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FrontPoint Home Security FAQs

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March 1st, 2010


Q. What if I need help with my installation or system and want someone to come out?

A. Almost all customers’ issues can be resolved either with the FrontPoint “remote toolkit” or over the phone. FrontPoint does have a nationwide network of licensed alarm technicians, but rare that they are needed. Many customer reviews that you can find on-line talk about just how easy it is to set up a FrontPoint system.

Q. Can I upgrade at any time from the basic monitoring to the interactive monitoring plan?

A. Yes, at any time. You can even get a free month of Interactive Monitoring for a trial. If you like it, you can upgrade. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to anything. Your plan will stay the same.

Q. Will FrontPoint work with Vonage?

A. Yes! FrontPoint is perfect for Vonage customers because FrontPoint systems don’t require a land line . The system is entirely independent from the Vonage service- and is often recommended by Vonage for that reason.

Q. What is the warranty on the system?

A. GE, the equipment manufacturers, and FrontPoint warranty the equipment for two years. FrontPoint will always help you troubleshoot with their remote toolkit and provide support. In the event that they cannot remotely resolve a problem, they will send a replacement. During the first two years, there is no charge for this.

Q. Can I return the system if it’s not right for me?

A. Yes, FrontPoint is one of the few home security providers that offers a 15 day return period. In fact, FrontPoint is so sure that their system will be configured to meet your individual needs and satisfaction, that if you are not satisfied, FrontPoint will even pay for the return shipping.

Q. How is FrontPoint different from traditional alarm companies I’ve seen in my neighborhood?

A. FrontPoint Security has several key differences from traditional alarm companies:

  • Connection – FrontPoint’s system does not use wires or phone lines, so installation is simple and virtually impossible to defeat, as there are no wires to cut. All communication from the sensors to the control panel are made through a wireless connection.. Communications from the control panel to our monitoring station use a cellular signal. FrontPoint’s security system is virtually impossible to defeat, ensuring that your family is safe.
  • Price – FrontPoint offers two levels of monitoring service: a basic monitoring plan, or an interactive monitoring plan. You choose the type of plan you would like, and the charge is the same no matter how many sensors your home requires. There are no hidden fees.
  • Interactive – With Interactive Monitoring, FrontPoint’s system is completely interactive, meaning you can do things with your home security system that you never thought possible. View video feeds from your smartphone, get a text message when your power goes out or receive notification that your kids have arrived safely home from school. Only FrontPoint offers this level of interactive home monitoring service.
  • Q. Does FrontPoint offer home security plans to renters?

    A. Yes, Since FrontPoint Security home alarm systems don’t use wires or phone lines, they are simple to install and even easier to remove and take with you, making FrontPoint a great security solution for renters who want to protect their property.

    Q. Does FrontPoint offer home security plans to small businesses?

    A. FrontPoint offers an excellent security monitoring solution for your small business. With the industry leading interactive monitoring technology, you can see what time employees arrive and depart, and even receive a text or email alert if someone does not arm the system at the end of the day.

    Q. What if I move, is there a fee to have FrontPoint in my new home?

    A. No, there are no fees or even installer visits needed to move your system. FrontPoint’s wireless security system is easy to take with you when you move. Simply remove the sensors from doors and windows, unplug the control panel and you are set to go. Once you have arrived at your new residence you can re-install the sensors and plug in the control panel. Give FrontPoint a call to re-activate the system and your new home is protected.

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One Response to “FrontPoint Home Security FAQs”

  • Mary Noel
    December 4, 2010

    We are building s home in a somewhat remote location and would like to install a system. The house will be dried in with locking windows/doors soon. How soon can a system be installed?

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