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My MOTOBLUR syncs contacts with, locates, and offers to remotely wipe your Moto

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February 25th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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If you have a Motorola Android-powered smartphone complete with MOTOBLUR (Cliq, Devour and upcoming Backflip), you can harness the mystical powers of My MOTOBLUR — Motorola’s web interface — to import contacts, locate a lost or stolen phone, and even remotely wipe a device should it fall into the wrong hands.

Import Contacts

While you can spare yourself the time and trouble of manually adding all of your contacts to your MOTOBLUR phone in any number of ways, Motorola offers you yet another option. Through the My MOTOBLUR interface, you can choose to upload a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file with all of your contact’s information. If you have contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook, for example, you can opt to export a CSV file automatically. After uploading the file to Motorola’s servers, your contacts will be wirelessly synced with your device.

Locate Phone

If you’re anything like Wirefly’s very own Terry Richards, you often reach for your phone only to find that it’s just not there. Did you forget it at the restaurant you were just at? In the car? Did it slip out of your pocket and nestle itself into two feet of snow (true story)? My MOTOBLUR offers to answer these questions by remotely locating your phone — assuming, of course, that it’s turned on and receiving a signal. We were able to locate our Devour to within an accuracy of 250 feet. Not perfect, but certainly better than the alternative. Hello again, Moto.

My MOTOBLUR Location

Delete Data

If you successfully locate your lost device and confirm that it’s truly fallen into nefarious hands, you can rest easy knowing that you can remotely delete all of your personal data with just a couple clicks. The bad guy will be baffled as the phone shuts down while they’re in the throes of stalking your Facebook friends and boasting about their shiny new phone on your Twitter account.

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3 Responses to “My MOTOBLUR syncs contacts with, locates, and offers to remotely wipe your Moto”

  • adrian childs
    February 25, 2010

    Wow, this is a great phone to have.

    • eudy ramón martinez vizcaya.
      January 15, 2012

      Saludos: tengo un problema con mi motorola mb 200. No tengo acceso a mis contactos, dice que mi cuenta motoblur se a detenido, tampoco puedo subir fotos a mi faceboo,ni enviar correos. Intento abrir mi cuenta motoblur y dice q la clave es incorrecta, estoy confuso porq no se si en realidad no es la clave,

      • Ramon, you need to go to a T-Mobile store with your Motorola Cliq and ask for help. At this point, that is your best course of action.

        Ramón, tienes que ir a una tienda de T-Mobile con el Motorola Cliq y pedir ayuda. En este punto, que es el mejor curso de acción.

        Bob at Wirefly

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