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Report: Google Nexus One’s First Week Sales Fall Flat

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January 13th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Nexus One Sales

Despite all the hype, media fanfare, and Google Nexus One ads seemingly pursuing you to every corner of the web by way of Google’s very own vast content network, sales of the latest and indisputably fastest Android phone to date were largely unimpressive. According to market research firm Flurry, Google managed to move a relatively meager 20,000 handsets during the first week that the phone was available through Google’s own online marketplace.

In comparison, when the heavily hyped and advertised Droid took the smartphone market by storm a couple months ago, Motorola managed to sell 12 times more handsets in its first week out of the gate. By the same token, Apple’s iPhone 3GS sold a whopping 80 times more units than the Nexus One in the first week of sales this past summer.

The ‘why’ behind the modest sales numbers is still up for debate, but the Google “superphone” could very well be floundering because of its severely limited T-Mobile plan options and new customer restrictions, high unlocked price point, reports of a poor customer experience – or any combination of these factors and beyond.

Whatever the case, U.S. consumers who would be forced to pay the princely unlocked price of $529 for a Nexus One are likely still trying to recover from a severe case of sticker shock after years of paying highly subsidized handset prices with wireless service contract.

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One Response to “Report: Google Nexus One’s First Week Sales Fall Flat”

  • Word is google is every where in every bodys business killing every thing.there has to be a limit to these techies doing what ever just because they can.come on google you are over stretching over reaching into every ones shit.stop…… poking and where are these so called regulators.think about it people.

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