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Android Phones
HTC EVO 3D vs. HTC EVO 4G Comparison

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April 27th, 2011


When Sprint launched the HTC EVO 4G last summer, the company instantly became the provider of one of the most desirable Android phones. Suddenly, every other phone was compared to the EVO 4G and most of those other phones didn’t look good by comparison. The calendar pages keep flipping and the EVO 4G is still a great phone, but it is no longer the most powerful Android phone.

To remedy that, Sprint will soon be rolling out the HTC EVO 3D, a massive re-fresh to the EVO 4G that includes – among other things – a 3D camera and a display that allows you to see 3D without glasses. So how will the new EVO compare with the original EVO? Just the name “EVO” has come to signify a high standard in cell phone performance, so anything new that bears the name will be scrutinized against that standard.

With specs that push the limits of any phone on the market today, the HTC EVO 3D just might keep Sprint at the top of the EVO wars.


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Carrier Sprint Sprint
Operating System Android 2.3 Android 2.2
Interface HTC Sense

HTC Sense

Display 4.3″ LCD, 540 x 960 pixels 4.3″ LCD, 480 x 800 pixels
Data Speed 4G WiMax 4G Wimax
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 Bluetooth 2.1
Mobile Hotspot Yes – Optional Yes – Optional
Camera Dual 5-megapixel cameras for 3D imaging, dual-LED flash 8-megapixel, LED flash and autofocus
Front-facing Camera Yes; 1.3-megapixel Yes; 1.3-megapixel
Video Capture Yes; 1080p HD Yes; 720p HD
Apps Android Market Android Market
Music Player Yes Yes
Adobe Flash Support Adobe Flash 10.2 Adobe Flash 10.1
Storage Space 4GB onboard; 8GB microSD pre-installed 2GB onboard; 8GB microSD pre-installed
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY
Battery 1,730 mAh, lithium-ion 1,500 mAh, lithium-ion
Processor Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor Single-core 1 GHz processor
Memory RAM: 1GB RAM: 512MB
Microsoft Outlook Support Yes Yes
View Word Docs Yes Yes
Weight 6 oz 6 oz
Dimensions 5″ x 2.6″ x 0.5″ 4.8″ x 2.6″ x 0.5″

Key Differences

  • Display: The HTC EVO 4G has a 4.3-inch LCD display rated at 480 x 800 pixels. The HTC EVO 3D will have a 4.3-inch LCD display with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, in addition to being able to display 3D images without glasses.
  • Operating system: The HTC EVO 4G runs Android 2.2, while the HTC EVO 3D will run Android 2.3.
  • Processor and RAM: The HTC EVO 4G has a single-core 1GHz processor and 512MHz of processor RAM. The HTC EVO 3D will have a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.
  • Keyboard: Both the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC EVO 4G have on-screen virtual QWERTY keyboards. Neither has an actual physical keyboard.
  • Storage Space: The HTC EVO 4G ships with 2GB of on-board storage and an 8GB pre-installed microSD card. The HTC EVO 3D is expected to ship with 4GB of onboard storage and a 8GB pre-installed microSD card.
  • Camera: The HTC EVO 4G has an 8-megapixel still-image camera that can record HD video at 720p. The HTC EVO 3D will have two 5-megapixel rear cameras capable of creating 3D photos. The EVO 3D can also shoot 2D HD video at 1080p resolution and 3D HD video at 720p resolution. Both phones have front-facing cameras for video chat, both measuring 1.3-megapixels.
  • Battery: The HTC EVO 4G has a 1,500 mAh battery, while the HTC EVO 3D is expected to have a 1,730 mAh battery.

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24 Responses to “HTC EVO 3D vs. HTC EVO 4G Comparison”

  • which is better though ? 4g or 3d ? I may be getting the evo and i want to get the better LESS likely to malfunction on me Phone …

    • Broo, most people will say that 4G is better than 3G. The number refers to the type of networking technology used by the phone: “3G” means “3rd Generation” and “4G” means “4th Generation.” 3G is older technology that has been used in phones since 2005 or so, and 4G launched in the US in June 2010. 4G is a newer, faster networking technology that lets you get very high-speed downloads, similar to the speeds you get at home with a cable modem. With 4G, you can start watching a video in couple of seconds, and it won’t lock up on you as the network struggles to keep up.

      That said, there are many places in the US where 4G is not available. If you live in one of those places and are paying for 4G service, you’re wasting money.

      Hope that helps!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • So I have a question I have the EVO 3D but I am thinking about taking it back and going with the EVO 4G for free at Best Buy but I’m just wondering does the 4G phone run a lot slowe / pwhat major differences will I notice cause they look the same. A side note to me the 3D feature is useless I only purchased the 3D because the Sprint sales guy said it has a dual core

    • Mike, if you’re thinking about buying a phone from Best Buy, it’s probably best if you ask your question there. They should take ownership for any advice they give you.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • A couple mistakes in this article. The EVO 4G captures 1080, not the 3D. Also, the 4G doesn’t officially support 802.11n.

    • Russ, neither the HTC EVO 4G nor the EVO 3D can capture 1080p video. Initial specs on the EVO 3D showed that it could do 1080p, but Sprint subsequently said that the 1080p listing was “a mistake.” Thanks for the clarification on 802.11n.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • kelm concrete
    July 16, 2011

    I was wondering if there is any way to watch movies from my EVO 3d on an older tv that doesn’t have an hdmi connection. Also I was wondering the cheapest place to get the micro usb to hdmi adapter cables? Thanks

    • Kelm, you’d have to get a fairly complex adapter to convert HDMI from the EVO 3D to something other than HDMI. Without knowing exactly what connection your TV has, I can’t say for sure if it can be done. It’s usually pretty easy to convert between HDMI and DVI, but other formats are more difficult.

      As for the cheapest place to get a microUSB-to-HDMI cable, Wirefly sells the official HTC cable for $20. I looked around some and couldn’t find the cable at a significantly better price. I did find places that listed a “microUSB-to-HDMI” cable that actually was a micro HDMI-to-standard HDMI cable. As soon as you have to hassle with something to get the right component, it’s not worth the couple bucks savings there may be. I recommend the cable from Wirefly, which is a pretty good price.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • kelm concrete
        July 20, 2011

        Thanks Bob,
        I was just curious if it could be converted to RCAs or the other conection that looks like RCAs for HD. I think they’re the same type of plugs as RCAS, but different colors. Can’t think of what their called. Reason I’m asking is the TV at the fire station I work @ is HE but doesn’t have Hdmis. The high Deff isn’t as important as just being able to watch stuff from my phone. Also, I couldn’t find the micro usb to hdmi cable know micro hdmi to hdmi. Thanks,

        • Rick, it sounds like your display has an RGB (red, green, blue) connection using RCA connectors, which is often referred to as a “component” input. Another variety of this input calls the connectors YPrPb, but the concept is exactly the same as RGB — it’s an analog component input. This is a pretty common capability for HD TVs and I use it myself at home. An RGB connection is analog and an HDMI connection is digital. To convert an HDMI signal to an RGB signal, you will need an adapter that can convert digital to analog. That means it will be more than just a simple cable.

          I’m looking for a source for the micro-USB-to-HDMI cable that you need to get video out of the EVO 3D. (I thought I had found it on Wirefly, then I couldn’t find it again.) At least one online vendor sells such a cable, but it’s listed as a Samsung part, not an HTC part, and I don’t want to point you toward a cable that won’t work. Then you’ll need an HDMI-to-RGB adapter such as this one sold by Amazon:


          I am not personally familiar with that particular HDMI-to-analog device, but Amazon sells a few. Look around and see if another better meets your needs.

          As you can see, it starts to get complicated if you have to change formats from HDMI to analog. Good luck!

          Bob at Wirefly

        • Rick, I found the USB-to-HDMI adapter at Amazon — it’s actually referred to as an “MHL-to-HDMI” adapter. Here’s the link to it:


          According to the listing on Amazon, that is the adapter that plugs into the microUSB port and converts the signal to HDMI. The price on Amazon is $30.

          Good luck!

          Bob at Wirefly

  • Thanks for writing this article. I’m getting rid of my iPhone and getting the EVO 3D. Do you happen to know if I could play back 3D video (or photos) on my 3D tv? The tv has a USB port that I plug a flash drive into and can view photos in a slideshow, watch video clips or play mp3 music. Do you think I would be able to play directly from the phone and watch on my tv? Thanks

    • Dave, you can play back 3D videos and photos from the EVO 3D using two different methods:

      1. Get a microUSB-to-HDMI adapter cable. Plug it into the EVO 3D at one end and into an HDMI port on your TV at the other end. Switch your TV to that input and your TV will show whatever is on the screen of the EVO 3D. Audio from the EVO 3D will play through your TV.

      2. Use the EVO 3D’s DLNA feature to wirelessly show images/videos from the EVO 3D to a TV that is DLNA-capable. This works best when the phone is within 20 feet (6 meters) of the TV.

      Hope that helps!

      Bob at Wirefly

  • NetGuru
    June 14, 2011

    What about USB 3.0 on the 3D vs the USB 2.0 on the 4G? Does anyone know if this is true?

    • I’ve not heard anything about USB 3.0 on the EVO 3D but I will ask around.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • The Evo 4G shipped with 1GB of rom not 2. And you’ve missed out on one of the key fetures of the 3D which is the upgrade of sense to 3.0. This upgrade includes skining support, a host of redesigned apps and widgets, and much more.

    • Jonv, yes, you’re correct. Sense 3.0 looks terrific on the EVO 3D. Unfortunately, there’s no spot in our chart to include a comparison of the manufacturer’s user interface. However, I go into some detail about Sense 3.0 in my YouTube review of the EVO 3D. You can see that review at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1IhrSjMy0Q.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • dman977
    June 7, 2011

    This comparison is a little outdated. Even though the EVO 4G is still running the old version of sense, it is in fact running Android 2.3. Also, the 3D does have a flash.

    @Longtime Sprint Customer, phones with physical keyboards cost more to make. So they will always be either higher priced or under powered to match prices with those sans keyboard.

    • Yes, this comparison chart was based on the facts I could find as of April 27, which is when it was posted. I did update the information on the flash for the EVO 3D.

      I know that Android 2.3 is available for the HTC EVO 4G, but don’t have a confirmation that it ships with 2.3. We normally show only those features that ship with the device from the maufacturer/carrier.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • Ezra Ekman
        June 21, 2011

        I can confirm (having just spent almost an hour on the phone, and 30 minutes in a Sprint store) that the Evo 4G does indeed ship with Android 2.2, but is optionally upgradable to 2.3. According to both Sprint’s Advanced Tech Support and the local store, the Evo 4G does *not* ship with 2.3.

        On a related note, one support rep said that a number of users (on unspecified devices) were having issues with 2.3, and he recommended avoiding the upgrade. I have read about Samsung Epic 4G devices bricking post-upgrade, so was concerned about this. However, I had the distinct impression that his opinion was somewhat alarmist, and several other reps (both phone and in the store) said that they had not heard of such issues happening. I took this to mean “in significant numbers”, and since the phones are under warranty, I’m not very concerned about it.

  • CrippleB
    June 1, 2011

    Megapixel does not determine how good the quality of pics are on a phone. I have evo and have an 8mp cam, my wife’s epic has a 5mp and it takes better pics. Also Swype is the best for non physical keyboards. I hate on screen kb but swype has changed that. I can Swype faster then I ever could type on a full kb.

  • Longtime Sprint Customer
    May 6, 2011

    If the 3D had a PHYSICAL keyboard, and 8 megapixal cameras, PLUS an LED flash and autofocus I would go out and get one right now. It wouldn’t even have to have the 8 megapixals, but the other stuff is required, ESPECIALLY the physical keyboard. There’s NO POINT in having a bigger screen if it is diminished again by the keyboard.

    • Maybe you already know by now but the camera does come with an LED flash….

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