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SlingPlayer Mobile hits Android Market

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June 22nd, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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If you’re both a SlingPlayer and Android fan, until today you’ve likely looked on with envy as your compatriots flip through live TV channels on their BlackBerrys or watch their favorite DVR’d shows from their iPhones. Well today, for the same relatively princely price that we’ve seen in Apple’s App Store, Android users can officially get in on all the live streaming fun.

Provided you have a Slingbox Solo, Pro, or Pro-HD and $30 to spare, you can enjoy live, recorded or on-demand TV right from your Android-powered smartphone over your respective 3G, 4G, or WiFi network. Although Sling Media lists a number of pre-approved Android devices that are tried and tested to work with the SlingPlayer app, the company encourages users to try the software out with any Android device, offering a full refund within 24 hours if users aren’t satisfied.

For some SlingPlayer action on the HTC EVO 4G, check out the video at right (courtesy of YouTube’s “TheMisterSling”).

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