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Tween army 175,000 strong “likes” KIN on Facebook

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May 18th, 2010


By Ari Driessen
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Tween creates KIN shirt

During our romps around the blogosphere, we’ve encountered our fair share of KIN-bashing.  To be fair, we also found some tech bloggers who managed to set down their Starbucks latte, shut their MacBooks, and momentarily transplant themselves into the shoes of a so-called member of the “upload generation” for a spin with the KIN.  As it would seem, looking at the KINthrough the eyes of Microsoft’s tween target market (sorry, hipsters) may be the best approach — and 175,000 KIN Facebook fans seem to back us up on this conclusion.

Our friends over at Pocketnow have been keeping a watchful eye on the KIN’s Facebook group where an army of tweens that has rapidly grown to more than 175,000 strong have decided to express themselves in the only way they know how — by hitting the “like” button.  The Facebook group’s wall is abuzz, and comments seem to be pretty KINd to Microsoft’s social networking-centric cell phone duo:

Amy Fudally – I got my kin today! It is worth every penny. It comes in the cutest recycled packaging!

Marcel Aaron Woodruff – I just got my KIN yesterday and boy do i love it . I just wish it wold have came out sooner …

Sonny Jones – This KIN is pretty sweet. I have been using it all night. it makes everything so simple and the style is pretty sweet too!!!!!

Cara Cattell Florence – Buying the Kin One soon, this week or the next! After a four year search and a horrible trial through the T-Mobile Slide, this is the one phone that will work for chronic hand issues including fibro and arthritis. I love you guys for making this phone, it may literally save my life someday.

Nhung Kim Phan – Just played with the Kin – cute!!! At first, seems different, maybe weird, but its totally fun after awhile!

Lara Bradley Wyss – I cannot wait to get my KIN One next week!!!!

Umair Khan Jadoon – Haters gonna hate! I love KIN!

Jeanette Miller – I ordered my kin today, totally excited!

Nick Cizzy – love it! Wish it was on at&t :(

Howard Chen – Oh god , i dont use verizon . i want kinnnnnn!!!!

Chuks Cyril – I luv it.Good work.

Durlabh Malik – I spoke with someone who knows the inside story of this phone and he tells me that they seem to have nailed it.. i am already sold on this device :) .. its my next phone ! Good job Msft !

Roy Mullis – I love you, Kin!!!!!

Jim Simmers – I love KIN

Rosie Henriquez – Ok people are saying I’m a complete goof for following this, Rosa and her Journey, I think I will be getting the Kin..she makes it look fun and easy to use no?

Anthony James Freeman – I’ve been following the Kin for a long time now thanks to my dad on the pink team. I cant wait to finally own my own Kin.

Anna Machovec – I got to say kin1 is my favorite! Its so small and portable to keep up with friends!

Trevor Klibinski – im geting the kin 1 for my b-day

Steven Gibree – gettin the kin 2 JULY 14! when i get my upgrade i can’t waitt

Jesse Chavez – i luv how itz nice and compact.. and the keyboard with the camera…

Carmen Mendez – stick it to the stupid iphone…i will never buy an apple product i love my zune so i will get a kin

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One Response to “Tween army 175,000 strong “likes” KIN on Facebook”

  • ,.my friends, my family and i want to buy kin one mobile, unfortunately kin mobile is banned in ASIA! hmph! SO SAD!!!

    girl from Philippines..

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