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AT&T: ‘Our 4G Network is Faster Than Yours’

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November 23rd, 2010


Reston, VA – November 23, 2010 – Who has the fastest 4G wireless network?

Suddenly, this question is being shoved in front of consumers, many of whom are not exactly sure what constitutes a “4G network.” Wireless operators in the U.S. are claiming that their 4G networks are up to 10 times as fast as their existing 3G (for “third-generation”) networks, which means that 4G will typically top out at about 30 megabits per second.

Sprint started the high-speed wireless war a few months back by turning on the WiMax network that it shares with Clearwire, and for a while Sprint had bragging rights as the “only 4G network.” T-Mobile recently started describing its HSPA+ technology is as 4G as Sprint’s WiMax, and yesterday AT&T joined the 4G party with an announcement that its 4G was faster than either Sprint’s or T-Mobile’s.

Quoting studies performed by wireless testing firm Global Wireless Solutions, AT&T said that its wireless network is at least 20 percent faster than the competition. To get to this point, AT&T said that it has spent nearly $6 billion so far in 2010 to upgrade its wireless networks, and continues to deploy HSPA 7.2 and HSPA+ software and fiber-optic backhaul connections to extend faster mobile broadband speeds to more communities.

“We’re very pleased with the nationwide results of Global Wireless Solutions’ testing, which demonstrate that we’re delivering a superior mobile broadband experience on a nationwide basis,” said John Donovan, AT&T’s chief technology officer. “Our top priority for the weeks and months to come is to continue our focus on network enhancements and improvements to ensure continued access to fast mobile broadband speeds and reliable voice service.”

Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless is set to go live with its version of 4G technology, called LTE (for “Long-Term Evolution”). Verizon has begun advertising the service and expects to roll out LTE wireless data cards in the next few weeks.

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