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Wireless Basics
Cell Phone Plan Contract and Service Features

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May 31st, 2009


Cell Phone Plan Contract Term

The cell phone plan contract term–or simply contract term–is the minimum duration of the contract between you and the wireless carrier. In most cases, this is 24 months (2 years). If you terminate the contract before the specified term, you almost always incur early termination fees. This, however, does not prevent you from upgrading your plan, as long as you stay with the same cell phone carrier.

So, before signing up for a plan, it is always better to be quite sure that the cell phone carrier you choose will fit your particular needs.

Activation Fee

Each time you purchase a new cell phone line, you incur an activation fee. This applies equally whether you are buying your first cell phone plan or whether you add a phone to your existing plan.

Early Termination Fees

When you sign up with a cell phone carrier, you agree to maintain your service in good standing for a given contract term–generally of 24 months (two years). The early termination fee is the penalty you have to pay if you decide to terminate your services before the expiration of the term.

An average early termination fee for an individual cell phone plan is around $175.

Detailed Billing

Detail billing refers to the amount of detail you get each time you receive your cell phone bill. The more detailed your bill, the more you can see exactly how your cell phone usage affects your wallet.

For instance, do you normally go over your plan’s minutes? Or, conversely, do you leave a lot of unused minutes? Do you send and receive a huge amount of text messages? Do you tend to use your cell phone before or after your free evenings kick in?

All this information helps you make an informed decision about how to use your cell phone more economically or about whether it may be better to upgrade your plan if your carrier allows.

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3 Responses to “Cell Phone Plan Contract and Service Features”

  • brian barnett
    May 5, 2011

    I am writing in response to a phone xperia 10(Sony Ericsson ) phone that was jail broken by some outside up, I requested an iphone4 spent an extra 60 dollars for the phone + a warrantee that if I had another probleni would receive up to three new devices if one doesn’t suit my needs just exchange for 49.95 I bought that as well, if you could let me know who to talk to about this or you can tell me why u exchanged my xperia 10 by Sony Erickson for a like for like device instead of shipping me my iphone4,? Thus my warentee I purchased so that this wouldn’t happen? Can u readjust as u said would,then u would have changed my info in exchange for my old info which Iexolained and got permission from your business to allow me to change my # to 7725598404
    fron7725386553.i did this after i was given permission from you beforehand . I was given an rma # sent back the sec one same xperia back and payedbextra for the warrantee in the first order placed then i tried to order the iphone4 by which hadvan additional time,and never received the phone please send me my phone, again my number is 7725386553 on my order forms

    • I think you must have the wrong online vendor, Brian. Wirefly does not sell or distribute the iPhone and never has. Are you sure that your arrangement was with Wirefly?

      Bob at Wirefly

  • jhonika
    March 8, 2010

    how do i add GPRS internet service to my phone.

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