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Palm Pixi: Full Video Review

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November 13th, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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The sleek and slim Palm Pixi, fondly referred to by some here at Wirefly as the little brother to the Palm Pre, is Palm’s second webOS-powered phone. Despite some notable downgrades from the Pre, the Pixi boasts many of the Pre’s features and offers the very same innovative user interface as its older sibling.

The Pixi adopts a candy bar form factor instead of the Pre’s unique sliding design. Positioned as a more entry-level smartphone, the Pixi is WiFi-less and has a smaller touchscreen display than the more premium Pre, a downgraded camera, and a slower processor.

While the Pixi may indeed be an entry-level handset and priced like one to boot, Palm’s latest delivers an arguably better keyboard than the Pre, an impressively slim profile, and the full range of webOS features including Palm’s Synergy contact synchronization, refined web browsing experience, and support for corporate and personal email. To learn more about webOS, take a look at Wirefly’s full review of the Palm Pre.

Check out Wirefly’s full video review (at right) for a closer look at the Pixi.

Ubergizmo.com’s Review of Palm Pixi

It’s undeniable that the Palm Pixi looks great. Its pure design will probably score big points at first sight. The keyboard looks small, but it turns out to be really good (more on that later). While the front has a shiny piano black surface, the back is made of a soft, non-slippery, material. It seems like it would absorb mild shocks as well, although I don’t think that this is a design goal.

At 2.63″, the screen is relatively small and seems to be the minimum surface with which multi-touch gestures would work. To charge the phone, you can plug a micro USB cable, or you can use Palm’s Touch Stone for wireless charging (I was not able to try it, mine was apparently busted). By the way, I don’t like the USB port plastic protector on the side. If you don’t have the touchstone, it’s pretty annoying to deal with that piece of plastic.

Overall, the design is great, and the only thing that immediately bugged me is the placement of the on/off button. It’s located at the upper left, slightly in the back. This is the button that you press to put the phone to sleep or wake it up. In my opinion, it is a poor placement for a button that will be pressed very often.

Read more from Ubergizmo’s Palm Pixi Review

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