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LG enV Touch: Full Review

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June 25th, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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The LG enV Touch is the successor to the company’s popular Voyager model, and the new age version of the original enV VX 99000 that debuted in 2007. And with an updated and sleeker design and interface, 3.2 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and autofocus, full HTML browser, and support for a litany of Verizon services, there’s plenty for the Touch’s older siblings to be envious about. The enV Touch delivers a supreme media and messaging experience, and while it’s unfortunately lacking WiFi and support for VCAST TV, LG’s enV Touch is sure to win the hearts and minds of Verizon subscribers longing to reach out and touch a new generation of the company’s folder-style lineage.

Look and Feel

At first glance, it’s the Touch’s luxurious 3” external touch screen that stands out – and with a crisp and vibrant 800×400 pixel resolution, it should. Flipping open the Touch reveals a twin 3” non-touch TFT display. The enV Touch is about 4.5” long and slightly more than 2” wide, weighing in at a brawny but fit 4.92 oz. At nearly .7” deep, the Touch is slightly bulky like its brethren – but hey, it’s packing a very nicely spaced QWERTY keyboard with a couple nice shortcut keys and four-way navigation key. And it stills slides into a pocket or purse quite nicely.

The front screen is surrounded by a sleek and shiny metallic frame, and the only 3 buttons on the front of the phone are the nice dark brushed metal Send, End, and Back/Voice Command keys. On the left side of the Touch is a camera button, volume key, and quick key lock button. On the right is a microSD slot that supports up to 16GB as well as a standard 3.5mm headset jack for your media listening pleasure. A 3.2 megapixel camera with flash set in a pretty classy grooved metal backing graces the back. A Micro USB jack can be found on the bottom, and also serves as the charging port.

The internal display is surrounded by a pair of stereo speakers. The keyboard on the other side of the device features shortcut keys for quick access to Messaging, Favorite Contacts, Vibrate Mode, and Voice Commands (doubling as the space bar key), with two navigation keys at the top. Keys are slightly raised and feel good when pushed, making typing a message a pleasure.

The enV Touch’s hinge allows it to open to either a laptop-esque slant or fully flat. I preferred it to be fully flat when responding to a text message on the fly, but tilted like a laptop if I was browsing a web page while sitting at a table or desk. Each to their own.

LG enV TouchLG enV Touch

User Interface

An aesthetically pleasing interface with  some well thought out features made the enV Touch easy if not fun to navigate. After sliding up to disable the key lock, you are greeted by a fully customizable home screen. Tapping an arrow at the right of a screen brings up a tabbed menu with Shortcuts and Media. Shortcuts can then be dragged and dropped into the home screen and arranged however you want. A customizable time widget can also be dragged to anywhere on the screen. Across the bottom of the screen are icons providing quick access to Messaging, Phone, Contacts, Favorites, and a full menu where all applications and settings can be reached from.

The Touch is quick and responsive, and I didn’t experience any freezes or hang ups during my time with the phone. The screen is a resistive touch screen – meaning that unlike some popular touch screens that shall remain nameless (ok, *cough*, *cough* iPhone), the Touch requires some pressure be applied. To be sure, there is a slight learning curve, particularly for a veteran iPhone user such as myself. But after a day with the phone, I was cruising around without issue. The enV Touch also provides a very slight vibrating feedback confirming that an action has been performed. Reading that you may be thinking that that would get annoying after awhile, but it’s actually quite satisfying. If you disagree, or want to control the sensitivity of the touch screen, never fear – there’s plenty of customizable settings on the Touch.

Although the Touch is not the first in its family to feature the ability to navigate menus, play music, and make calls through voice commands, it’s still worth mentioning. While the voice command functionality still often made mistakes, and you really have to speak up for the phone to recognize your voice, the ability to make a call or launch the music player, for example, was great – particularly while driving.

Features & Performance


When closed, making a call on the Touch is achieved through a good sized on-screen keypad. You can also easily launch voice dial from the dial screen. The phone book supports up to 1500 contacts, with multiple phone numbers, 2 email addresses, and a physical address. Visual Voice Mail is available on the Touch, but requires a $2.99 monthly subscription. The speakerphone can be activated by opening the Touch while in-call, or dialing a number from the internal keypad. The speakerphone on the Touch is among the best I’ve seen, with calls coming in nice and loud with good clarity, and callers reporting that they could hear me well, even if I were standing several feet away.

Email & Messaging

The LG enV Touch continues in its family’s tradition as a phone built for the heavy texter. And it delivers. Text messages can be grouped in a folder by contact, or can be sorted in sent and received folders by time. T9 text entry can be used for a quick text without opening the phone, or of course the Touch can be opened to continue banging out a message from its formidable keyboard. And to those who admit to occasionally reading a text message while driving, you can ease some of that guilt with the Touch’s text-to-speech functionality that will read a received text message aloud while you keep your eyes on the road.

Verizon’s Mobile Email ($4.99) is also supported, giving mobile access to most popular web based email services as well as IMAP and POP accounts. I set up Mobile Email with my Gmail account and the experience was decent. It’s not going to rival the experience of a true email equipped Smartphone, but will satisfy anyone who wants casual access to email on the go. For corporate users with Microsoft Exchange accounts, the phone also supports a service called RomoSync. The Touch also comes equipped with a mobile document viewer with support for .pdf, .doc, .xls, and .ppt files.

Web Browsing

The enV Touch comes loaded with a full HTML browser. Alas, the enV Touch doesn’t have WiFi, but with a decent connection to Verizon’s EVDO network, page loads were usually pretty snappy (10-15 seconds). Most pages rendered just fine on the Touch, although there was the occasional cut-off or malformed table. I became pretty comfortable with the Touch’s zoom feature, and liked the ability to search for text on a page. Oh, and the Touch’s browser supports Flash.


With its crisp 3” display, stereo Bluetooth, support for VCAST Music with Rhapsody and VCAST Videos, and memory expandable up to 16GB with a microSD card, the media experience on the LG enV Touch rivals any phone on the market. Although I would have liked to see one touch access to music, navigating your music library is pretty intuitive and reminiscent of most media setups complete with album art and the like. It is possible to create playlists that can be accessed from the My Media tab of the pop out menu for quicker access. When a song is playing, a media bar appears on the home screen that displays the name of the song playing and an equalizer, as well as a pause button. Tapping the bar brings the media application back up.

LG enV Touch LG enV Touch


The Touch’s 3.2 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and auto focus doesn’t disappoint, and offers some great features. The camera can be quickly accessed with the dedicated camera button on the left side of the phone. Once the camera application is open (a quick two seconds after hitting the camera button), tapping the center of the screen will bring up an array of options ranging from flash settings to white balance, color effects, and resolution. Resolution can be changed between a crisp and impressive 2048×1536 to a still decent 640×480. Tapping an on-screen button in the upper right switches to camcorder mode.

The camera also offers a number of innovative camera modes. My personal favorite was the Name Card Reader mode. Take a picture of a business card, and the Touch will process the image and create a new contact that automatically imports the card’s readable information. This may sound like one of those features that sounds great, but inevitably doesn’t really work. But with a basic business card without fancy fonts, I was pleasantly surprised. The camera also offers an Intelligent mode that alters settings based on surrounding conditions – and does a pretty decent job of it. There is also a Panorama mode, Facial Makeover mode, and Smile mode (automatically takes the picture when smiles are detected:). The Touch is also armed with a self timer.

The flash is bright, and great for objects that aren’t too far away. Images taken were crisp and clear, and video was great quality for a cell phone camera.

LG enV TouchLG enV Touch

Image taken with the LG enV Touch Image taken with the LG enV Touch

Click here for a video sample taken with the enV Touch


The enV Touch supports VZ Navigator – and GPS software works just as well on the Touch as any stand alone GPS I’ve ever used. VZ Navigator is available for $9.99/month, or $2.99/day if you don’t have a subscription and find yourself lost without a clue.

The Bottom Line

The enV Touch deserves its name. This sleek and well equipped folder phone certainly impressed, and will indeed inspire some envy among its peers. It has a responsive and sharp external touch screen, great internal QWERTY keyboard, impressive camera, and a strong media and web browsing experience.

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42 Responses to “LG enV Touch: Full Review”

  • Breanna
    June 2, 2011

    My original went swimming in the ocean last summer when i was on vacation. I loved the phone so much that i got it again. Only this past week has been a living hell. On sat it stopped working i would fire it up and 15 sec later it would freeze. after doing this 5 or 6 times i had to wait until tues to go to verizon. it is now thrus and they are sending me my FOURTH phone. the other 2 have had the same problem that my original phone had. I have never had so many problems with one phone. If my 3rd replacement phone does not work i will be even more pissed off than i already am. and it was not until today that they offered me a loaner phone. when they fired that up.. man did the text messages come flying in.

  • Noelle
    May 12, 2011

    This Phone Is Horrible ! I Hate It , It Blinks Out And You Also Have Too Be Firm With It I Really HAte IT !

  • water damage and you cant take care of a phone duhh

  • im getting this phone within the next few days…. some of these reviews are what i want to hear and some arent lol. i hope it works out for me!

    • This phone sucks
      May 28, 2012

      well dont let it over heat because mine did and when i woke up the next day the touch screen was broken

  • Kasidy
    March 6, 2011

    Don’t get me wrong this phone is amazing. It’s great in every way the sound quality is good i love the different options of being able to text. Honestly i fell in love with this phone. However, after less than a month of use i dropped in on a carpeted floor and the plasm in the screen broke leaving both screens unusable. It’s not a very durable phone and if your clumsy and drop things a lot this is not the phone for you.

    • AnnaBear
      April 3, 2012

      Actually, I have the env touch and I droped it on a wooden floor and it still works fine. No crack or anything. It’s actually quite durable even agaisnt water, because I have droped it in water and I just let it dry out for a few days. It worked like brand new:)

  • Mine has been shutting off randomly. 3 times today, usually not this often. Any news on what to do????

    • make sure the battery isnt poppoing out just a little bit. that is what happened to mine.

  • FLWrightrocks
    October 21, 2010

    The LG enV Touch’s “touch” feature is awful!! Most other smart phones with a touch screen require a very light touch, NOT the enV!!! You have to press hard, which then activates functions you don’t want. Forget about accessing the web with this phone!! The zoom function is terrible and trying to fill out a form (password, address, etc.) is so frustrating I finally gave up. To upgrade I have to wait 20 months, so I got a Samsung Alias2 thru the pre-owned Verizon store. The Alias is far superior (& less expensive). The screen is smaller and there is no touch – but using the functions far outweighs the LG.

  • I am on my THIRD Env Touch due to the others not working. The problem is the same. When I am on a call over 5 minutes or so, the phone mutes. I can hear the other party, but they can’t hear me. I have tried hitting “mute” and “unmute” but they still can’t hear me. Anyone else experience this?

  • Had my phone for a month. I am a light user maybe 150min and 50 txt per month. So far the phone has worked very well. Touch screen is a little different and I found I needed to be a little firm with it or I would keep selecting when I meant to scroll. Not good in bright sun but none are. Never had the shut off or reset problem. Had it freeze once but just turned it off and back on to fix. I did not want a phone with a key board inside but it was a free upgrade…now I find I use the inside key board most of the time…lol. Over all I am happy with this phone. OK now a couple of poor points for me…it is to quite for me when in my belt holder because the speakers (good speakers) are beside the inside screen and the vibrate is not very powerful…however I am 55+ and my hearing is not great.

    I did see on another web sight that the battery does not hit the contacts all the way causing the phone to shut off and lose settings. That person just put a thick piece of paper under the battery to push it into the contacts tighter….seem to work for them.

  • kate :D
    July 27, 2010


    Im and turning 13 in less then 2 weeks and i am going to be gettin the LG EnV Touch with the dasiy bling pink case from amazon so it wont break ass easy!!!!! I have heard bad thingys about this phone then realy good stuff from a friend whos dad works at verison so i am getting it!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck on my birthday bye!!!!!! :D

  • Im getting this phone for my 13th birthday wich is in 2 weeks i hopoing the phone wont go bad. Im getting this realy cute daisy case form amazon i herd this phoone will be better if you droped so it wont break the camera :) . Yay cant wait to get bc i havent had a phone sence feb 12 after some girl slept over and stole my phone!!!!!!!!!!
    well wish me luck bye >:O :D

  • Richard
    July 22, 2010

    Envy Touch is junk. Looks good at first but does not last. Ours and eveyone we know that has one has broke. The touch screen goes bad and lots of other problems. Verizon will not help.

    • Really im thinking about getting that phone.

    • AnnaBear
      April 3, 2012

      Yes the touch screen does like to do that, but it really only does that if you are too firm with it or you drop it in water. It doesnt bother me that my touch screen doesn’t work all the time, because I use the inside the most and a phone is a phone. I’m grateful to have this phone, because knowing me, I have gone through about 20 phones in my lifetime and I’m only 15. Haha… that’s because im super clusmy.

  • Amanda
    July 12, 2010

    the only thing i like about this phone is the nice big keyboard on the inside. The touch screen keyboard is soooo annoying and everytime i turn off my phone all of my settings go away (wallpapers, etc.) i still have to wait a whole year until i can get a new phone and im sooo mad

  • Lillie
    June 29, 2010

    I have the LG enV touch! i only had 3 months left on my warrant and guess what the touch screen stopped working so i ended up having to get a new cell phone sent to me, when i first got this phone I charged it up, and used it only 1 hr on the battery, so i charge it again, 1 hr later dead again.. i do not think this is a good phone or i got a lemon!!

  • I love my phone. It used to shut down in my pocket, but it was because the rear latch was getting dislodged minimally-just enough to turn off the battery.. i taped it and there have been no problems.

  • Maddie.
    May 28, 2010

    I have an enV Touch and its a pretty decent phone. It sends messages fast and easy sometimes.
    Although, somethings on the outside break easily. I only had the phone for 3 months, and didn’t drop it or anything, and the camera got smashed. Its ruined. And then sometimes (like right now i’m experiencing this problem)But; otherwise, its an alright phone. Its also very easy to scratches and dents in it, so I warn you to get a cover and screen-protector if you buy this phone.

  • Be aware, if you handle it, just handle it rough, the screen will go black and LG does not cover it, so it will cost you money every time you do not gently lay it down on the desk. Will go with Samsung, it’s built tough.

  • I’ve had the Touch since Fall of 2009 and use it heavily daily (texting, calls, camera, etc) and have never had one issue. I do wish you could hold more text messages (possibly use the micro-SD card for storage of them or something) but otherwise I love the phone.

  • Justin
    May 2, 2010

    I have had all the resetting and shutting off issues with the phone have had 3 different software updates done to it and finally have the 2009 software and it still does the same resetting. The phones pissing me off so much I want to switch companies altogether because everytime I bring up the issues they have a new update and now that they are out of updates they always try to make me pay $199 to get the Droid; why the hell should I pay out of pocket again when it’s the phone that sucks and the service is crap. Plus no it may play youtube it doesn’t have a real flash player Verizon needs to get the iphone now cause everyone who has the phone loves it just hates the at&t service but they love the phone too much.

  • I have had this phone since August 2009. I haven’t been totally annoyed of this phone yet. The phone used to freeze, but then it stopped freezing up. It used to reset itself a lot in the winter, but it has not done that for months (which I am happy about.) However, the phone decided to give me another flaw today. My phone was working prefectly fine this morning, then I turned it off during the day for school. After school, I turned it back on, recieved some texts, went to text back and my texts would not send. I thought it was just lack of service (being on school grounds) but i’ve been home for awhile, and still, is not sending my texts. Grrr. Any ideas?

    • alanmmmmaaa
      July 21, 2010

      its not lack of signal all cell providers have this prob sometimes and the signals towers go down for some reason and its not the phone that has the prob its the verizon towers

  • Samantha R
    April 20, 2010

    At first this phone was working well & I thought it was great, but now owning it for a year I absolutely hate it! I never even try to use the touch screen anymore because it RARELY works. The phone shuts off randomly every so often which is so annoying! And sometimes it will reset ALL of your settings. Horrible phone, can’t wait to get rid of it!

  • do not get this phone. somany flaws that i dont even want to discuss

  • Did EnV Touch has a space for sim card cos i don’t know anything about this before jumping to it……..

  • shahad
    April 5, 2010

    this phone is my 13th phone this year this phone has everthing. i love it its totaly awsome for who ever has this phone i aploud you

  • Hi!
    I am getting this phone for my 12th b-day!! This will be my 2nd phone!! SUPER EXCITED!!!!

  • I bought this phone in June 2009. The phone was ok for a little while but then the phone started to randomly shut off, and the touch screen is rarely responsive and if it is it is highly inaccurate. Its seems as though the phone shuts off more and more every day, the settings will also reset them selves to the original ones. There are times where it does not send text messages either. I am very disappointed with this phone and would not recommend it to anyone. So Elly i would not buy this phone if i were you.

  • I bought the env touch right before xmas. I have had nothing but bad luck. The Querty board freeze the whole phone to the point of taking out battery and the front screen locks also. Iam now going on my third phone and am stuck with a referbished one not a new one due to missing my 30 days by 1 day. BVery unsatisfied….

  • I have had this phone for about a year now and it still rocks!

  • All the reviews I have read about this phone are inaccurate. The touch screen is tempremental and the battery life is horrible! The text message fills up after 200 texts. I bought this phone in August 2009 and am very disappointed.

    • AnnaBear
      April 3, 2012

      No, it doesn’t. I have had at least 400 texts in my inbox before it was full.

  • Carol Hess
    February 11, 2010

    I am a big fan og LG and have only owned LG phones, I have owned the env2 and the env3. I absolutely loved the env3 and could not find one thing I didn’t like so it was very difficult for me to give it up when I had an upgrade due on one of my lines. We purchases the envtouch and I loved it so much I switched with my husband. You won’t be sorry if you purchase this phone.

  • Hi!!

    My friend has the enV. Her sister has the touch and I want the touch soo bad! I was hoping there would be comments of the enV Touch. Thanks!!

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