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Glossary: O – R

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April 16th, 2009



Off-peak – Times when a carrier offers discounted airtime rates or free minutes, usually weekends and after normal business hours.

Operating System – The base software that controls the operation of a mobile device and runs other applications. Windows Mobile, Google Android, BlackBerry, and Palm are examples of operating systems.

Pay-as-you-go – Wireless service that is prepaid with no contracts or ongoing usage bills.

PC Card – A device about the size of a thick credit card. Devices enabling wireless internet access are often PC Cards.

PC Sync – The process of connecting a mobile device to a computer to sync data including but not limited to calendars, contacts, applications and music.

Peak – Times when wireless network usage is heaviest and full usage rates usually apply. Usually close to standard business hours.

Picture ID – The picture associated with a specific contact. Will usually be displayed while in-call with the contact.

Picture Messaging (EMS) – The ability to send or receive short messages from a mobile device that include images, video and/or audio.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) – A numerical code, usually composed of 4 digits, that acts as security code to gain access to accounts or services such as voicemail.

Polyphonic Ringtone – A ringtone in which more than one musical note is played simultaneously. Used to indicate an incoming call or other event such as a new text message.

Predictive Text Entry – A feature that allows for the entry of text by pressing only one numerical key that is associated with multiple letters. A device equipped with predictive text entry will automatically determine the word a user is typing based on possible letter combinations.

Prepaid – See ‘Pay-as-you-go.’

Push-to-talk – A verbal communication service that works like a “walkie talkie,” allowing a user to radio another user or group of users when holding down a transmit button.

QWERTY – Refers to the contemporary layout of full-size keyboards.

Refurbished – Refers to a mobile device that was previously used (or at minimum removed from its factory-sealed box) that is inspected, tested and restored by the factory or an authorized service center to be fully functional.

Resolution – Refers to the number of pixels in a device’s display. The better the resolution, the higher quality the image.

Ringer ID – A ringtone that is assigned to a specific individual or group, and will only sound when the individual or a member of the predetermined group is calling.

Ringtone – A sound used to indicate an incoming call or other event such as a new text message .

Roaming – Refers to using a mobile device outside its home calling area. A most modern wireless plans include nationwide roaming, domestic roaming charges are, for the most part, a thing of the past.

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