 4G. Further, I can assure you that I did not adjust or change the network settings before or after conducting that test. That is is what really happened at that moment in time.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Try your speedtests WITHOUT the phones right next to each other. Even though there sprint and verizon are on different networks, there is signal crossover for the antennas.

    • Tom, that’s generally good advice but a video such as what I showed needs to keep booth phones on-screen at the same time. Verizon uses the 800 MHz band for LTE and Sprint uses the 2500 MHz band for WiMax, so there is virtually no interference. It’s like Channel 4 and Channel 34 on TV… they are so far apart that there is no chance of them interfering.

      Bob at Wirefly

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