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DISH Network Deal FAQs

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March 5th, 2010


If you have a question about our DISH Network deals, chances are we’ve heard it before. We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get most frequently for your convenience:

“Is it really FREE?”

Yes! You do get the equipment you need to receive satellite TV in up to six rooms. (Each room can watch different channels at the same time.) Of course, you are also making a 24-month commitment to pay your monthly programming charges automatically using your credit card. A non-refundable $49.99 order processing fee applies to all new orders for service at the time of purchase.

“What if I don’t have a credit card?”

To sign up for this offer with DISH Network, you are required to use a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) or a debit card which has a MasterCard/Visa Logo. If you do not have a credit card, you should consider having a roommate or other household member obtain service in their name if they have a credit card or purchase a pre-paid card with enough to get started based on your programming package.

“I want to see a list of all of the channels!”

You can get a list of the channels that are included in any package on our website. Just click on the programming button for complete channel guide.

“Do I have to choose my programming right now?”

No. If you are not sure of which packages you desire, you can simply choose the basic programming package for now. You’ll then have time to consider your options. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to decide before the installer comes to your home. Your installer will activate the programming you desire when he is in your home.

“How many receivers/TV can I have?”

You can have up to 6 TVs on one account. Your first six rooms are installed FREE. Six rooms offer based on a maximum of 3 dual Tuner receiver only.

“Can I substitute one channel for another in my basic package?”

No substitutions are allowed.

“Is adult programming available?”

DISH Network currently offers an extensive lineup of adult programming.

“Do you carry UPN and WB Networks?”

These channels are now the CW.

“Our Homeowners Association forbids satellite dishes”

We would love to have you as a customer. Our dish antenna sizes are 18″ or 20″ and comply with the Satellite Consumer Bill of Rights, a regulation released by the FCC on August 6, 1996. This regulation PREEMPTS area zoning ordinances and Homeowner Association covenants and restrictions on DBS dish antennas. This rule was required by Congress in the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Some HOA’S have been fighting to keep restriction rights by threatening court action on tenants with dish antennas, in some cases arguing that a dish antenna is installed in a common area, calling the air space above the homeowners roof where the dish antenna is installed, the common area. Congress is on your side in this matter.

“Can I check my account status online?”

You may view your current or previous billing statements, add services, or make payments to your account online. Keep in mind that our Free installation offer requires that you agree to automatic monthly billing on your credit card.

“Dolby Surround vs. Dolby Digital”

There are 2 differences between Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital. First Dolby Surround only has 4 channels; Left, Right, Center and Surround(rear). Dolby Digital (AC-3) has 5.1 channels; Left, Right, Center, Right surround, Left surround, and low frequency effects (Sub Woofer). In addition, AC-3 includes a Phase Delay which gives the illusion of a sound reflection which is either closer or further from you than the actual speaker and gives a more realistic sound profile.

“How good is your warranty?”

The promotion comes with 6 months DISH Network’s in-home service plan for free. You can extend the service plan for $6.00/mo.

“How to activate the Adult Guard (Parental System Locks)”

To set channel locks, press the MENU button on your remote, select LOCKS then choose the locks appropriate for your family. Once you’ve made your selection, lock the system to set a password which will ensure you have control over the programming you want and don’t want.

“Can I get service in Puerto Rico, Canada or any other country?”

No. Service is only available in the continental USA and Hawaii. We do not offer service in any foreign countries or territories.

“Is service available in Alaska?”

Yes. The promotions are slightly different in Alaska due to special equipment being required. For this reason, please call our office and we will be happy to put you in contact with our installers in Anchorage to discuss your installation.

“If I live in an apartment or condo can I still get DISH Network?”

FCC rules permit residents of rental property to install a satellite dish, but only in certain areas. Generally, FCC rules permit renters to install a dish only in areas that are subject to the renter’s exclusive use and control. Generally, this means an area that you may use, but that is not available for the general use of all tenants. Such an area may include a balcony, patio, yard, deck or other area that only you have the right to use. If you have such an area, you may install a dish.

“What is Digital Conversion 2009?”

Since June 12 2009, you can no longer use an antenna to receive free TV on an analog television set. Television viewers with these sets that are not connected to a pay TV service need to take action, to ensure their analog TV sets continue to work. Learn More

“Can I get NFL Coverage?”

DISH Network broadcasts many NFL preseason, regular season and post-season playoff games including carrying the NFL Network. You can view many professional sports games including NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA on your local networks.

“Do I need a cable-ready TV?”

No. DISH Network is compatible with all televisions manufactured, and installation is FREE.

“Will I get an High-Definition signal?”

DISH Network is a leader in HD programming package with over 150 channels available and great package prices. If you own a high definition television, we offer free upgrades to High-Definition receivers and great High Definition Packages.

“International Programming”

Many International Programming packages are available. However, the programming requires its own dish because it is delivered from a different satellite in the sky. You may need a second dish installed in addition to your international system should you wish to receive English channels.

“What if I move before my 24-month commitment is up?”

If you move during the initial 24-month commitment, you will be eligible for DISH Network’s Mover Program, which will provide free installation of your DISH Network system in your new home one time each year.

“I am a previous DISH Network customer. Can I still get this promotion?”

This promotion is for NEW customers and is available for a limited time. It requires a 24-month qualifying programming purchase (minimum of DishFAMILY). However, if you left DISH Network in the past, you may be eligible for this new promotion. Please call us and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting back on our service.

“What are Movies on Demand?”

Movies On Demand are movies you can view at your convenience. Select a movie from the Featured Movies or Now Showing listings, follow the easy ordering instructions and you can begin viewing the movie immediately. If you need to stop the movie for any reason, select the Resume button to continue viewing, or the Start Over button to return to the beginning of the movie.

“What are Videos on Demand?”

Video On Demand will supercharge your DVR, giving you the power to enjoy movies and other programs whenever you want. This new feature will also change the way you interact with your DVR.

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One Response to “DISH Network Deal FAQs”

  • Harvey Nettingham
    February 19, 2011

    As an existing Dish customer, can I add a Dish DVR receiver to replace my current HD receivers?

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