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MiFi creates instant WiFi hotspot for 5, anytime, anywhere

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July 2nd, 2009


By Dawn VanDyke

Verizon Wireless MiFi

As the internet becomes more and more integral to our everyday lives, cell phone carriers are introducing new ways to access the web anywhere, anytime. This spring Verizon Wireless and Sprint both launched the MiFi.

MiFi is a battery powered, mobile router that accesses the internet via mobile broadband services (i.e. 3G) and creates a wireless (WiFi) network so that many internet-enabled devices can be used at once. That is to say it creates an instant HotSpot, usually of about 30 feet, so you and your family or friends can all log onto the internet at the same time anywhere traditional WiFi is unavailable.

MiFi can be ideal for travel. Imagine a family road trip where the kids can be in the backseat looking up cool things to do in the destination city and chatting with friends online, while Mom is in the front seat uploading photos from the trip so far or looking up a restaurant to stop at along the way. Once the family arrives at the hotel or campsite, they can continue to stay connected and avoid paying local WiFi HotSpot fees.

The MiFi can be used by more than just laptops, it is also ideal for the iPod touch, cameras, gaming devices and other electronics that are WiFi-enabled. Most MiFi devices can last about four hours on a full battery charge, but when plugged into a laptop they can be powered by the laptop and last for as long as the laptop is supplying power.

As a portable router, the MiFi device also offers the same security options as your home WiFi network. MiFi is an affordable, convenient and flexible solution to your mobile broadband needs by providing internet access via an instant HotSpot anytime, anywhere.

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