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BlackBerry Phones
The New BlackBerry 10 Operating System Will Change The Way That You Think About And Interact With Your Smartphone

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February 3rd, 2013


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by Scott Lewis

The BlackBerry 10 OS is a huge leap forward that has changed the way people perceive BlackBerry Smartphones. While previous versions of BlackBerry operating systems are thought of as very basic, the new BlackBerry 10 OS breaks out of that mold. With its combination of all the great work features that BlackBerry enthusiasts have grown accustomed to having, and adding great entertainment and social media integration, this new operating system will surprise you with how well it keeps your personal information separate from your work information. The BlackBerry Hub is now your one stop shop to view all of your messages and conversations from all of your apps. With BlackBerry 10, you are in control of your messages and conversations with the new peak option. One feature that almost every BlackBerry user is accustomed to is BlackBerry Messenger or BBM for short. BBM on the new BlackBerry 10 OS comes with a new twist. Now, not only can you send and receive messages of 2000 characters and view when they are received and read as you are used to, but now, you can also share and be seen with BBM video. BB10 also comes with a redesigned BlackBerry World that is a renamed and redesigned version of the BlackBerry App World that will give you access to all of the apps, movies, music, and book you love to use every day.

What are the key features of the BlackBerry 10 Smartphones?
With the new BlackBerry Balance feature, you will have two smartphones in one that you can switch between with one simple gesture. This solved a big problem for previous business users that had personal data on their phone, but also had limited access because of restrictions placed on the phone by their company. Balance will also keep you from accidently sharing work information with personal contacts or social media networks by managing apps and data sent to BlackBerry 10 devices that they manage by restricting access by personal apps. This helps ensure work information is kept separate and secure. So users’ personal apps cannot access work information, and work information cannot be copied and pasted into personal apps or email messages. It will also allow you to delete your work profile without the need to worry about losing your personal data and settings.

With the BlackBerry Hub, you will be able to view and manage all of your messages and conversations from both the personal and business profiles in one convenient place. This eliminates the time and hassle of flipping back and forth between apps to have conversations on social media and text messages. Like most BlackBerries operating systems before it, BlackBerry 10 uses a red notification light to alert you to when you have received a new message from one of the accounts that you link it with like Facebook, Twitter, text messages, BlackBerry Messenger, and emails. All of your messages are listed in as a flow of information with your most recent ones at the top of the Hub. The Peek feature of the Hub will allow you to take a quick look at the Hub with the same simple gesture no matter what app you are currently working in. This will allow you to seamlessly move between your important messages and information and the app you are currently using.
You can stay connected with all of your friends and family around the world at no additional charge with the BlackBerry Messenger or BBM. BlackBerry Messenger allows you to send messages up to 2000 characters and receive confirmation when your contact receives and reads your message. With the new BlackBerry 10 OS, video has been added to BBM for the first time. This takes staying in touch with BBM to the next level by allowing you to switch your BBM text conversation to a face-to-face video chat with single tap on the screen. Another addition to BlackBerry Messenger on BB10 is the option to share your screen with your contacts. The benefits to the Screen Share feature are endless. You can now share pictures with family, your browser with friends to help you decide on the movie and the time to meet up, and you can review and edit an important document with a colleague. With BBM connected apps like Facebook, Twitter, and BBM music you can share status updates and other information directly with your BBM contacts without leaving the connected app.

In the newly redesigned and renamed BlackBerry Word, you can shop for your favorite apps, games, themes, music, and videos. There are 16 categories of apps in the BlackBerry World that makes browsing through all of the apps available easy, but if you are looking for a specific app, you can search by keywords or by the name of the app. In the games section, you will find all of your favorite games like Angry Birds, Minesweeper, & Fightin’ Words. Have you ever wanted your BlackBerry to reflect your mood or show your festive side? The themes that are available in the BlackBerry World will allow you to customize and personalize your BlackBerry to fit the way you’re feeling or you can download a different theme for your favorite holidays or events. Music and video are also available to purchase in the BlackBerry Word for viewing on your phone or computer. If you are a movie buff, but you don’t like to buy movies, you can keep up on the latest new releases by renting them from the BlackBerry World.

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