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AT&T LG Arena Video Review

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March 12th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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While AT&T’s new LG Arena has bestowed the moniker of the “smartest phone that doesn’t require a smartphone data plan” thanks to some colorful language straight from a few of Wirefly’s best marketing minds, this description of AT&T’s sleek new feature phone actually rings true in more ways than one.

With a sleek and slim metallic body, the Arena is an attractive and compact device that offers a superior feel in the palm of the hand when compared to many of its feature phone competitors. While the phone’s 3-inch capacitive touchscreen isn’t quite as large as some higher-end smartphones, the display is crisp and vibrant as well as nicely responsive to the touch.

The Arena is also one of the few AT&T devices in recent memory to boast support for AT&T’s Mobile TV service that allows subscribers to view live TV in broadcast quality. The Arena got good reception to the service both outside and indoors, and TV looked great on the crisp display.

Running LG’s S-Class user interface, the Arena offers 4 home screens – three of them customizable. The first home screen offers a set of helpful widgets that can be arranged however you want (though unfortunately there is no capacity to download additional widgets). There’s also a home screen for application shortcuts, notifications, and favorite contacts.

For the most part, the Arena’s browser impressed, even offering advanced features like the ability to have more than one browser window open simultaneously. Pages loaded quickly over AT&T’s 3G network, and the phone automatically switched orientations quickly from portrait mode to landscape using the on-board accelerometer.

Other advanced features on the Arena include mobile email access, instant messaging, and a powerful 5-megapixel camera with a flash and autofocus. We were impressed by the camera’s image quality, and video quality also rivaled that of significantly more pricey devices.

For a closer look, hit that play button on our video review [at right].

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8 Responses to “AT&T LG Arena Video Review”

  • jason
    May 18, 2010

    I am currently on a family plan with unlimited talk/text. If i buy this phone from ebay and insert my sim-card will i be billed for any sort of data plan? if so how much. I do know that as of november 2009 there was a new condition in effect stating that ANY smartphone user is obligated to pay a mandatory $30/month data plan. Is this entirely true?

  • sherita
    May 1, 2010

    I have this phone and sometimes when attempted to use the mobile web service the screen freezes and goes black to the lgmobile.com screen. Why?

  • I am on a family plan and we all have unlimited texting… But i also pay 10$ a month for unlimited data….So i was wondering if i get this phone will i still only have to pay 10 dollars a month or more!!!

  • ATT disable the wifi on this phone – removed all the wonderful basic features of the Arena KM900 – wifi, 3.2mm phone jack, 8GB down to 150Mb, etc and renamed it as GT950.. How cheap and low ATT can go.? Very dissapointed.

  • I was wondering, if you can multi-task with these phone.
    When am in a call, can I go to my messenges without no problem?

  • I just bought this phone and was told I would be required to have either a $20 a month data plan or unlimited messaging on my phone line ($20/month) or on my whole family plan ($30/month).

  • Lindsay
    March 14, 2010

    Hi- the review states that phone does not require smartphone data plan, but when checking out it states that AT&T requires $20 dataplan. Do you have to subscribe to the $20 data plan with AT&T. I might be just interested in a messaging plan?

    Also I have a discount with employer , will this apply on the rate and data plan both?

    • Hi, the LG Arena does not require a smartphone data plan but does require either a messaging plan or feature phone data plan. As far as employer discounts, this is handled directly by the carrier, and you will have to call AT&T to have it applied after you’ve completed your order with Wirefly. Please let us know if you have further questions.

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