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Live from CES 2010: 10 Highly Anticipated Mobile Gadgets of CES 2010

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January 6th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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In the last few weeks we’ve been getting our inboxes bombarded by a veritable who’s who of consumer electronics heavy weights along with some previously virtually unknowns that could make a splash in the mobile market at this year’s CES. We’re here live at CES 2010, and we’ve compiled a list of 10 innovative mobile gadgets (in ABC order) that we’ll be keeping our eyes open for during our jaunts across the show floor.

1. AirStash: Expand your iPhone Storage Wirelessly

Resembling an oversized flash drive, AirStash will allow you to wirelessly connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch and sling data back and forth while the portable storage device sits in your pocket or backpack. The device employs an SD card slot for storage space, and has a USB plug for getting data on the wireless drive. While there seems to be nary a complaint these days about the lack of storage space in the age of 32GB iPhones and iPods, there are still some that long for more portable space to house their colossal collections of (legally obtained, of course) music and video. It’ll be interesting to see just how AirStash gets the job done, and whether there’s proprietary software involved.


2. Helium HDBT-990: Bluetooth Wristband Communicator

Granted Dick Tracy would likely still opt for the full-blown LG watch phone that first inspired lust at last year’s CES, but for us mere laymen who don’t have $1k lying around (and, you know, don’t want to spend ten minutes sending a text message), the HDBT-990 will let you achieve a similar level of geekdom on a budget. The wristband allows you to receive calls using Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, and features audible caller ID, incoming call and out-of-range vibration alerts, and up two four hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time.


3. Logic Wireless 150LGW: Projector Phone

We recently got our hands on the LG Expo – the first U.S.-native phone to boast an optional projector accessory. We were impressed, but couldn’t imagine toting along and snapping on the fairly sizeable accessory we might want to enjoy a spontaneous Avatar trailer viewing. Well, the Logic Wireless 150LGW promises to solve our dilemma with a built-in projector. This quad-band handset also has dual cameras allowing for video conferencing and two SIM card slots enabling the device to be used with multiple carriers simultaneously.


4. Mophie: iPhone Credit Card Reader

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case we agree that they’re worth at least a few given that it’s pretty easy to glean that this gadget will give the iPhone a new trick: capturing credit card numbers. The device could quickly become an integral and potentially cost effective part of any mobile business model or mom-and-pop operation.


5. Nio: No more lost belongings

If you’re frequently in the habit of leaving behind your briefcase, laptop, or even kid, Nio might be able to help you gain a bit of peace of mind. Nio is a Bluetooth security tag that can be attached to anything you want, and if that anything moves out of a predefined security zone, Nio will sound the alarm on your cell phone running Nio’s software. There’s three ranges you can set, allowing you to wander from just a few feet to around 65 feet before being alerted. Of course, if you often stray from your cell phone, all bets are off.


6. Skiff Reader: Large, thin, flexible e-Reader

The Amazon Kindle, and its larger brother, the Kindle DX, are undeniably popular. Yet, CES 2010 promises to showcase a slew of e-readers, among them the e-ink-based Skiff Reader with a whopping 11.5-inch touchscreen that will do a much better job displaying newspaper and magazine layouts. The Skiff reader will have 4GB of onboard storage space with an SD card, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and potentially text-to-speech capabilities reminiscent of the Kindle’s own experimental go at reading aloud to you. Content can be loaded up over USB, WiFi, or Sprint’s 3G network. Did we mention it’s flexible?


7. Tivit: Digital TV on your Mobile Phone

Due to the nature of digital TV (DTV) broadcasts, the signal is hard to maintain while on the move. Well, 2010 is slated to see the nationwide rollout of hundred of Mobile DTV channels that will solve the problem, and Tivit promises to bring those DTV broadcasts to your existing cell phone. Tivit will function as a Mobile DTV receiver and WiFi access point. Using Tivit software on your mobile phone, you can log into the device to stream live TV over the WiFi hotspot it creates.


8. WiPower: Charge your gadgets wirelessly

It likely won’t be too long before you will be hard pressed to find a wire accompanying any consumer electronic device, and this gadget – and those like it – are great first steps toward that glorious future. WiPower consist of a mousepad-esque docking station that is plugged into a wall outlet and a special encasing for your mobile device. Just like the Palm Touchstone charging kit or any old electric toothbrush, the duo of devices uses inductive coupling technology to wirelessly transmit power. Just set the encasing-equipped device down on the charging mat, and voila, charging without wires.


9. XM Skydock: XM radio…without the XM radio

If you’ve been longing for the joys of XM radio in your car but couldn’t bear to clutter your dashboard with the satellite receiver, the XM SkyDock may be your answer. Though the device has been out for awhile now, it is among the gadgets taking the CES 2010 Best of Innovations award. With a built-in satellite tuner, SkyDock and free SkyDock control app can turn any iPhone or iPod Touch into an XM control station that transmits the signal through your car’s radio and charges your iPhone/iPod all-the-while.


10. Zomm: No more MIA cell phones?

Similar to Nio, ZOMM uses Bluetooth to make it a tad bit harder to misplace your mobile connection to the world. Tether this poker chip-size keyring to your cell phone, and it will buzz and blink if you leave your cell phone behind – or if you leave your keys behind, though it may be too late at that point. ZOMM also acts as a portable speakerphone, allowing you to take calls directly on the device.


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