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Nexus One Barcode Mystery Solved

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December 22nd, 2009


By Ari Driessen
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Nexus One Barcode

From the moment the first leaked photos of Google’s Nexus One hit the web, we’ve been losing sleep over just what that mysterious bar code is that our Android friend is holding. Well, with a new crop of higher-quality photos making their rounds today, we finally have our answer.

The QR bar code provides a link to http://www.android.com/holidays. Google’s holiday URL then simply redirects to http://www.android.com.

We were admittedly hoping for something a little more, well, blog-post worthy — but that doesn’t mean we can’t invent some conspiracy theories to liven things up a bit, right? Perhaps Google purposely leaked the photos to generate just a little bit more buzz, complete with a URL to help them track things?

(Thanks to Twitter’s @jboetcher)

Update: Those fortunate souls among us walking around with Nexus Ones will be given the opportunity to play an Android-themed matching game when visiting that same holiday URL.

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