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Learn about DISH Network’s DVR

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March 6th, 2010


What is a DVR?

A DISH Network Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to record, pause or replay live TV, at the touch of a button. A DVR also allows you to skip commercials during a recorded show. Plus, a DVR lets you to watch your favorite shows when you want, not when the networks schedule them. The way you watch TV will never be the same after you get a DVR!

DVR Lingo

Standard-Definition DVR – DISH Network’s standard-definition (SD) Digital Video Recording (DVR) devices combine the power of Digital Video Recording technology with feature-rich satellite receivers to allow you to pause and replay live programming or record and watch it at your convenience.

High-Definition DVR – DISH Network’s award-winning high-definition (HD) Digital Video Recording (DVR) devices are becoming more readily available, and affordable for consumers. HD DVRs offer all the functionality of a standard-definition DVR but also allow for viewing and recording HDTV broadcasts.

Single-Tuner DVR –A DVR with one satellite tuner that gives you the power to record the show you are watching. Like all DVRs, DISH Network’s single-tuner receivers record your programming directly onto your receiver’s hard drive.

Dual-Tuner DVR – A DVR with two satellite tuners that gives you the flexibility to record two live programs at the same time, or record a live program and watch a different live program, or record two live programs and watch a previously recorded program. You can even watch different live programming on two televisions at the same time!

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