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Sony Ericsson Equinox Review – Hands-on & Unboxing

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October 28th, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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In an age where the wireless world is dominated by talk of touchscreens and smartphones, Sony Ericsson dared to be different. The Sony Ericsson Equinox is a stylish throwback to the golden age of flip phones, sporting unique lighting effects and a feature set that won’t disappoint the fashion-minded cell phone shopper looking for a phone that even tennis star and fashionista Maria Sharapova would apparently approve of.

Launching today amid marketing fanfare including a Maria Sharapova look-alike contest in Los Angeles, the Equinox is equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera, 3G, FM radio, and stereo Bluetooth. The camera supports video capture, with the ability to upload recorded videos to YouTube.

The Equinox is an attractive device with a slim and sleek profile. When not active, the external screen blends seamlessly into the phone’s external shell. When receiving a call or text message, a semi-circle surrounding the external screen pulses white, and an area in the bottom right glows in one of five colors depending on who’s calling. Sure, such lighting effects are little more than frill, but we think they’re cool — particularly if you happen to be out ‘in da club’ with Sharapova look-alikes to impress.

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4 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Equinox Review – Hands-on & Unboxing”

  • Phone failed just out of warranty (when else?) No reason; never dropped, never abused in any way — just decided to die. Multiple calls to tech support result in nothing but advising me to send for repairs, to the tune of $140. I can think of better ways to spend my money than fixing something that’s bad to begin with.

  • can this phone can b e available in asia?
    can someone tell me?

  • Michelle
    February 1, 2010

    Samsung Equinox is equipped with enhanced design features along with integrated GPS sensors for turn –by-turn directions. It supports 3G technology with which it is possible to have data and voice traffic simultaneously.
    You can easily shoot videos & transfer it to computers via email or upload it directly to the YouTube application.

    Advantages are:

    • Decent Photo quality
    • Excellent video playback.
    • Support Goggle Maps & TeleNav.
    • Decent Call quality

    Disadvantages are:

    • Mediocre Web and Camera capabilities
    • Average Speakerphone quality.
    • No Q-W-E-R-T-Y keyboard.
    • Poor user interface.
    • You cant connect headset & charge phone at same time.

    Though Samsung Equinox has average camera , web qualities and without any email service, the only thing that lets drives you to purchase this phone is its look (flap phone) and its price.

    • HootMiller
      September 22, 2010

      Sony Ericssonn Equinox Sucks! Huge mistake I have missed thousands of $$ in business when this thing decided to turn itself off in my pocket. Also changes stored numbers of contacts, extreme lag in key responses and at least once a week turns itself off and goes into a vibrating seizure while I’m opening it to answer a call. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!

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