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Cell Phone Comparisons
myTouch 4G vs. iPhone 4 Comparison

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October 29th, 2010


Key Differences

  • Background: The new T-Mobile myTouch 4G (made by HTC) embodies all the latest technology for an Android phone. It runs the Android 2.2 operating system, which is the most powerful version of Google’s open operating system. And the myTouch 4G is compact yet sports a bright 3.8-inch TFT LCD display, and the phone connects to the Internet on T-Mobile’s high-speed HSPA+ network. Compare that to the Apple iPhone 4, which remains an iconic product with its highly regarded iPhone operating system. The iPhone features a gorgeous (although smaller) display and a popular application store, and the iPhone uses AT&T’s 3G network for Internet connectivity. How do these phones compare?
  • Operating System: The myTouch 4G runs on Android, a graphical interface developed by Google that has a growing following by consumers. The myTouch 4G runs Android 2.2, the latest version of Android, which is more powerful and increases file compatibility when compared with previous versions of Android. The Apple iPhone 4 uses Apple’s iPhone operating system. Both Android and the iPhone OS target the same users who want highly visual, easy-to-use phones that provide seamless movement between the demands of work and the enjoyment of life.

Side-By-Side Comparison

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Apple iPhone 4
T-Mobile myTouch 4G Apple iPhone 4
Wirefly’s Price
(as of publish date)
$79.99 Not sold on Wirefly
Shop Now  
Operating System Android 2.2 Apple iPhone OS
Display 3.8″ TFT LCD, 480 x 800 pixels 3.5″ LCD w/IPS, 640 x 960 pixels
4G Capable Yes (HSPA+) No (EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA)
Processor 1 GHz processor Apple A4/ARM Cortex A8, 1 GHz
Memory 4 GB internal; comes with 8 GB microSD card; expandable to 32GB 16 or 32 GB available; no external card
Camera 5 megapixel stills; 720p HD video 5 megapixel stills; 720p HD video
Front-facing camera Yes Yes
Hot Spot Yes No
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Voice-dialing Yes Yes
Physical Features
Size 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.42 inches 4.5 x 2.3 x 0.37 inches
Weight 5 ounces 4.8 ounces
Battery Li-ion 1400 mAh, replaceable Li-ion, not replaceable
Outlook Support Yes Yes
View MS Office Attachments Yes Yes
Web Browser Yes Yes
Apps Android Market Apple App Store
Music Player Yes Yes
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY

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52 Responses to “myTouch 4G vs. iPhone 4 Comparison”

  • Are you planning to expand into Canada and also, if you put in a 64gb sd card in will it work?
    If it doesn’t why not?


    • NL, a 64GB SD card will almost certainly not work. Any SD card with capacity greater than 32GB is what’s known as an SD XC card. As far as I know, no phone is capable of reading SD XC cards.

      Wirefly has no plans to expand into Canada… sorry about that!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I am looking to get a smart phone. I don’t really know much about them. I currently have Tmobile. I was thinking about switching to Verizon for the iphone because everyone brags about the iphone. All I want my phone to do is go on Facebook, check my emails and search the web when I a bored in transit. I am NOT interested in downloading movies or music..really not into that. I heard that My Touch is equivalent to the iphone. Now after reading everyone’s comments above it seems that My Touch is very good. But I don’t understand about the wifi…don’t really know what that means except that I know it is wireless. My house computer is DSL with Verizon. Does this mean my smart phone won’t work in the house? Sorry very confused about this stuff.

    • Rosie, you’re right that WiFi is a wireless connection system. It’s very common in restaurants and coffee shops, and many people have a “WiFi router” in their homes so that they can connect a computer wirelessly anywhere at home. Smartphones (such as the iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, etc.) also have WiFi capability, so that you can check e-mail, surf the Web, look up an address and do other activities when you’re at home. In most cases, a home WiFi setup gives you faster and more reliable Internet access on a cell phone than using your carrier’s network. However, if you don’t have a WiFi network at home, you can simply use your carrier’s network, which sounds like T-Mobile in your case. That will work just fine. If you get good T-Mobile reception at your home, you will have no problem accessing the Internet with T-Mobile from your cell phone.

      T-Mobile has several phones called “myTouch” and they are all decent phones. I suggest the myTouch by LG, which is a good affordable phone with a pretty display. Its display is a little bigger than the iPhone’s, yet the myTouch by LG is about the same overall size as the iPhone, while weighing a bit less. If you’d like a big display, the HTC Sensation is a great choice — many people find the big display to help with texting and e-mailing. Both these phones make it easy to get to Facebook and on the Internet to check e-mail.

      Happy shopping!

      Bob at Wirefly

    • I have used the ATT iPhone ..I now have T-Mobile mytouch 4g slide..they are pretty much the same. I love T-Mobile and the mytouch is far better. You can do everything on mytouch that you can do on iPhone, and plans are cheaper with T-Mobile..good luck.

  • I have been with tmob for 4 years and i believe that they both are amazing phones. the mytouch 4G may be a little bit faster but the iphone 4 is still an amazing phone and should be considered. I have used my friends iphone 4 and it is a worthy competitor for the mytouch 4G. does it really matter which one is faster. if you are on att then go with the iphone 4 and if you have tmob then go with the mytouch 4G. there, problem solved

  • confused buyer here.
    so i am curently with tmob. but they are seriously charging me soo much! i’m sick of it.
    I adore my Mytouch it does everything i need a phone to do. So i’m thinking of switching over to verizion, i haven’t heard any bad things from that carrier and they have the iphone4 which undoubtfuly catches my attention. but im just concerned if the iphone is going to make me happy. soo judging from this website i learend that when wanting to use the web on the iphone you need wifi??? i’m a big social network geek.. so needing wifi just to tweet something would not exactly make me the happiest.
    my mytouch is wonderful.. but i don’t know how i feel about leaving it for something new. im always up for trying new things.. but phones are somwewhat bigdeals now, and i dont really want to spend so much on something that won’t make me happy..
    any suggestions??? help?(:

    • Lizeth, I’m not completely sure just what your question is. The Apple iPhone (which Wirefly does not sell) requires a data plan from Verizon or any other carrier. Yes, you can use WiFi with the iPhone, but you can also use Verizon’s network to reach your favorite social sites. You will not be able to buy an iPhone without getting a data plan.

      Hope that helps!

      Bob at Wirefly

    • Um… T-mobile is the cheapst of all the major carriers, so if you aren’t happy with what your payment, moving to Verizon or AT&T is not the option..

    • Juliie
      July 14, 2012

      Just got my iPhone 4 last week, been with Verizon for over 12 years, and truly hope that when the next upgrade comes out, that corenmsus like myself will be able to upgrade for next to nothing!

  • tianna :)
    August 26, 2011

    Yall are confusing mii :/ . Yall are both bragging on each phone m i dont understand the BIG diffrnce .

  • robert
    July 8, 2011

    i had the oportunity to see and use an iphone 4 for a couple of hrs before, the iphone 4 is just smoother than the my touch. i own a my touch, i like the fact that u dont need wifi to do some things, my touch is cheaper, same features and more. can use it as a mobile hot spot, and its really fast in areas that have a well developed hspa+ like NEW YORK, the internet there when using my computer was rediculously fast. here in norfolk, va is not that great. iphone doesnt have that hot spot option.
    when it comes to music, well i have a mac computer and of course i use itunes, is just easier and better than other programs. i have 8 gb of music in my my touch. all i do is copy the song from itunes, and paste it inside the phone music folder, the phone plays all songs from itunes no problems at all, so the itunes option doesnt make iphone better in any way, buy songs from itunes store? thats really dumb,in the android market just get the music box app and u can download any song u want for free, and i mean ANY song, including new ones. all for free. camera on the mytouch is the same as the iphone 4, video is the same. video calls, well u just need wifi to use that in the iphone 4, not on the my touch.
    dropped my mytouch 4g several times(at least 5 times), even on concrete, the phone has soem scratches but its working just fine, if ur iphone4 survives more that 2 drops, thats a miracle, my fried broke his after the first time he dropped his coming out of his car.
    i prefer the my touch 4g over the iphone, just more stuff u can do with it than the iphone 4.

  • I’ve had the opportunity to use both phones and they are both outstanding phones. I prefer the iphone though, I just love iOS. When it comes to speed though I don’t really care. Seriously, its a difference of like 6-10 seconds or 3-5 seconds loading a webpage, people are just so impacient these days =/ ugh… I find the iphone runs much smoother than any android phone, they do seem to get bogged down after a while (if you don’t believe me wait a year with your android then compare it to a new one). The iphone 4gs is supposedly going to have the A5 proscessor that is used in the macbook, so I don’t think the iphone will be getting bogged any time soon.

    • The bogging down you speak of are simply saved searches and temp internet files. Twice a week u clear them out and restart phone and smooth as new. Unless ones searching sites of the adult nature which is not recomended any ANY phone or PC or Mac.

  • Farmgirl
    May 5, 2011

    I have been using a factory unlocked iPhone 3g on the Tmobile network for a couple of years and have been extremely happy with it. But due to lack of reception in my home since a recent move, I decided to give the myTouch 4 a try to take advantage of it’s wifi calling capabilities. At first, I found it somewhat challenging to learn all that it can do ( I prefer the ease and user friendliness of the iPhone) but now, I am rather enjoying my new found toy. It is true, there are more possibilities with the myTouch, since iPhone carries so many restrictions along with it. But I must say, I do miss downloading from iTunes. (but my iPad fulfills that need). I do like both phones, but if iPhone was equipped with UMA, The iPhone 4 would be my phone of choice. But for now, I’m really digging being able to use my phone in the house again. It’s great!

  • For those of you that don’t believe iPhone 4 is capable of 6mbps your an idiot… Speaking from experience iPhone 4 run on hspa technology and is capable if up to 7+ Mbps most iPhone users get on average of 4-5. People who think 6mb is 4g.. Please go shoot yourself and research before talking out of you ass. Verizon and sprint used an pre historic technology called CDMA which got 1.5 on average nd was capable of up to 3mbps. That’s what happens when you try to run digital over an anolog signal. You might be able to have signal in far deeper ranges. Like atts OLD OLD tdma network which is extinct. Verizon and sprints 4g network although different now might be 4g to them at 6-8mps but it does not beat an unrestricted hspa+ network at 80+mbps which 99% of places does not have yet although they are still in the trial phases of 4g

    Btw I own phone stores I’m Florida that buy and sell phones I’ve tried the my touches htc evo/hd2/hd7 dual boot window and android htc inspire motorola droids/atrix blackberry storm 1-2 torch 9780 you name it… But my iPhone 3gs’s nd 4 has just topped them all for stability speed and just freaking gets the job done. Meanwhile android/bb os just freezes.. Lags ALLLL THE DAMN TIME! nothing has been able to get me away from iPhone ppl complain about customizing …JAILBREAK IT!!! It’s better than having a pos os just so I can make it my own.
    Typed from my iPhone 4.

    • DO NOT JAILBREAK THAT PHONE. If anything goes wrong with it and you take it to Apple they will politely give u the finger and tell u to leave.

  • Its so funny when iphone ppl say the internet speed isn’t much different. My brother has the iphone 4 and even when I have the most terrible signal I still average 5x faster than the best he can get. When ppl use my epic 4g n its runnin 3g ppl are like dying bcuz it goes so much slower than 4g. That’s like when hdtv first came out and the ppl without it said it doesn’t make diff. Keep lyin to yourself

    March 20, 2011


  • L OVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEE MY MYTOUCH 4G. ive played around with iphones and my phones a million times better. I feel its more open and you can make it more you opposed to the limitations on iphone. Never had a problem with my phone whatsoever. Again loveee it

  • I am on MyTouch 4G number 3. The other two freeze every time I try to answer a call. The programs force close from time to time. I loved the first MyTouch 3g but decided to upgrade in November after TMobile/Android upgraded the operating system which caused all kinds of havoc with my phone that made it unusable. Now I have a phone that doesn’t allow me to answers calls. TMobile policy states that I have to send back three phones before they will allow me to switch to a different model. I am so over this phone and the process seriously considering just dropping TMobile all together, switching to Verizon for the iPhone.

  • Richard
    March 8, 2011

    I have an Iphone 4, my girlfriend has the mytouch 4G. I use both phones every day. The Iphone is much smoother in transitioning between screens, opening apps, etc. The mytouch is bogged down MUCH more easily…maybe its due to a bad APP running, but this wont happen on the Iphone.

    The internet is usually 3x faster (in speed tests run on both phones @ the same time/location) on the Mytouch, since its 4g. Where does this come in to play? web pages open the same speed, but she can watch youtube with less buffering time, if any.

    All in all, I’d take either phone and be happy with which ever one I got.

  • there stupid phones do you really need internet on your 2 inch screen when theres a big computer(where u are probably all posting comments from) right there.sometimes technology is a burden.u need phone to call and maybe make texts.honestly u dont need all this high tech stuff it expensive and wastefull.
    btw my friend sent me this link so i didnt just go on it and the drama about a bunch of phones is pretty stupid
    im just saying go out and explore the world insteading of sittting with your phones all day!they wont get u anywhere

    • archieee
      July 8, 2011

      hahhaahh!!!…jenny ..right on..!

    • Some people, like myself, work off of their phones on the internet while they are away from their desks. These ‘expensive and wasteful stuff’ makes us money. Try to think outside of your own world.

  • ilovebieber
    March 4, 2011

    my touch is wayyy better.the appps work fine and teh internet is wayy faster and music works too.plus if your not a fan of touch screen theres a keboard and if you dont like buttons use the touch screen.my touch is cheaper and you dont need wifi for every frickin thing

  • Damon Wilson
    March 3, 2011

    I think the iPhone lacks two things that require att. If u are a Internet person no flash plug inn or an adobe reader that’s all everyhing else it’s the same as most but it’s some things that the others don’t have iTunes and the iPod is luxury so it depends on what u use your phone for

  • It sucks that everyone thinks iPhone is better. Honestly, those people don’t understand that they are enjoying having the name iPhone, and nothing more. !Most! of the Android phones that have a 1 ghz processer are better than the iPhone any day. For those people having trouble with apps f/c’ing, ask Tmobile to switch out your sim card, because that could be a problem.

    Android is far more superior to the iPhone in my opinion. It’s level of customization is unbelievable and the dev’s at XDA make the experience even better. However, I still think the Android Market could use a boost. Once the Android market gets cleaned up and starts getting apps from big companies, then Android will truely have surpassed the iPhone.

  • I love T-Mobile but the Google Android OS is such a subpar system. I’ve been through 3 Android phones with Tmobile in past 4 months, they even upgraded me to the 4G mytouch. Same problems, force closed apps constantly, dropped calls, freezing, horrible battery life, lost messages, random glitches.

    Google is proving with Android that open source phone OS systems do not work. Apple is meanwhile proving that closed phone OS systems work better. I’m seriously contemplating selling my 4G MyTouch and buying an unlocked iPhone 3G (yes the older model is still superior to this mytouch junk). Slower internet but improved stability and dependability…I’ll take it.

    Why Android is spreading to so many phones is beyond me. I gave it a chance and it’s shown time and time again that it is subpar.

  • bbplayingrich
    February 18, 2011

    .ok my cousin has a mytouch 4g and i dont know many times he has said his apps have force closed on him
    .i have an iphone 4 and have never had an app force close on me..
    android will NEVER be as good as ios
    .the apps on iphone are so much funner and easier to use
    .my cousin said sometimes his mytouch 4g freezes for a sec and gets annoying
    .my iphone never freezes
    .the mytouch has faster internet true.. but its barely faster,so it doesnt make me want to
    buy a mytouch 4g just for a tiny bit higher speed
    .the mytouch4g and iphone are the same when it comes to video chatting knowing that their are apps to make the iphone able to video chat with other phones
    .the battery life for the mytouch 4g is runs out faster than the iphone 4
    the retina display is godlike compared to mytouch 4g’s display
    .not to mention the iphone is itunes capable
    .instead of buying an ipod and a phone you can buy an iphone and save money!

    just goes to show that nothing really compares to the iphone 4
    iphone is the highest selling phone for a reason people!

    and now even verizon has it.. iphone is going to have even high selling rates now
    iphone 4 wins!

    • michelle
      April 11, 2011

      I agree that there is a big beautiful world out there to explore. I will say that without my smartphone with me to allow me to do the things I can on it, I would not be able to be out in the big beautiful world. I am a single mom with 3 children. My phone allows me the convienence of getting things done while at the same time not missing the wonderful moments in their lives.

      I also know of a doctor who was on vacation “exploring the world” that used his smartphone to access vital information that ended up saving someones life.

      Just because some people get wrapped up in the technology, does not mean it’s completely useless.

      Having said that, people YES.. use your phone to locate a great place to visit in this beautiful world!Sp

  • I disagree with that one comment about there is no iphone killer. Evo, Droid X and now mytouch are iphone killer. You were just suckered. The name is bigger than the device itself. Ive tried the iphone, but I like mytouch better. I pay alot less monthly too. iphone is a toy.

    • Dude i totally agree i have a mytouch 4 and it worx way better than the iphone.plus,u need wifi 2 do have the things on apple!!!!!

  • Traveller
    January 16, 2011

    I’ve been with Tmob for 7 years. I travelled US 40+ states and E. Can. After many years I should admit Tmob saved me tons of money, and customer service was great. I never allow scream at reps, if there is an error, but always (!) they resolved problems.
    Now interesting part. I’ve been fan of HTC for many years, butfor past 2 I’ve been enjoying my iPhone 3G. Not even 3Gs. Not for ome day had 3G, and I did not die. All people telling you “oh XYZ is the fastest”, “XYZ is best”, it all depends on the phone you kkow how to operate and area!!!! You work and live in. If Verizone or At&t not working out for you try Tmob.
    My interest in Mytouch 4G is based o. Productivty. I receive graphic files sometimes large than 5Mb and dozens of emails. Do you remeber I said I have no experince with 3G? 3G or that 4G is one of my main interests in MyTouch, processor speed, good quality of calls, apps and security.
    Seems that all MyTouch should have or has. People swear by iPhone and I am eager to try the rival Ze mighty HTC. Hands down.
    By the way I have 3000 mins, one Unlim Web for 3G, one besic web for 3Gs, Anlim texts for 5 lines. $165+ tax. How are security ops on MyTouch?

    • The T-Mobile myTouch 4G is an outstanding phone, Traveller. That said, we don’t have any specific experience with security ops on the myTouch 4G. Perhaps someone else will come along and provide an answer.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Alvin Holmes
        February 8, 2011

        The HTC mytouch is just a tad bit better then the Iphone the features are almost the same in a many of ways but the 4g is amazing and the genisus button there are secret features that are what the iphone could use

    • What the hell are you talking about?

  • every phone manufacture has tried to make an iPhone killer and not one has. I say this because not one phone has outsold the iPhone.

    • SoccerGirl
      February 9, 2011

      It’s not about out selling its about out smarting and the mytouch 4G did that ;)

    • That’s because the iPhone has been out longer than perhaps any other phone on the market and the sales totals are for all models of iphones combined. This gives a skewed version of the data whereas sales totals for the 3g or 3 gs or iphone 4 separately would show more realistic comparison figures.
      I would also point out that the iphone is the only phone for which no insurance against loss or theft is available. With the cost of iphones and the lack or structural durability of just about all cellular phones purchases might wish to consider this factor as well.

  • thushantha
    November 6, 2010

    hi there, could you tell me can i able to use mytuch 4g as a moderm to get internet for my laptop? thanks

    • Absolutely sir and it’s the fastest speed ever……tried it alkready and you dont have to pay for tethering services…. In my house is faster than brighthouse….! Enjoy

      • HSPA+ is not 4G its 3G and that goes for AT&T’S hspa+to

        • Keyboardr
          January 21, 2011

          The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has decided that LTE, WiMAX, and HSPA+ are considered 4G technology, despite not meeting the IMT-Advanced specifications. They revised their definition based on the fact that all three represent a significant improvement over current 3G technologies (as a myTouch 4G user, I can personally attest to this). Thus far HSPA+ has provided faster speeds than WiMAX, and once some LTE phones get released we’ll see that it’s on par with LTE as well. HSPA+ is also going to see faster growth because it currently does not leverage MIMO, and is based on a much more familiar technology.
          While it may seem strange to label HSPA+ as 4G due to being an extension of a 3G technology and the others are completely new technologies, keep in mind this is only because EV-DO was completely tapped out while HSPA still had and has plenty of room for growth. Verizon and Sprint changed technologies because there was no other way to improve speeds. The GSM carriers were not thus limited.

  • thushantha
    November 6, 2010

    hi there, could you tell me can i use mytuch 4G as a modem to get internet to my laptop?

  • J.R. Munoz
    November 3, 2010

    Since Wirefly does not offer the Iphone, is there a comparison table for the competition?,

    I am in the market and looking into the smart phones and need to do it in the next couple of weeks. Currently with AT&t, prefer to stay with it yet open to all options. The phone is for personal use and like some of the phones offered through wirefly but need to know which phone does what the iphone does without buying the iphone, do not like apple…

    • I also was considering to go with AT&t but decided to stick with tmobiles plans and upgraded to the mytouch 4g that came out yesterday. AT&t’s network is slow already because of all those iphone users. And not only that,the iphone has to many restrictions that drove me away from the sale. For instance, AT&t data plan w/ tethering $45 tmobile’s hotspot is 9.99 at the moment. Honestly though I can sit here and try to persuade you on going with tmobile but I think the best way to finalize your choice of phone and company is on how well you do your research.

      • your wrong my iPhone 4 screams at 6 mbps. thats faster than most homes

        • Not unless you’re on wifi it doesn’t. 6 mbps is 4g speed, and the iPhone 4 is still at 3g. But thanks for playing :D

    • Hey, J.R.,
      We do not have a current comparison of multiple AT&T smart phones vs. the iPhone.

      What I can tell you, though, is that the closest competition to the iPhone 4 for AT&T is the Samsung Captivate.

      In many ways it is superior to the iPhone (larger screen, Flash support, better processing speed, RAM), but it lacks a front-facing, if video chat is something you need.

      Check out the comparison here: http://www.wirefly.com/learn/resources/cell-phone-comparison/samsung-captivate-vs-apple-iphone-4/

      And you can’t beat the price for the phone quality on AT&T. The Captivate is only $9.99 for new AT&T customers and $69.99 for existing customers who are eligible for a full upgrade. Both require 2-year commitment with AT&T Wireless.

      Hope this helped!
      Jeff Gregory
      Director of Search Marketing

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