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Keeping Your Number: Porting Your Existing Number To a New Cell Phone

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February 28th, 2011


You don’t have to change your phone number when switching carriers. It’s easy to transfer (or “port”) phone numbers between carriers, or even to transfer a phone number from a landline to a cell phone. Known as wireless number portability, this process is quick and convenient when you order new cell phone service through Wirefly.

Steps to Transfer Your Phone Number

  1. After adding a phone to your cart, make sure to click on the box that says “Switch my existing wireless number to my new “phone.” You will be asked to provide your current provider, wireless phone number, and account number, which you can find on your monthly statement. The order to transfer your phone number will be submitted along with your application for service.

  2. Your phone number will be scheduled to be transferred within approximately 24 hours after your new phone is delivered. Once your new account is set up, you’ll be able to view the status of your scheduled port request online.


  3. After your phone number is ported, you will no longer be able to use that phone number with your old phone. Cancellation of your old service should happen automatically, but we recommend that you contact your old service provider to confirm and ensure that you do not incur any further charges. You are responsible for payment of any outstanding charges, including any fees that may be assessed by your old service provider for canceling service.

Check out more guides in the Wirefly Guides section.

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176 Responses to “Keeping Your Number: Porting Your Existing Number To a New Cell Phone”

  • I have a new blackberry from Verizon that’s has been giving to me from a friend, now my boost mobile phone the screen is cracked up and im wondering if I can transfer my boost mobile number to the blackberry?? Answers..

  • (Help)I have a t-mobile phone Samsung galaxy s5 with another account holder and the account holder owes some $ ND tmobile cancel the lines and I need help to transfer my phone number to another company if someone knows something like this let me know how could I do it I need my number its my business number A.S.A.P thanks

  • Can someone please help me? I have a metro phone and my screen just cracked. I was wondering if i can switch to a tmobile phone and keep my metro number? Please help me

  • My husband and I have net ten phones at this time, BUT …we found a couple awsome boost mobile phone’s so we got them. Now I want to know
    If we can transfer our phone numbers AND our money to boost? I literally JUST purchased time For mine two days ago! Anything is helpful! :)

  • daniel
    July 28, 2014

    What if my phone screen is broken. Phone still works but I can’t see anything but switching to a new carrier from Verizon to att. Am I able to still switch same numbers?

  • patrick
    July 21, 2014

    I just purchased a Verizon phone and transferred my metro number to the Verizon phone and now i’m not receiving text messages, can anyone help?

  • I actually have 2 questions: The scenario is I have T-Mobile pre-paid and would like to switch to Sprint pre-paid…..
    1) Is this a difficult process and does it normally take a longtime??

    2) My T-Mobile bill was due last week and the phone is off because I was getting Sprint pre-paid….Do I have to get the T-Mobile phone back on before transferring my number to Sprint??

  • Ron Parker
    September 16, 2013

    I was given a Sprint Samsung Rant from a friend. She got a different phone and carrier.I am on Verizon prepay $50/month unlimited everything. My question is: Can I port (transfer) my Verizon phone info to the Rant phone?

  • Cynthia Mead
    June 23, 2012

    I have a Samsung Rant and I want to find a carrier other than BOOST Mobile for it. I do not really want a contract but will consider one. Can anyone tell me how to find a carrier for this phone?

    • Hi Cynthia,
      You should be able to activate your Samsung Rant on Sprint service. By having your phone you should not have to sign a contract.
      -Scott at Wirefly

    • metro pcs

    • you can go for the ALDI prepaid its just $35 a month with unlimited calls and text within Aus and 5GB data
      its use Telstra lines so you will get network everywhere
      hope it will help you to make a selection

  • Hey, so my sprint phone’s screen was broken and i cant see anything on it.
    i told my friend and he gave me his old sprint phone. i was wandering how to get my number and contacts transfered onto the new phone

    • Hi Luna,
      Take both phone to your local sprint store and they should be able to help you transfer the contacts and pictures.
      -Scott at Wirefly

  • I was wondering im am porting my number from tmobile to sprint and my phones are suspended on tmobile! Will i be able to still port????

    • Hi Paula,
      We would need your account to be active in order to process a port request. If you asked for the suspension because you lost your old phone than just call the carrier and ask them to reactivate it and then process the port.

      -Scott at Wirefly

  • Mike w.
    April 6, 2012

    Can I port my us cellular # to Verizon? I’m being told I can’t!?

    • Mike, you definitely can port your US Cellular number to Verizon, and Wirefly can help you do it. There is one circumstance where you are not allowed to port your number: If you recently moved and your existing phone number is for an area code where you no longer reside, you must get a new number. Otherwise, your current number can be ported successfully.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • My number still hasn’t ported to Verizon. The online system didn’t show it.

    • Travis, we show that your phone was activated on Sunday, March 18. If it is not working, or has the wrong number, please call Wirefly at 866-852-3216 to get it fixed.

      Thanks for buying from Wirefly!

      Bob at Wirefly


    • Matt, if you got your Samsung Galaxy Prevail from Wirefly, please call us at 866-852-3216 to discuss your number porting situation. We can only help you if you bought the phone from Wirefly.

      I don’t understand your comment about having a walkie talkie, as the Galaxy Prevail doesn’t have that feature. If you want to retain a walkie talkie feature, then you’ll need a different phone. However, I personally had a Nextel walkie-talkie phone (called “Direct Connect”) that was ported to a Sprint account (to a Samsung smartphone) with no issues, so I know it can be done.

      Good luck!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • hello. I have contract with T-mobile and I just want to change my phone. Do I have a chance to change free. Thank you.

  • Shruti
    March 3, 2012

    i have a metroPCS no. for samsung freeform SCH r350 a cdma phone.
    i will like to buy a blackberry with t mobile or at&t or an iphone.
    Please guide me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Shruti, I’m not exactly sure what advice you’d like me to give. Wirefly does not sell the iPhone. Otherwise, I do not know how you use a phone, what you are willing to pay or what sort of features you prefer. If you are considering an iPhone, you should also consider a better Android phone, such as the HTC Rezound, Motorola DROID RAZR Maxx or an HTC Sensation. These all have several desirable features that iPhones don’t have, such as larger displays (and a higher-resolution display on the Rezound), 4G connection speeds and memory slots for memory expansion.

      So without more information, I recommend you go with one of those Android phones. But I don’t have much information from you to support that recommendation.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Shruti
    March 3, 2012

    i have a metroPCS no. for samsung freeform SCH r350 a cdma phone.
    i will like to buy a blackberry with t mobile or at&t or an iphone.
    Please guide me.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I’m a boost mobile customer I have an active phone I just bought another cell, how can I transfer my number to the new one?

    • Juanita, take your two phones to a Boost store… they should be able to transfer your number to the new phone. If you bought your new Boost phone from Wirefly, call Wirefly at 866-852-3216 and have the agent on the phone handle the transfer. If you didn’t buy it from Wirefly, you will have to go to a Boost store to get it done.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Stephanie Smith
    February 15, 2012

    Hi,on October 3,2011 I bought what was supposed to be an Samsung Exhibit II, and received just the Samsung Exhibit. I have had nothing but problems with it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Anyway, I called Wirefly and they could do nothing because it was over 14 days old. Anyway, I did live chat with T-Mobile and they told me you all sold me a phone that has no service in my area and to call you all back.He also told me that the only service I was getting was through my router and it is horrible service at that. I am disabled and in college full time. I don’t drive so I was really depending on that phone.And t_ mobile keeeps charging me way over what they told me payments would be, and I activated a 2 year contract with them.Why did you all sell me a phone when you knew there was no service in my area?.I have talked to a lawyer and he is getting paperwork together to send you all for a lawsuit.I would really rather work this out with you and t-mobile but it seems noone wants to help me so I guess I have no other resort!

    Stephanie Smith

    • Stephanie, I’m really sorry to hear that you have so much trouble with your phone. I checked our records and they show that you ordered a Samsung Exhibit (not the Exhibit II) and that you also ordered the service plan that you now have. This was a totally automated order that you did online, and there was no interaction with anyone at Wirefly, either by computer or by phone. (There’s nothing unusual about that… our best customers sail through the system without any human interaction. That indicates you are considered a good customer.) In other words, you have the phone and the plan that you ordered.

      As for the lack of service in your area, that is not dependent on the phone. That is what T-Mobile’s coverage is like in your area. Unfortunately, coverage by a particular carrier can vary block by block, and even room by room. For example, I have Sprint for my carrier but can’t get Sprint’s 4G service at my home. However, Sprint’s 4G works fine just a block away.

      A little ray of sunshine for you is that, starting in mid-April, you can go to T-Mobile and have a good chance of switching to a lower-cost plan.

      I will further discuss your situation with the customer service manager here and see what alternatives we can offer. I work with these people, and have learned that they care and will do what’s right. In the meantime, take care!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Yes you can. As long as you have email set up on the phone. And it downloads ditrcely. But I prefer to use the web base mail application to download the files. So if you use Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail, use the applications that are from the mobile Internet, not the mail app integrated into the phone. But truth be told, I’m not sure if Google or Hotmail does it because I use Yahoo. But I’m almost certain they work.Sorry I get off the topic down here/ / /And as much as I love the iPhone. It doesn’t download ANYTHING ditrcely from Safari (unless you jailbreak it, which I did XD), except for images. Everything is through App Store, Mobile iTunes, or iTunes on a computer, and it isn’t even free! Except for Apps and Podcasts. I’m not hating on the iPhone, I’m just pointing out the flaws.Hope this helps

  • Hi, I’d like to switch my verizon phone to sprint phone that I have my eyes on but I like to keep my phone number. My friend has a sprint account right now. can I switch my carrier to sprint under family plan with my friend’s existing account while I keep my phone number? just debating…. or should I open a new account with sprint with preexisting number and later combine his and mine into family plan? which is more economical? awaits your kind advice….

    • Kay, you can definitely “port” your existing phone number to a new account on Sprint, and you can also definitely join your friend’s family plan. Keep in mind that when you do this, your friend will be the person whose name is on the contract that includes your number. As long as you and your friend are fine with that, it is not a problem to have such an arrangement.

      The best way to make it happen is for your friend to do all the ordering. You should probably be there at the same time, because you will need to give your Verizon account number (not the same as your phone number) and there may be other bits of information you will need. However, the order will need to come from your friend, as that is the person whose name is on the contract.

      Wirefly would be delighted to work this out with you, so I hope you and your friend will contact Wirefly to make the transfer. Take care!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • thanks a million. I will do that as soon as I’m free from verizon wireless which is very very soon. thanks again. hope you had nice valentine day^^

        • You’re welcome, Kay! I didn’t answer your question about the most economical way to do what you want to do. The answer is to just go straight to your friend’s family plan. I do not recommend getting a “standalone” plan in the interim, as that will be more expensive and have fees that you can’t recover when you go onto the family plan.

          Speaking of fees, we just had a “free activation” period for Sprint, but it ended a couple days ago. You should consider waiting for the next Sprint free activation period, as that will save you a $36 activation fee. Sprint offers free activation windows a few days at a time, usually once a month or so. I do not know when the next one will be, but that information would be confidential anyway. There is a good chance that there will be a free activation window in March, and again in April, but the only way to know for sure is to check Wirefly every few days to find out.

          Hope that helps!

          Bob at Wirefly

      • Hey bob, If i buy a G2x from wirefly and reurtn it because if rebooting/freezing issue, what do you do with the reurtned phone? do you send it back to LG or do you try to sell it to the next customers? I want to give G2x a shot.. i don’t want to buy reurtned phone from other g2x users.

        • Great question Scott! We send any returned phones back to the manufacturer for refurbishing. The manufacturer then fixes any issues and wipe all data and sell the phone as a refurbished unit. We do not sell refurbished phones at Wirefly at this time. If you see phones for sale that have been refurbished they must be marketed as refurbished not new phones.
          -Scott at Wirefly

        • Jeffrey
          July 14, 2012

          Call your carrier. The phone only has A-GPS which means that it riequres the network assistance in location tracking. Most carriers can track the phone IF its still on the network. However, many will require your companies approval since they issued it and/or a court order to do so or a police emergency

  • Can I switich my phone servies from T mobile to ATT if I have a contract with Tmobile?

    • Kia, Wirefly no longer deals with AT&T, so it’s probably best if you ask AT&T and T-Mobile directly. I don’t want to give you a wrong answer for a carrier that we don’t represent.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • How many times can you port your number around to different companies

    • Felecia, as far as I know, you can port your number indefinitely. Keep in mind that you may pay an activation or set-up fee at different carriers when you begin new service. But as far as I know, if you have a valid phone number, you can move it from carrier to carrier as much as you’d like.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Hi I want to transfer from att pay as you go to one of the cheaper non contract phone carriers. I want to do one with talk, text, and internet. Also I would like for the phone to be very versatile bounce between work and home, be able to save important text messages, awesome calendar, great internet surfing. I live in northeast arkansas so I would definitely like a reliable phone carrier for this area, nearby areas, as well majority of the larger cities. What would you recommend?

    • Chee, I don’t know which carriers are reliable in your area, so you will have to do the legwork for that. As for a good phone that can do what you want, plus affordable no-contract service, I recommend Boost Mobile. Boost (which is run by Sprint) starts at $55 per month for a great plan, then the cost drops to $40 if you pay reliably. Two good phones for Boost are the Motorola Triumph (big display with an on-screen keyboard) and the Samsung Transform Ultra (smaller display with a slide-out keyboard). both do nice web surfing, e-mail, calendars texting, etc. Wirefly sells both, so I hope you will consider Wirefly for this purchase.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I currently have tmobile as my carrier. I would like to switch to att, keeping my phone number, and join my boyfriend’s family plan (he’s already att). he contacted them and provided my phone number to add to his plan, but was told by the customer service at att that my phone number was listed as not able to transfer. when my boyfriend asked them why, they said it doesn’t say why. I am upto date on my tmobile bill and am not involved in a contract with them. keeping my number and joining his plan on att is very important to me. how can i make it possible to transfer my number?

    • Sarah, Wirefly does not sell AT&T phones or plans, so we have no advice to give you for moving to AT&T. I suggest that you go to an AT&T store, tell them what you want to do and find out from a real person what the problem might be. Good luck!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • My question is in redargs to Unlimited Data Includes 2GB @ 4G Speeds . On T-Mobile’s site, they have this Unlimited data: 2 GB of high-speed data, then reduced speeds after that. If you use up your high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. That means you are always connected and will never have to worry about overages. I am wondering if the 2 GB clock is running when you are using a laptop or a tablet with the 4G speed.

        • Hi Puspa,
          If you are using your phone as a wireless hotspot than the answer is yes you are using your 2GB of 4G speed. The first 2GB of data that you use on their network is your 4G bucket of data no matter how you use it. They key to this is to connect to WiFi any time you can to save your 2GB bucket.
          -Scott at Wirefly

  • raiden2a
    January 28, 2012

    Good read thanks.
    Quick question. I want to leave ATT for Verizon but i have 1yr left on my ATT contract. Should i order though verizon (new phone, contract etc) then cancel my ATT (paying the ETF as well). Or do i pay the ETF then signup for a new phone at verizon, wait for the port, then cancel ATT.

    • Raiden2a, you will have to work out the ETF (early termination fee) directly with AT&T, but Wirefly can help you get the new phone and line with Verizon. You will need to pay the ETF, then get the new Verizon phone, porting the number over in the process. Again, Wirefly can do that part of the transaction for you, but only you can pay the ETF directly to AT&T.

      Good luck!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Hey bob, If i buy a G2x from wirefly and reurtn it because if rebooting/freezing issue, what do you do with the reurtned phone? do you send it back to LG or do you try to sell it to the next customers? I want to give G2x a shot.. i don’t want to buy reurtned phone from other g2x users.

        • Great question! We send any returned phones back to the manufacturer for refurbishing. The manufacturer then fixes any issues and wipe all data and sell the phone as a refurbished unit. We do not sell refurbished phones at Wirefly at this time. If you see phones for sale that have been refurbished they must be marketed as refurbished not new phones.
          -Scott at Wirefly

  • Noel Santos
    January 26, 2012

    Hello Bob,

    I currently have a Tmobile cell phone which I use fill in each time i need it with minutes, it also has an international discount. what i need now is a better phone which has excellent email capability, what can wirefly recommend i purchase?
    thank you.

    • Noel, when you say “excellent e-mail capability,” do refer to your corporate e-mail account? Or do you mean personal e-mail, such as a Yahoo or Gmail account?

      If you mean a corporate e-mail account, then I recommend the Nokia Lumia 710. It’s affordable, nicely built, has good battery life and a pretty display, and it works great with Microsoft Outlook e-mail. If you refer to personal e-mail, then the HTC Sensation is a great choice, although the Nokia Lumia 710 works pretty good there, too. If you are really into phone technology, the Sensation is a better choice. If you just want something that’s easy to use, works well and is durable, the Nokia is probably the better choice for you.

      Happy shopping!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I’d like to eliminate my landline but keep my home phone number and have all calls to that number automatically routed to my cell phone. Is that possible? If so, how? If not, would a Max Magic or Nettalk Duo device be an alternative? I understand I could use the Max Magic with my current home phone, but it’s not clear to me whether or not I could forward calls from that number to my cell phone. Ideally I’d like caller ID to appear on my cell phone or at least to know what state the call was coming from because most out-of-state calls seem to be phone solicitations. On the other hand, I understand that the Max Magic requires a dedicated PC, which would be less than ideal, and it’s not clear to me whether or not I could use a dedicated Mac instead of a PC. I’d like to have features such as 3-way calling ideally, which seems to be available with the Netalk Duo, but I wouldn’t be able to keep my home phone number with the Nettalk Duo from what I understand. Can anyone help guide me on this? Thanks!

    • ST, I’m not familiar with either Max Magic or Nettalk Duo, so I can’t help you out there. Generally, you must pay for a phone service of some kind in order to have a phone number, and this is true of your home phone number. If you tell the phone company that you don’t want the service, your number will go away and there’s no way to associate that number AND your existing cell phone number with a single cell phone. You can port your home phone number to a service such as Vonage, which probably costs a lot less than your home phone company. Then forward calls to your home/Vonage line to your cell phone. This will still involve a monthly payment for home phone service, only it will be to Vonage and probably just a small percent of what you now pay.

      I don’t have the information to help you with the caller ID feature, but perhaps someone from Vonage can help there. Wirefly does not sell or support Vonage, so you’re on your own there.

      Good luck!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I want to transfer my AT&T number to New Verizon account and plans. My 2yrs contract is End At March,4. I would like to know can i do that and if i can, when will be the best time to do so?(i want to avoid extra monthly payment). I am looking for getting that “HTC Rezound” phone with Verizon plan with 4G speed(my AT&T phone is 3G and getting from Wirefly).

    • Mason, you can certainly buy the HTC Rezound from Wirefly and we can handle porting your number from AT&T to Verizon. If your contact ends on March 4, the best day for you to make the purchase would be March 1. That will give a couple of days to work out any issues (such as credit or address information) and avoid paying for more AT&T service than you’re going to use. The Rezound is an excellent phone, by the way.

      Thanks for shopping with Wirefly!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I am looking to get a new phone and plan, but all the options are so confusing! My zip says I get At&T but at my house I get 0 service. Sprint bought out nextel, nextel gets no service in my house but was told Sprint would? How can you confirm you will get service before you sign a contract? I have verizon now but pay 49.99 just for 450 min ( that I don’t use much of) 1000 texts ( I use about 400 but never know) and I pay 20 for internet at home for my laptop and 32 for landline ( most taxs and surcharges, no extras) incase my cell is not working. I need to cut my costs now that I am on disability but want to keep up so if I can go back to work I am not so tec. behind. Need a large screen for eyesight. What is the best way to find out what would be best? I spoke to Verizon via phone and stopped in, also internet was told different stories of what I phone I could get if I signed with them, and was put onhold with Sprint until I hung up. Any advise? The prepaid do not have access to use “hot spots” and was told Sprint would cost no more to hoook up to my laptop, verizon costs $$$$ more to use with laptop?

    • Joy, I’m trying to figure out what you have and how to best get you what you need. You say that you pay $20 for Internet at home… is that for DSL with your phone company or is that a wireless service with Verizon or other carrier? I’d like to know your answer to that first, because there is a solution (called an Airave) for your home that gives you cell coverage if you have good Internet service.

      It sounds like you have good Verizon coverage now. Do you have a friend with a Sprint phone who could come to your home and check for Sprint coverage? If you do know someone who can help, be sure s/he walks all through your home to check all the nooks and crannies for coverage. Generally speaking, Sprint is less expensive than Verizon, so you will save if you can switch.

      Finally, both Verizon and Sprint have something called a “Home Phone Connect.” This is a box that takes the place of your wired phone line, and you can keep the same number as your wired phone and add the Home Phone Connect to your cellular plan. This will probably save you $15-20 per month if you can do it. One downside to a Home Phone Connect is that it will not work with either a fax machine or a home security service that uses remote monitoring.

      Let me know about your current home Intenet service and I will advise you further.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Mephisto
        July 14, 2012

        Greg I had that VERY SAME phone until about 3 months ago! It was great and wokred perfectly until my husband spilled a soda in my purse that killed it Good for you for not giving into this constant internet needing society

  • Hi,
    I recently ordered phones and a new line of verizon service from wirefly. I ported my phone from a prepaid cell company. I followed the instructions that came in the box perfectly and somehow after several hours my phone still has no service although on the verizon website it says that I do. I have called verizon a couple of times but the suggestions I’ve received have not worked. I was told to shut off my old phone then shut off my new verizon phone for a few minutes and reboot and that should do the trick but still nothing. Any ideas? Who should I speak to to get this fixed? Should I got into a verizon store? Thanks.

    • Patty, I tried to look up your order but couldn’t find it. Please give me your order number, and I will be able to track down your order to see its status.

      In the meantime, going to a Verizon store would probably help a lot. They will be able to tell if the phone is active and working. If the phone is not working, you have 14 days to contact Wirefly for a replacement, so don’t delay in tracking down the cause of the problem.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • diggerdave
    January 5, 2012

    Here’s my dilemma.My kids switched to Verizon, I inherited their old tmobile phone number which was off contract and went to month to month, which we’ve kept up on for almost 2 years. Now, I bought a tmobile 3g mytouch and a prepaid sim activation kit, plus I bought a $50 prepaid fill card. Now, I want to keep my same number from the month to month plan and just switch it to the new sim/phone/prepaid plan. I can’t seem to get a straight answer and there aren’t any Tmobile franchises within 50 miles.
    Thanks in advance

    • DiggerDave, I’m afraid that Wirefly can’t help you. We do not sell plans alone — we sell phones with plans. However, it sounds like you have all the phones you need and all you want to do is switch a number from one pre-paid plan to another. Wirefly can’t help you with that — that’s outside of our agreement with T-Mobile.

      I suggest that you call T-Mobile at 800-937-8997 and discuss what you’d like to do. Good luck!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if I could keep my number that I have had for 3 years with Total Call Mobile. It is a pay as you go Call & text plan. I don’t care about the 95.00 credit balance I have on the phone but wish to keep the same phone number and go with Boost Mobile pay as you go plan and phone. Is it possible to do this? I don’t have to add more $minutes on my Total Call Mobile phone until February (when it hits 90 days) Please let me know as I am very interested in getting a different phone with more capabilities with Boost Mobile as carrier. Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Cindy, you can usually “port” your existing number from a one pre-paid carrier to another (such as Total Call Mobile to Boost), but the carriers don’t promise it can be done. Wirefly will do its best to make the transfer for you, but we can’t promise it will happen. Boost has some nice phones, so I hope you can make the switch and keep your number.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Hi, My brother has a sprint phone he doesant want anymore, I have a metropcs phone and I wanted to know if would be able to switch my metropcs service onto that sprint phone

    • Yvette, your best bet is to take the Sprint phone to a MetroPCS store and ask there. I don’t think it will work, but it may be possible.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • vanessa rodriguez
    December 28, 2011

    Quiero el numero de la orden del numero4138869399

    • Vanessa, no estoy seguro de lo que están pidiendo, así que por favor llame al 800-444-9543 Wirefly a discutir con un agente de servicio al cliente. Usted puede hablar con el agente, ya sea en Inglés o Español.

      Bob at Wirefly (translated by Google Translate)

  • sandy tindell
    December 20, 2011

    I received my new phones and i was wondering if I can keep my number from my prepaid phone

    • Sandy, yes you can keep a number from a pre-paid phone. If you already received you new phones, it may be too late to have that done, however. Take all the phones to one of the carrier’s stores and ask about switching the number from one phone to another. Perhaps the carrier will do that for you.

      Bob at Wirefly

    • david coomer
      December 28, 2011

      i got my new phone yesterday but i want to keep my new numble on it here is my new 918 209 9956 i want to keep my other numble on my otheer phonr

      • David, please call Wirefly at 866-852-3216 to discuss what you want to do. If it can be done, we will try our hardest to get it done.

        Bob at Wirefly

  • That’s very helpful. Thank you!

  • Hi, this may have already been covered up there but I am far too lazy to scroll through every post. I have a Boost Mobile phone on the monthly plan and didn’t pay my fee, so the service is cut off. The phone itself is falling apart and I’ve been planning on switching services anyway so this seemed like an ideal time. What I’m wondering is if I’ll be able to move my phone number over to to the Net10 phone I’m looking at even though my service is suspended. Do I need to activate my phone for another month and then switch? That normally wouldn’t be an issue except I would like to take advantage of a holiday deal they have going at Net10. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated, and once again, I’m terribly sorry if this was already covered. Thanks.

    • Tom, both Boost and Net10 are pre-paid services. As I understand it, you should be okay with Boost at this point — if your phone doesn’t work, it’s because you didn’t pre-pay for the next month. It’s also my understanding that you have three months to move your number before you lose it, so you can get a Net10 phone within three months and “port” your Boost number to it. After three months, your number will probably be closed and eventually re-assigned. If you get your Net10 phone through Wirefly, we will help you port the number and set it all up.

      Hope that helps!

      Bob at Wirefly

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