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T-Mobile HTC HD2 Video Review

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March 18th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Ever since we released — and subsequently had to temporarily remove (it’s back now!) — our unboxing of the T-Mobile HTC HD2, HTC fans have been beating down our door for more. Well, today T-Mobile-faithful, we answer your calls and bring you Wirefly’s full video review of the lusted after HTC HD2.

As you can probably imagine, the nation’s largest online retailer of cell phones is home to quite a few self-proclaimed (and closet) nerds, and there have been few devices as of late that we’ve had to contemplate taking out restraining orders to protect from certain molestation.

Since we’d prefer you just hit the play button for an in-depth look at everything the HD2 has to offer, we won’t spill the beans here. But we will say that we’ve heard some rumblings regarding the ‘pocketability’ of the HD2, and wanted to assure you that while we do not often run around in skin-tight jeans, we had no problems slipping the phone into an array of jeans and khaki pants.

Happy watching.

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7 Responses to “T-Mobile HTC HD2 Video Review”

  • i love my new hd2. i got it from gsmauthority.com about a month ago and i haven’t been able to put it down since. the internet browsing is great, the camera, texting, calling, facebooking, games, apps, everything! i love it all. this is a great unlocked phone. the screen may be a little big, but it doesn’t bother me as much as i thought it would.

  • love my new touch screen hd2. great for games and facebook. my wife and kids love theirs. not sure if it’s better than my old iphone but that’s ok. Youtube and videos are great and crisp too. it’s good for my business and what I do. great unlocked phone. got my family’s phones at gsmallover.com and we love them. 2 thumbs way up

  • Edith Villarrubia
    April 23, 2010

    Please answer my question about a buy out for this model /…I have a sprint samsung


    Please email me more information about this model HTC HD2 and the price…

  • Edith Villarrubia
    April 23, 2010

    Do you buy out a sprint contract and let me buy this HTC HD2 I need the price….

    I like this phone, but I may have to wait until my contract expires….


  • 1. Is internet access to “real internet”, or to a reduced feature Windows Mobile Internet?
    2. Any MS Office capabilities – Excel? Word? PowerPoint? Access? Outlook Contacts sync without first having to upload everything to G-Mail?
    3. I already have a Pandora account. Can I access and play on the HTC HD2?
    4. What music formats? Can I load and play my MP3 collection?
    5. Optical telephoto capability? f-stop aperture of lens? Effective focal length or zoom range relative to full frame 35mm?
    6. Can I d/l purchased books with color illustrations (like books on oil painting)to read on the HTC HD2?
    7. Where can I see list of Apps?

  • Rob Marchesani
    March 26, 2010

    I just watched your video for the HTC D2 and loved it. I only have two questions. One, wince it’s Windows does it easily open and edit Word documents/attachments? And two, how durable is the device? Is it water resistant in bad weather. Does it come with a substantial protective case? I’ve had a blackberry for not even a year now and I rarely use the web browsing because the screen is so tiny and the keyboard way too small for a man’s fingers! Thanks! Rob

  • Preforx
    March 19, 2010


    I have a Question to you. Does the new T-Mobile HD2 also has the diagnal lines on
    his display and/or the Dots? You can see what this all in this video


    Hope I can get an answer.

    best regards

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