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Samsung Reclaim Review – Hands-on

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August 28th, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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Whether one of the first shots to be fired in the Green Gadget Revolution, or a well executed marketing ploy aimed at the environmentally conscious cell phone shopper, the Samsung Reclaim delivers a solid messaging device with some high-end features and a refreshing eco-friendly spin.

The Reclaim sports a compact but comfortable full slide-down QWERTY keyboard, a 2-megapixel camera with video capture capabilities, turn-by-turn GPS directions, Bluetooth 2.0, and expandable memory up to 32GB. Coming in two earthy colors — Ocean Blue and Earth Green — this handset’s outer casing is made from 40% bio-plastics.

Other environmentally conscious components include a charger that consumes 12 times less power than the Energy Star standard and packaging made from 70% recycled materials.

While this device is largely touted for its green orientation, its feature set doesn’t disappoint. The Reclaim offers basic yet functional access to a number of social networking platforms including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Although the Reclaim’s media feature set isn’t top of the line, it does offer a capable music player, support for Sprint TV, and the capability to stream YouTube videos through a built-in application. YouTube videos, however, were not full full-sized and the overall performance of Sprint’s 3G network was sometimes on the slow side.

The handset’s email experience is surprisingly impressive. The Reclaim offers access to a number of popular online email services, POP and IMAP accounts, and basic Exchange email access for accounts with Outlook web access. The email interface is robust as feature phones go, and will more than satisfy anyone desiring casual email access on-the-go.

Check out Wirefly’s hands-on review video for a closer look at the cell phone that will feel right at home next to your Prius and Birkenstocks.

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3 Responses to “Samsung Reclaim Review – Hands-on”

  • ashley
    July 22, 2011

    does this phone allow you to have a twitter application?

    • Ashley, I did some research and it was not clear if the Reclaim will work with Twitter. The Samsung Reclaim will work pretty well on the Internet, but none of the material I read said anything about Twitter. I hope someone will come along who has direct experience with the Reclaim and can confirm one way or another.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • Gabriellia Boyd
    February 13, 2010

    girl go on and sing yo ass off 2 bad i can’t sing dat good lolz

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