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Cell Phone Etiquette
Common Courtesy During Cell Phone Conversations

Wirefly Learn » Resources » Cell Phone Etiquette

May 31st, 2009


Talking on your cell phone is not only convenient; for some it is a necessary part of daily communication. In order to keep your courtesy in check while you’re gabbing on your mobile device, remember these few rules of etiquette when you’re in public:

  1. When in the company or presence of others, keep your cell phone conversations brief.
  2. Always let the other party know you’re calling from a mobile device so they know they can expect distractions.
  3. Avoid the multi-task syndrome of carrying on cell phone conversations while you’re in the grocery store line, heading into a bank, or at the department store cash register.
  4. Be aware of your voice level. Not everyone around you needs the details of your cell phone conversations.
  5. Remember to turn your cell phone ringer off when in certain public areas. This includes movie theaters, playhouses, airplanes, and religious services.

Have you ever been in company of friends while an obnoxious cell phone user carries on an extended conversation while members of the group look on in awkward silence? To avoid social blunders when you take a call in the company of others, read on:

  1. Remember that the company of the persons you are actually with is more important than the cell phone conversation, unless this is an emergency. That means any cell phone conversation should be a brief exchange rather than a detailed review of the meaning of life. This is even truer if the gathering is a meal.
  2. Step away from the conversation with a group of people if you must answer the phone. Or better yet, use the caller ID and voice mail whenever possible. If you’re at a wedding, birthday party or family reunion, make it a point to return the call at a more opportune time if you can.
  3. Be discreet at social gatherings. Ringtone downloads can be fun, but at a social gathering, they can be distracting and annoying. Avoid the possibility of any ringtone downloads accidentally going off by setting your cell phone to vibrate mode.

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