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Palm Pre and Pixi Plus Officially Slide onto Verizon

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January 25th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Palm Pre and Pixi Plus

As of today, Sprint is no longer the only purveyor of Palm’s webOS family of smartphones.

Boasting some new tricks that make Palm’s latest smartphone duo worthy of their fancy “Plus” title, the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are now available at Wirefly.

Where Sprint’s Palm Pixi was lacking, Verizon’s Palm Pixi Plus adds WiFi to the mix. The Pre Plus comes with 16GB of onboard storage space (instead of the Pre’s 8GB) and offers double the RAM of the Pre, making the jump from 256 to 512 MB of RAM — making for some speed improvements and allowing for more simultaneous open cards.

Also, much like the MiFi, both the Pre and Pixi Plus can serve as a mobile WiFi hotspot. When activated, the hotspot will allow up to 5 devices to share the phone’s 3G data connection. The service will cost $40 a month for 5GB of data.

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