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Verizon Wireless Wins the Ad War

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November 20th, 2009


By Caroline Ernst

Forget the Mac-PC ad war – Verizon Wireless has launched three new Christmas-themed ads mocking AT&T’s 3G network and the “naughty” iPhone that runs on it. This Holiday season we are watching the unforgiving fight between the red hot challenger Verizon in one corner and the powerful marketing machine Apple and its long-time companion AT&T sweating in the other.

After the nation’s #1 wireless company taunted the 3G coverage of the #2 wireless operator, derided the iPhone’s weak spots, and aired a high-tech DROID by Motorola advertising campaign, Verizon Wireless is again taking aim at Apple and AT&T with three new Christmas-themed ads all targeting the AT&T’s supposedly poor 3G coverage. Verizon Wireless ads combine computer animation, catchy holiday tunes, and entertaining ideas, creating moments that certainly stick in mind in the run-up to Christmas.

The first ad depicts the iPhone among Misfit Toys on the North Pole (Misfit Toys). The poor iPhone shrugs helplessly as the AT&T 3G coverage map appears above it. The second ad, dubbed “Elves,” shows a factory where elves are packing Christmas presents moving along on a conveyor belt (VZW Elves). When Steve’s name is announced for the next present, the power shuts down and the lights go out. Another worker has to turn the power switch back on. The worker filling the box announces “Naughty!” as the AT&T 3G map appears. The female supervisor mutters “Good luck browsing the web with THAT one!”

The third ad explores the classic Christmas theme – Dad trying to connect to his family. It’s snowing, he’s frustrated and (again) the AT&T’s 3G coverage map hovers above him. (VZW Blue Christmas). When he arrives home, we see his son running joyfully to hug him. Glancing at the table, Dad notices a small red-wrapped present labeled with “Dad.” Verizon’s 3G coverage map pops up, with the following voice-over: “Want 3G web browsing in more places? There’s a map for that!” The Verizon Wireless network has saved Christmas and brought the family together.

Interestingly, we’ll watch to see how AT&T responds and if the conversation shifts from the network to iPhone vs Android. For a comparison of how the iPhone stacks up to some of the most popular Android phones, check out our comparison page.

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