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Samsung Mythic vs. Samsung Solstice

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December 18th, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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Welcome to center ring of the Wirefly Cell Phone Schmack Down arena — where two cell phones take each other on in the cell phone geek equivalent of a body-slamming, chair-throwing brawl where you decide which phone comes out on top. Today it’s the Samsung Solstice vs. the Samung Mythic.

Both phones are full touchscreen devices for AT&T’s network with strikingly similar looks. On paper, the Mythic out-specs the Solstice in most every category, but when it comes to performance and usability, the Solstice steps up and pulls some punches.

Hit that play button, and enjoy your complimentary front row seats to what is being hailed as…a mildly entertaining cell phone comparison.

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22 Responses to “Samsung Mythic vs. Samsung Solstice”

  • randomperson(:
    August 6, 2010

    i was going to get the mythic but my sister got it and for some reason we cant get the same phone. she is mean an stupid so i went with the solstice and i really dont cae about how many screens you get to have so it doesnt effect what i want. the solstice is a great phone according to everyhing that i havei chose seen. i am getting my phone tomrrow. i cant wait!!! i chose the purple because it looks way better!and the solsticemis wayyyyy faster. (:

  • sasha
    June 3, 2010

    i personally think this is all so stupid because you cant make a vs. video on cell phones.. choose a phone and live with it >:)

  • SlipPup
    June 1, 2010

    Hmmm… I’m still torn, though.

    I think I’m still leaning more towards the Mythic, but, the web browser on the Solstice looks so purty… I think I like most of the other features on the Mythic (Three home screens, three widget screens, etc.) a little bit better than I do the Solstice though, so, I think I’ll go with Mythic. Plus, the Mythic has a normal 3.5 mm headphone port so I could just use my regular headphones in it.

    Thank you for posting this Schmack down, it’s helped me decide a bit more.

  • andrew
    May 26, 2010

    The samsung mythic is a very showiny phone that was to big for me. so i went with the solstice and got great results. it runs very well and has all the qualities im looking for in a phone. the samsung solstice is the way to go

  • Greg Kommel
    April 22, 2010

    Very nice non-biased comparison! Based on the video, I would definitely choose the mythic. One question though, do either phones use threaded text messaging or do they have an option to switch between threaded and non-threaded. I really like threaded messaging so if the Mythic have it, I would be forced to buy it :D

  • Katelyn
    March 18, 2010

    AHH i have to get the mythic! It looks amazing. I was debating which of the two phones i should get but now i know!!

  • Thanks for comparing the two phones. I really didn’t know which one would be best for me, but after viewing your Schmack down arena; I think I am going to side with Mythic.

  • jeremy berglass
    March 15, 2010

    I am leaning towards the myhtic because of its widgets, 3 homescreens, and gmail, and definitley the camera and tv. but the only thing that bothers me is the internet but you still get and it works so i dont really care.

    • Koltin
      June 19, 2010

      I was looking at the camera on both of them and either one of them doesnt have a bad resolution….

  • blocketh
    March 9, 2010

    Um… I really liked the whole comparison thing he did, and I’m leaning towards solstice currently (not to mention Solstice comes in purple), but, he didn’t show the texting screen on the phone. I read on one website that the Solstice does not have a QWERTY keyboard, which would definately make it a no for me. Doe it have a QWERTY keyboard, or no?

    • yes, it does but it is touch screen. it has landscape w/full qwerty or normal view with the keypad keyboard.

    • the solstice does have qwerty keyboard u can look on youtube and c tht

    • Koltin
      June 19, 2010

      Ive watched other videos and it does have qwerty keyboard……….

    • i was looking at the samsung mythic and it has a virtual qwerty keyboard…a regular one…and u can draw the letter…so thers many options

  • Thank you for the great video. Very non-biased. I have the Mythic coming in the mail tomorrow, so I look forward to seeing if I like it…

    • i want the soltice it looks so faster i dont want to wait alot. when i was watching the solstice was faster

  • Youtube videos look horrible on the Solstice. How do Youtube videos look on the Mythic?

  • I’m leaning more towards the solstice because of the use of the internet and how everythings right on the screen instead of having to deal with another menu like the mythic. not to mention, me, personally, i’d rather have less memory on my phone because if theres more space then i’ll be sure to use it up and my phone will go be much slower.

    • thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. its like saying i would rather have a 50 megabyte hardrive on my computer so im not tempted to download any music to it or install any apps. i know you must have been just being sarcastic though. :)

  • Great go job comparing the phones I have used the Solstice for about a month and am considering getting the Mythic. You were pretty spot on about all the things I like and dislike about the Solstice.

  • Bob Hotchkiss
    January 6, 2010

    Please do a vs. video of the Droid vs. the Nexus One.

  • Lookin’ good, Driessen.

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