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Keeping Your Number: Porting Your Existing Number To a New Cell Phone

Wirefly Learn » Resources

February 28th, 2011


You don’t have to change your phone number when switching carriers. It’s easy to transfer (or “port”) phone numbers between carriers, or even to transfer a phone number from a landline to a cell phone. Known as wireless number portability, this process is quick and convenient when you order new cell phone service through Wirefly.

Steps to Transfer Your Phone Number

  1. After adding a phone to your cart, make sure to click on the box that says “Switch my existing wireless number to my new “phone.” You will be asked to provide your current provider, wireless phone number, and account number, which you can find on your monthly statement. The order to transfer your phone number will be submitted along with your application for service.

  2. Your phone number will be scheduled to be transferred within approximately 24 hours after your new phone is delivered. Once your new account is set up, you’ll be able to view the status of your scheduled port request online.


  3. After your phone number is ported, you will no longer be able to use that phone number with your old phone. Cancellation of your old service should happen automatically, but we recommend that you contact your old service provider to confirm and ensure that you do not incur any further charges. You are responsible for payment of any outstanding charges, including any fees that may be assessed by your old service provider for canceling service.

Check out more guides in the Wirefly Guides section.

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176 Responses to “Keeping Your Number: Porting Your Existing Number To a New Cell Phone”

  • I have a broken prepaid motorola phone. I want to switch the number to my Samsung phone if thats possible

    • Elbert, just talk to your carrier. If you have a GSM phone (one that uses a SIM card), all you have to do is transfer the SIM card to the new phone. If you have have a CDMA phone (which does not use a SIM card), they you have to ask the carrier to port the number to the new phone. Call the carrier’s toll-free number and ask about it.

      Of course, if you want a new “post-paid” phone, then Wirefly has great prices and can usually set you up with a new phone that has your old number. Getting a post-paid account involves a credit check, but if you pass the credit check, you can get a really nice phone.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • can i switch from metro pcs to sprint or verizon and keep the same number

    • Josh, yes you should be able to “port” your number from MetroPCS to either Sprint or Verizon.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • i wanna know if i can switch from sprint to metro pcs without a change of number,

    • Dalida, yes you should be able to move your phone service from Sprint to MetroPCS and keep your number. Ask MetroPCS about how to do it.

      Bob at Wirefly

    • sonicmerlin
      December 9, 2011

      Can you set up a 3 line family account at wirefly, then go to a Verizon store and add an iPhone to that same account?

      • Sonicmerlin, yes… you can set up a 3-line family plan with Wirefly, then buy an iPnone from Verizon and have it added to that account. Thanks for thinking of Wirefly!

        Bob at Wirefly

  • Lorin Boyack
    December 3, 2011

    Dump Carrier IQ or I’m dumping you, I’m sure I can get out of my contract via class action or small claims court, as I was not advised that you are collecting personal information using a third party without my control.

  • I have 3 wildfires, my contract is actually through cox communications, I got a letter from them saying there discontinuing their wireless service & I have until march 30.to find new carrier I need least expensive now and would actually like to keep same phones at least til income tax comes around, I got these in may 2011. I don’t have good credit so whoever does no credit check would really work for me. And I actually need mine for work,so the sooner I get the best info the better. HELP ME

    • Cindy, Wirefly only does cell phone plans when you buy a new phone. If you are keeping your HTC Wildfires, you need to contact T-Mobile about your options. The good news is that you might be able to buy pre-paid SIM cards for just the amount of service you need, which will probably be the least expensive option for you. Since it’s pre-paid, no credit check is required. Again, that can be answered by visiting a T-Mobile store.

      Good luck!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • i just added a line and i wanted to know can i switch a number from one of my other phones that dont have nothing to do with this plan to one of my new phones i just ordered.

    • Justin, I’ll need a lot more information to give you an answer. However, it’s probably fastest if you ask your carrier — it has your numbers and knows if lines can be switched. Wirefly is just a sales agent for the carrier.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Hello,

    I have two children who currently have Verizon phones. I would like to order them new phones for Christmas, port their numbers over and put them on our Sprint plan. My question is if I order the phones now can I receive them but wait until Christmas to complete the port and activate them? I don’t want their current Verizon phones to suddenly stop working between now and Christmas but I don’t want to give them the phones early. Can the porting process be delayed till a later date? I hope you understand what I am trying to do.

    • Joe, that’s a great question! You can definitely port their Verizon numbers to Sprint and put them on your family plan. However, there’s no way to pre-set the system so that the port becomes active on any specific day. The only advice I have is to figure out exactly what you want to do and get it done as close to Christmas as you feel comfortable. The new phones won’t be activated until you receive them, so their Verizon service will continue until the new phones arrive. If you time it right, you might be able to receive the new phones on Dec. 22 or 23.

      Good luck… and thanks for thinking of Wirefly!

      Bob at Wirefly

    • Joe,

      Let me give you a suggestion, I know this works from Sprint to Verizon but I am not certain about Verizon to Sprint.

      Order your phones from Sprint but do not activate the phones. Do not tell Sprint that you want to port the phone numbers. Once you activate the phones then have Sprint port your numbers.

      Here is what happened to me, I ported my number to Verizon but I did not activate the phone immediately. Once my number was in Verizon system, I stopped receiving text messages from other Verizon customers although my phone still worked on my old carrier.

      I would recommend notifying Sprint after you activate the phone that you want to port a number. If you search on the internet you will find numerous problems of people who ordered online that had their number ported prior to receving the phone.

  • I have a service with sprint but due to being unemployed, I couldn’t pay it for 4 months. I tried to reconnect but I was told that my account is closed and need to reopen a new one but can’t keep the same number. How do I get my number back? Also when I call it, it says it’s not a working number. Should I get a new phone from Wirefly again?

    • Nina, in order to look into your account and give you the best information, I will need your Wirefly order number or the phone number of this account. I’ll use that to look up the account to get the details. I will not make the information public here in this forum, but will use it to look up the account. If you get me the info, I can get back to you in a day or two.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Josue Toussaint
        December 1, 2011

        I need to apply my service to a new phone I already bouth. how to do that?

        • Josue, it depends on what phone/carrier you have now and which you will be going to. I need more information to give you a complete answer. What phone do you have now? What carrier do you have now? Which phone do you want to switch to? Let me know and I will answer your question as best I can.

          Bob at Wirefly

  • I have an existing phone number I wish to port to a new line (which I have not yet ordered). Both of the existing phone line and new line are with the same carrier “Verizon Wireless”. Will that be okay?

    In other words, instead of “renewing” or “extending” my existing contract (which has expired several months ago) with Verizon Wireless, I would like to open a brand new line (still with Verizon Wireless), and then using the “porting existing phone number” feature to terminate my old phone line. I am guessing “Verizon Wireless” will highly recommend me to “renew” or “extend” my old contract. But the reason I’d like to do otherwise is because by opening a brand new line via a particular agent, I can get very good rebate deal. And the agent only provides that special deal if I open a brand new line via them.

    • cwbcw, it sounds like you will not do this new/switched line through Wirefly, so I can’t really answer your question. I know how Wirefly is able to handle such changes but I can’t speak for how your agent will handle it. Your best bet for an answer is to ask Verizon and/or your agent.

      Bob at Wirefly


    • Jaidev, sorry but I don’t understand your question. Could you try asking it again?

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Im with tmobile and i live in dallas county but im about to move to hale county but my phones service dosnt work real well in hale county. its constantly roaming, ive tried looking it up on the tmobile site but i cant find anything. would really appriciate someone to help me with this problem

    • Rose, you should stop at a T-Mobile store and ask for help there. Some carriers offer a product called a “femtocell” that can help you get good cell reception in your home. It works in conjunction with a high-speed Internet line, so if you will have high-speed Internet in your new home, you may be able to improve reception in your home with a femtocell. However, I don’t know if T-Mobile has a femtocell, but the company talked about releasing one in 2011. Keep in mind that a femtocell will help only in/near your home. Once you’re 100 yards away, you’re on your own.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I would like to change my phone,, Exhibit to htc…when takin pictures you can’t see anything on daylight alot of drop calls..

    • KCAYE, if you got your phone from Wirefly and it’s less than 14 days old, call Wirefly immediately at 866-852-3216. If you did not get your phone from Wirefly, you should take it back to where ever you bought it. Keep in mind that if the phone is older than 14 days, then you need to talk to the carrier (T-Mobile) about getting your Exhibit repaired or replaced.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I found a HTC EVO 3D and I have the HTC EVO 4G . I wanna know if I can add my phone number to the HTC EVO 3d??

    • Marcos, you found an HTC EVO 3D? My suggestion is that you take it to a Sprint store and allow it to be returned to its rightful owner. Sprint can track the MEID of the phone and disable the phone if it is reported missing or stolen. If the phone is reported stolen and is tracked to you (and this tracking is easy with cell phones), you could be arrested for possession of stolen property. It’s best to avoid such problems and take the phone to a Sprint store. Sprint can track down the rightful owner and return the phone.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Hi. I ported my sprint number (approx. 16 months into 24 month contract) to Metro PCS to save money. Im not pleased with their service. Can I port my number back to Sprint and start a new 2 yr. contract and be eligible for the contract prices of phones on your site ?

    • Mike, you should be able to do that. However, it is possible that you might not be able to keep the same number. Assuming you can keep the number, you should be able to come back to Sprint and get a new phone. Keep in mind that this is subject to credit approval.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • i just got an iphone and i havent transferred my sprint number to my iphone. if i save contacts to my iphone do i lose them when they transfer my number or remove my sim card to change the number? can they take contacts off my sprint phone and move them to att iphone?

    • Joe, Wirefly doesn’t sell the iPhone, so you should ask your questions at a carrier’s store (Sprint?) or at a forum where they are really familiar with the iPhone.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • dylon mcmahon
    October 20, 2011

    Can you use a verizon android x phone for a different carrier my phone is prepaid is it possible. and if so how is it done

    • Dylon, I’m not sure which phone you’re asking about. Howevefr, generally speaking, Verizon phones are “locked” to Verizon and can’t be used with other carriers. There may be some exceptions, such as using a Sprint phone with Boost Mobile for pre-paid service. That’s because Sprint owns Boost Mobile. However, if you are asking about a Motorola DROID X, then that phone is locked to Verizon and will not work with other carriers.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I have a blackberry for Verizon and the iPhone 4s for sprint.. Is it possible to swap these two numbers while keeping them both activated

    • Deven, you will have to speak to Verizon and Sprint about that. Wirefly can’t do such a swap for you.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Hi, I want to move from Boost Mobile to any carrier that supports the latest iPhone 4S. I would however like to keep my old number, so is this switch possible from Boost to AT&T/Verizon, since I don’t have a contract per se with Boost?

    • Dia, you’ll have to speak to the carrier directly. If you’re happy with the coverage you get with your Boost phone, you might try going to Sprint. Sprint owns Boost and it also now sells the iPhone 4S. Which ever way you decide to go, you will have to speak directly to the carrier. Wirefly does not sell the iPhone.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • I am looking to purchase either the Bionic or Thunderbolt from Wirefly very soon. I am currently a Sprint customer, but will switch to Verizon as an add-a-line on my husband’s current Verizon family plan. I also want to port my current phone number over to my new phone. Can I do this through Wirefly, and can you tell me how this whole process works? Also, will I get the published add-a-line price for the phones? Thanks.

    • Kim, all you need to do is call Wirefly at 800-552-9000 and speak to a sales agent… s/he will walk you through the process. And yes, it sounds to me like you will be able to port your number and set up an account as an add-a-line on your husband’s existing Verizon account. The Wirefly sales agent can explain that and detail the costs in a phone call.

      If you end up ordering the phone from Wirefly, Wirefly will ship you the phone. You (or your husband) will pay the monthly service fee to Verizon and you are actually Verizon’s customer. If you have any questions about your phone service, those go to Verizon. Wirefly has a 14-day warranty on the phone, so if there are any problems with the phone in the initial 14-day period, contact Wirefly. We usually exchange phones that have problems, but it depends on each circumstance. After the 14-day period, just go to any Verizon store for questions about your phone’s operation.

      Hope that helps… and thanks for thinking of Wirefly for this!

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Thanks so much for the quick reply! I’ve decided to make my purchase through wirefly. Please tell me, in your opinion, which is the better phone between the Bionic and the Thunderbolt? Have you done a comparison video on them?

        • Kim, I haven’t directly compared the ThunderBolt and the DROID Bionic. However, the Bionic is my pick of the two, for at least a couple of reasons: Bigger battery, dual-core (vs. single-core) processor and higher-resolution display. However, the ThunderBolt is still a nice phone, and Wirelfy has a great price on it at the moment. Still, if it was my choice and the price was not an issue, I’d pick the DROID Bionic.

          Hope that helps!

          Bob at Wirefly

  • lucretia johnson
    October 9, 2011

    i like the some of the features boostmobile has to offer….but the phone has no signature amd i am not happy with this…all i would like to do is send the phone back within the limited time and get my refund back…as i was told it wouldnt be a problem…i have the samsung sph-m350. i would like to be refunded…PLEASE DO NOT DEDUCT OUT OF MY ACCT THE INSURANCE FEE!!!! My numbr is 843-492-3293

    • Lucretia, did you buy your phone from Wirefly? If so, please call 866-852-3216 to discuss returning your phone.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • ShelbyorOther
    September 29, 2011

    Where do I find the “billing account password” I need to activate my new phone?

    • Shelby, did you buy your phone through Wirefly? If so, it should have been activated when we shipped it. If you got your phone from Wirefly and the phone is not working properly, please give me an order number and I will look it up to see the specifics.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • J. Jefferson
    September 22, 2011

    June 22, 2011
    .I just ordered my new Sony via Wirefly and received it today. I had contacted your company because I forgot to check the green box,there fore they say they are not sure if I am able to still keep my same number and I should contact Boost Mobile, since they will be my carrier. I am replacing a Verizion exp. contract phone. Please assist me in the matter. I would like to keep my old number for business purposes, only on my new phone.

    Is there a fee/charge from Verizon or wirefly for porting your number?

    • J, can you give me an order number so that I can look up your order? That will help me determine if you can transfer a a number with the type of transaction you had.

      If you are porting a number from Verizon to Boost, there will be no charges from Verizon for porting the number. Boost, however, may charge an “activation fee.”

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Valerie Phillips
    September 5, 2011

    my friend was with cellcom and went to at&t. She still wanted to use the same number but now she is getting texts on the new phone from at&t but getting calls on the old cellcom phone. She was told at&t was gonna deal with cellcom and cancel the service.

    • Valerie, the only suggestion I have is for your friend to take both phones to an AT&T store and work out the issues there. Wirefly no longer sells phones for AT&T, so we have little information to deal with an issue like this.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Peter Fleck
    August 13, 2011

    I am currently a customer of Boost Mobile using a Motorola I680 phone. I am interested in buying a Sanyo SCP-3810 Mirro (BLACK)cell phone from you. You offer one but in the description your listing says at first it’s a Samsung then goes on to describe the Sanyo. Which is it a Sanyo or Samsung? As an existing Boost customer I would not be interested in adding a “plan” to my account…is that a problem? Thanks

    • Peter, the SCP-3810 is made by Sanyo, not Samsung. If you can give me a URL to the page where you saw Samsung SCP-3810, I will see if I can fix it.

      Wirefly sells some Boost phones with pre-paid minutes, but you can’t get only a Boost phone from Wirefly. If you want just the phone, you will have to get it elsewhere, unfortunately… that is a restriction put on Wirefly by Boost.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Lynn Von Nessen
    July 2, 2011

    Hi, I am a long term AT&T customer whose service is disrupted due to tower “upgrades”. I have not been able to use my phone inside my home for 5 weeks, and I’m told they have no obligation to provide service even though I’m paying for it. If I break my contract, how does that work? People here seem very satisfied with Verizon. I’m getting tired of walking around my parking lot to receive and make calls! Thank you.

    • Lynn, Wirefly no longer sells AT&T phones, so I can’t really address AT&T contract issues. You will have to check with AT&T about that. At least one carrier (Sprint) will give you a good chunk of money to buy out your old contract if you switch to Sprint. I do not know if Verizon has a similar deal, but you can ask at a Verizon store. Here at Wirefly, we do not offer the Sprint buyout deal, and would also not offer a Verizon buyout deal (if it exists). If you can get released from your AT&T contract at little or no cost, Wirefly has the best prices on phones for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Is there a fee/charge from Verizon or wirefly for porting your number?

    • Donna, there is no fee to port a number to Verizon, either from Verizon or Wirefly. The bottom line there is that Verizon is so happy to get a new customer that it doesn’t charge a fee.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Graham
    June 22, 2011

    2 Questions:

    1. I want to switch from AT&T to Verizon. I noticed on Jim’s comment from April 9 that he had to pay activation fees, voice, and data charges twice. Is there any way to avoid this? If so, how?

    2. When switching, I’d like to sign onto my family’s already-existing Verizon family plan. Is this possible? If so, how would I set that up when buying a phone from Wirefly?


    • Graham, your questions are a little too complicated to answer here, so I recommend that you call Wirefly at 800-552-9000. The agent you reach will be able to give you the best pricing and set you up on the family plan. Thanks for thinking of Wirefly for this!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • jackie
    June 21, 2011

    I agree with steve, Sprint sucks, I just renewed my contract with sprint and bought a LG optimus s and it isn’t worth squat, it’s not big enough to handle my WeightWatchers account, I’m not happy with sprint at all I’ve had the phone for about 6 wks and was out of town for most of that time and they had the nerve to charge me a text fee to tell me if I used my phone while at sea it would cost me $2.99 a min., and charged me .50cents for the first text and again .30cents for the second one. If I could, without costing me an arm and leg, I would drop them in a heartbeat. Very unhappy with this contract, further more the people who work in the stores don’t have any idea what and the hell is going on.

    Jackie Doiron

  • Parker
    June 6, 2011

    I would like to switch carriers from verizon to sprint and also port my number. I have a CT phone number but am now living in FL. Will this be a problem when switching?

    • Interesting question! You will only be able to keep your CT phone number if you can use a CT billing address for the new account. If your billing address is FL, then the number will be switched to a FL number. If you can have a CT billing address for at least 30 days, you can transfer the account and keep your current number. Then in 30 days, you can have Sprint change the billing address and you’ll be able to keep the number.

      Hope that helps!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • veronica
    May 27, 2011

    can i apply on line for new phone service

    • You definitely can apply for new phone service online, Veronica. Wirefly does this all the time and we’d be happy to set you up with a new phone and service.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • alice brown
        September 2, 2011

        i found my old phone a blackberry curve and in with att can i have my att service changed to my phone

        • Alice, you will have to go to an AT&T store to arrange for that service transfer.

          Bob at Wirefly

  • Jose Navarro
    May 17, 2011

    I am interested in the HTC EVO 3D and have not found any information on this phone on Wirefly. The phone is going to be released in a couple of months and there is no advertisement? Please let me know what wirefly may know about the release date of the phone because that is what I am going to get as soon as it is available. I will be a new activation. Also, sprint offers 175 to cancel any previous contract and initiate a contract with them. Does wirefly provide this service as well?

    • Jose, we’re pleased that you are looking at Wirefly for information on the HTC EVO 3D, which promises to be a very exciting phone. We have lots of content on the EVO 3D here on Wirefly Learn — you can read up on the phone at:

      Mototola DROID Bionic vs HTC EVO 3D comparison
      HTC EVO 3D vs Apple iPhone 4 comparison
      HTC EVO 3D vs HTC EVO 4G comparison

      As for the launch date for the HTC EVO 3G, Sprint has not made any announcement regarding that. We think it will be in the next few weeks but all we know is what we read on the Internet — Sprint has not given us a definite date. But just like you, we’re REALLY excited about the EVO 3G, which sounds like one hot phone.

      Wirefly does not participate in Sprint’s $175 pay-out program. You will probably only be able to get that directly from Sprint.

      I hope that helps!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Do I wait til I get my phone to port my old number over since I didn’t do it when I initially bought the phone and new carrier??

  • People be WARNED. I ordered my thunderbolt from wirefly and had them port my number over since I’m coming from AT&T. Phone arrived with temporary number which was used to port my existing number over to the phone. Process was simple and worked well.
    HOWEVER I just received my first bill from Verizon and I am being charged an activation fee for the temperorary number AND voice and data usage for the three days the temporary number was on my thunderbolt (I didnt port the number over unitl a couple of days after I received my phone). Beware that you will be paying two activation fees! I’m fumming right now!

  • upul rathnasiri
    April 5, 2011

    i want latest cell phone prises & to buy. please tell me plase & prises

  • how long will it take to come.

  • how do i buy the phone i live in nigeria

    • I can’t help you, Ubong… Wirefly sells phones only in the US. We do not have any contacts in Nigeria or any other country.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Does anyone know what the port transfer fee is? I am with another carrier and typically there is about a $125/per-line fee to port your old phone number over to Sprint, but I can’t find if WireFly charges this or not?

    • Curt, neither Wirefly nor Sprint charges a fee to port your number over from another carrier to Sprint. You get to keep your number and there is no cost to do so.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Sprint (in store) said they did, but were currently waiving it,hence my hesitation.

        Thank you for the info though, that may have been the deciding factor.

  • i think wirefly is one of the best 3rd party retailer store online. its fun, user friendly and reliable. way to go wirefly!

  • i am a secondary phone line holder. my phone quit and i need to access the contact numbers from it. how can i do that? is it possible to have the info sent to my email address?

    • Your best bet is to take your old and new phones to one of your carrier’s stores, and ask if someone there can help you move the contacts. I hope it works out for you… good luck!


  • I have a new contract with a new number and phone.I want to port my old number to this contract.How do I go about doing this since I have no co-operation from the store that sold me this new contract.And also how long will this process take.

  • Speaking with sprint is like teaching trigonometry to an ape, they just don’t get it.

  • Raechelle Palms
    July 15, 2010

    i want to pay for my boy friend cell phone andmy cell phone bill

  • Charles G Palmer Sr.
    June 15, 2010

    Due to a problem I lost my old number. Is it at all possible to get back the number 9898322018 insted of 9894950557?

  • att service cancelled 2 days ago. is it still possible to port my old number to metro pcs or another service?

    • once your service is cancelled (or you lost the number), your number goes back to the number pool that all carriers have access whenever there’s a new customer. i’m not sure if at&t allows number reservation.

      this applies to charles as well.

  • thomas m chandler
    May 29, 2010

    i want to cancel my at&t account ans switch providers and keep my number what do i need from at&t

  • leon wood
    May 10, 2010

    i want to transfer my number from blackberry number was 4038156472 to samsung and samsung number is 5877775750 i would like to get blackberry number for samsung can you please transfer the number blackberry number to samsung thank you

  • bought a phone from sprint. was informed by salesman that i can keep my old phone # from my net 10 phone. wwhen i called tech support to transfer number over was informed that this could not be done with a net 10 phone only sprint phones. Nothing but deception by a salesman.

    • Everything about sprint is a deception. Their equipment is terrible especially their blackberry curve that incessantly must be reset. I have spent nearly 40hrs on the phone with them, and accomplished nothing. They lost most of my contacts in a phone exchange they said would fix my problems, while simultaniously roping into another two year abuse period commonly called a contract. When you’re with them you are a hostage, NOT a customer.

  • i want the rival but i want to keep my old number

  • Jerry Charles Sr.
    January 11, 2010

    keeping also AT&T

  • Jerry Charles Sr.
    January 11, 2010

    want to add my girlfriend pay as you go phone to my plan with her same phone number

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