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Wirefly Device Protection Plan by MDPA

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March 17th, 2010


Device protection and insurance is no longer being offered through MDPA. Please click here for our current cell phone insurance details.

1 out of every 5 wireless devices in the US may be stolen or accidentally damaged this year.

Device Protection Service gives you hassle-free repair or replacement of your wireless device in case of damage or theft through the Mobile Device Protection Association (MDPA) with NO deductible. Need more information? Check out our Device Protection Service Frequently Asked Questions below.

Is Device Protection Service available in ALL states?

The Device Protection Service is offered in ALL states with the exception of the state of Washington. If a customer that resides in the state of Washington accidentally purchases Device Protection, MDPA will contact them directly and issue a full refund.

Who is providing the Device Protection Service?

The Device Protection Service is provided by the Mobile Device Protection Association, LLC (MDPA), PO Box 880428, Boca Raton, FL 33488 (800-654-5590). The MDPA has more than 23 years experience as a leader of wireless device protection services.

How long is my device covered by my Device Protection Service?

The Device Protection Service will cover the protected device thfrom the date of activation to the end of the term. You have the option of extending your membership after each term. Failure to renew your protection before the term ends will terminate your coverage.

What is covered by Device Protection Service?

The entire covered device, original electronic accessories and batteries provided within the manufacturer’s box are covered for repair or replacement with no deductable. Each protected device is covered up to the replacement value (the limit of liability) for accidental damage, theft, or malfunction. If a covered item is not available for replacement, you will be offered a model of similar value.

What is the replacement value of a device with Device Protection Service?

Your replacement wireless device will be based on the replacement (“retail”) value of the covered device without a new line of service activation. If the protected wireless device that you originally purchased is not available, you will be offered a device of similar value. Eligible devices are covered up to the limit of liability (retail price of the device without a service activation).

What is not covered by Device Protection Service?

The following are not covered by Device Protection Service:

- Negligent or unsecured loss or unexplained disappearance such as leaving your phone unattended or unsecured.
- Your SIM card and any additional optional accessories that you buy.
- The loss, real or perceived of data, time, financial opportunity, or any other consequence arising from the loss of the use of the wireless device.
- Normal wear and tear of the device.
- Dishonest or malicious acts by member.
- Cosmetic or non-functional damage such as marring, scratching, chipping.
- Liquid damage or loss in a body of water.
- Pervasive corrosion.
- Theft from any premises or vehicle when not reasonably secured (ex vehicle windows and doors must be closed and locked).

Are there exceptional cases for which phones and accessories are not covered?

Device Protection Service does not cover your wireless device when it is in transit either through postal or courier services. We suggest that you get insurance for your shipping package, in case you are transporting the phone through mail or courier service. Additionally, equipment is not covered for incidents occurring outside the United States and Canada.

How do I File a Request for Service (RFS)?

MDPA has streamlined this process so that, in most cases, an RFS can be made entirely online through their website (www.mobiledeviceprotection.com). Log in using your member number and mobile phone number (provided to you in your phone shipment). You will be guided through the simple process to arrange for repair or replacement of your device. All claims must include a reasonable incident explanation. In the event of a stolen device, a copy of your police report should be submitted with your RFS to avoid delay.

How long does it take to process a filed Request for Service (RFS)?

All RFS’ are processed within 24 hours of receipt (during regular business hours). Replacements are usually completed within 2-3 business days with repairs slightly longer. No loaner or replacement equipment is provided during this period.

When can my Request for Service (RFS) be rejected?

If MDPA deems that the RFS is fraudulent or that requests are not filed with sufficient documentation or any of the coverage exclusions listed in these FAQs apply, MDPA may reject the request or request additional documentation. All RFS’ must be filed within 30 days of incident. The online website of MDPA, www.mobiledeviceprotection.com will help to further explain the process and the Association.

What if I change my phone during my coverage period?

If you do change your covered device to a different device during the 12 month membership period, you must contact MDPA directly to update your records with your new device’s IMEI or ESN (unique serial number of each phone) in order to retain your Device Protection Service benefits.

Can I cancel my Wireless Device Protection Service membership, and can I get my money back?

You may cancel your Wireless Device Protection Service at any time as long as you have not placed a Request for Service (RFS). To do so, you must request the cancellation in writing to Mobile Device Protection Association, LLC, PO Box 880428, Boca Raton, FL 33488, Attn: Membership Processing, or email the request to [email protected] MDPA will refund a pro-rata amount of your unused coverage period (annual protection plans only).

What if the service carrier does not approve me for wireless service or I cancel my order before my device ships?

Your Device Protection Service starts when your wireless device is activated. Therefore, if you order is cancelled before your device is activated your membership will not begin and you will not be billed.

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