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Android Applications
How to Install Android Apps

Wirefly Learn » Android Phones » Android Applications

November 4th, 2009



By Terry Richards
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How to install apps with your Android phone:

  1. Android Market
  2. Barcode
  3. Resources

Section 1. Using the Android Market

The Android Market was developed from the source (Google) and was created exclusively for Android devices. Users of the Android Market can access it through their phone or an extremely limited web based version at: http://www.android.com/market.

In this ‘how-to’ we’ll be using the built in Market feature that should be preinstalled on your device.

  1. Start the Market app by sliding up your app menu and clicking on the icon labeled ‘Market’.
  2. Once the Market starts up you’ll be presented with a navigation bar with 3 tabs:
  3. Apps – the full list of apps available in the Android Market.
    Games – all games available in the Android Market
    Downloads – a running list of every app you’ve installed.

  4. No matter what link you selected in step 2 (Apps, Games, or Downloads) you’ll be presented with 3 new top navigation links:
  5. Top paid – a list of the best paid Android apps due to a number of variables such as number of downloads and positive ratings.
    Top free – a list of the top free Android apps which are typically extremely useful, addictive or innovative.
    Just in – well ‘Just in’ covers all apps that have been recently added to the specific category you were previously browsing.

    Android Market Screen
    Image courtesy of Engadget

  6. To install simply click on the result of your liking and click ‘Install’
  7. You’ll be shown a warning prompt if the app uses any features like internet, GPS, services that’ll cost you money, or any type of personal data. If you agree click OK to proceed.
  8. After clicking OK you should receive a message similar to ‘Your item will be downloaded’ and as soon as it’s finished you should see a message stating whether it’s been successfully/unsuccessfully installed.
  9. There are several ways you can now start the app.
    • By clicking the same result in the Market that you previously clicked install—this time you’ll see two options ‘Open’ and ‘Uninstall’. Click ‘Open’.
    • By going to the main screen of the Android Market and clicking on ‘Downloads’, find the app you installed and click ‘Open’.
    • By scrolling through your apps menu (located at the bottom of your home screen with an arrow icon) and selecting the app you installed. Note: items installed from the Market automatically create a shortcut in your app menu.

Section 2. Installing Android Apps by Barcode (also known as QR Code)


After reading, go ahead and scan this!

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people didn’t know this feature existed on their Android-powered device. As long as you have a camera, barcodes are a simplistic way to install apps.

  1. Install the BarCode Scanner app.
  2. Visit a barcode-friendly developer’s site or 3rd party app site like AndroidTapp.com
  3. Run the BarCode Scanner app on your android phone.
  4. Make sure the red line from the app stretches across the barcode either horizontally or vertically.
    Barcode Diagram
  5. After a good read you’ll hear a loud beep. The BarCode Scanner app will offer you two options:
  6. Product Search – searches Google Base (Google’s product engine) for identical items and you’ll be able to compare prices at online retailers.
    Web Search – searches Google’s standard results for information based on the product ID captured in the scan.

    App Resources

    Android Market – The mother of all, Google’s Android Market divides up the top paid and free apps for the following categories: featured (all categories), games, comics, communication, entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle, multimedia, news & weather, productivity, reference, shopping, social, sports, themes, tools, travel, demos, & software libraries.

    Android Tapp – A huge resource for Android app reviews, software news, & developer interviews. You’ll find a decent number of apps and they appear to be maintaining a quality Android app blog. Fortunately this site is barcode friendly which gives them a huge advantage in terms of ease of use.

    Android Network Awards – Community-based award site completely focused on Android. You’ll be shown the ropes so to speak with the community’s top choice in 26 different categories (as of 11/02/09).

    AppVee Android Apps – A daily dose of the latest Android app video reviews with top 10 lists, over one hundred categories, & a most discussed column to help you find what’s hot.

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2 Responses to “How to Install Android Apps”

  • Abul Kalam
    October 13, 2011

    I put the appointment on my android Calendar in a certain time but can’t see the time on that date the appoint was made

  • Vic sanchez
    October 19, 2010

    Hi I have a mytouch 3g phone and the home screen does not move and I wish it did. Is there a way that I can get it to move. or is there something I can down load that will make it move so that I can get some moving screensavers or wall paper. thank you for your time Vic

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