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Cell Phone Comparisons
HTC Incredible vs. Nexus One

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April 9th, 2010



In several critical areas, the HTC Incredible is the Nexus One trapped in a different body. Both devices are Android-powered phones made by HTC, and share the same amount of RAM and same 1GHz Snapdragon processor. While the Google Nexus One runs the vanilla version of Android known widely as the Google Experience, the Incredible uses HTC’s custom-designed user interface built over top of Android. The Incredible also has a more powerful camera than the Nexus One.

Key Differences

  • User interface: The HTC Incredible has HTC’s custom user interface called Sense built on top of Android, while the Nexus One has the standard Android interface known as the Google Experience. HTC’s Sense interface offers a number of advanced customization options for the Incredible, including sleek, custom HTC widgets, and the ability to change the layout and icons on the home screens depending on what the user is doing. Of course, it’s a personal preference, and many users may prefer one interface over the other.
  • Camera: At 5-megapixels, the Nexus One’s camera is certainly powerful, particularly for a mobile device. The HTC Incredible, however, is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera — overtaking the Nexus one by 3 megapixels. Though 5 megapixels should be plenty for most, avid mobile phone photographers may prefer the Incredible. The Incredible has a bright dual-LED flash, while the Nexus One has a (still bright) LED flash.

Side-By-Side Comparison

Nexus One HTC Incredible
HTC Google Nexus One HTC Incredible
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Interface Standard Google Experience HTC Sense
Operating System Android Android
Screen Size 3.7″, 480 x 800 Pixels 3.7″, 480 x 800 Pixels
Video Overview - -
Wireless Capabilities
3G Capable Yes Yes
Global Roaming Yes No
WiFi Yes Yes
Mobile Hotspot No No
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Voice-dialing Yes Yes
Messaging Capabilities
IM Yes Yes
Text Yes Yes
Video Yes Yes
Mobile Email Yes Yes
Outlook Support Yes Yes
View MS Office Attachments Yes Yes
Web Browser Yes Yes
Camera Megapixels 5.0 8.0
Apps Android Market Android Market
Video Yes Yes
Music Options Yes Yes
Memory Capacity Up to 32GB microSD (4GB card pre-installed) 8GB on-board (expandable with microSD)
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY
Removable Battery Yes Yes
Weight 4.58 oz 4.59 oz
Dimensions 2.35″ x 4.69″ x 0.45″ 2.3″ x 4.63″ x 0.47″
Processor Speed 1GHz Snapdragon 1GHz Snapdragon
RAM 512MB 512MB
Wirefly’s Price (as of publish date) Not available at Wirefly; $179 from Google on contract for T-Mobile Not yet available

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23 Responses to “HTC Incredible vs. Nexus One”

  • Jason
    July 7, 2011

    How is it you claim the nexus will have a more powerful camera in the next update? You talking about hardware update or software that will make the 5MP camera take better pictures?

    • Jason, the person who wrote that remark is no longer at Wirefly, so I’m not sure if he meant a new hardware version or a software upgrade. The Nexus One was released quite a while ago and the Nexus S has been released since then. My guess is that the camera “power” is related to hardware and not software, so I think he was saying that the next model of Nexus phone will have a better camera.

      Bob at Wirefly

  • michael
    June 11, 2010

    yeah but no one mentions that the nexus one has an AMOLED screen which makes viewing at any angle so much better

    NEXUS ONE all the way

    • Unless your outside, damn the sunlight.

    • bowser
      July 7, 2010

      It’s actually the exact same screen. Remember, HTC built the Nexus One for Google. They are practically the same phone minus a radio change and an upgraded camera in the Incredible.

      I would still say get a Nexus One though since it is Google’s baby and you will get better software upgrades faster. Most developers are using Nexus One’s.

    • If you did any research at all you would know that the incredible has the same touchscreen too.

  • I distrust any review where the quality of a camera is measured by its megapixels. It’s such a useless comparison that proves the editors don’t know better. You can have all the apparently top specs, but I’ll stay with my Palm Pre. WebOS is simply superior and Palm keep pumping updates for all the phones even a year after their launch. That kind of support is unavailable on the Android market and just fairly visible in the iPhone as much as in Palm/HP. It makes me feel they haven’t forgotten about me from the moment I walk away from the shop. Having said that, Android is third after iPhone and webOS. Most Blackberry phones make me laugh when I see them trying to perform just one single task at a time with so much trouble against a multitasking Palm. And Nokia… wow! Who is Nokia? Uh, I remember, they used to make mobile phones. What? Mobile phones? Ahhh, those things that could only make calls, ringtones and run little Java games. Hahaha, so 90′s!

    • I can do more on my Nexus than you can do on your Palm :D … and an 8MP camera has more potential than a 5MP camera. I’ll have what your smoking, please. It must be top-notch.

  • Incredible FTW. You can always install alternate OS image if getting the very latest is so important. not to me. rather have the nice sense ui, because stock google experience is not nearly as nice.

  • the battery life sucks on the incredible. i had the motorola droid and it charges in 30 mins and stay lit forever this phone is horrible i miss my other droid far better

  • Blind Goat
    April 29, 2010

    I always thought the Nexus One was pretty ugly in comparison to most other phones. The Incredible looks an awfully lot like my Samsung Omnia which I can’t really object to. I’m really more concerned about how it feels to use than how it looks.

  • Obvious difference:

    Nexus One = aesthetically pleasing
    HTC Incredible = Designed by a blind goat.

    • [email protected]
      April 26, 2010

      right, because aesthetics determines if one phone is better i guess?

      would you get an aesthetically pleasing phone with shitty specs over an ugly phone with far superior specs?

      if you say yes, you really are an idiot.

      • [email protected]@Jorbo
        June 19, 2010

        Well if you’d look closer, these phones are almost identical in specs – which leads to the next thing: aesthetic appeal. The Incredible only has a few things on the Nexus One which is 8GB on-board memory and an 8MP camera (and I guess the dual-LED flash is a plus). It’s also got Sense UI but that’s a matter of personal preference (I personally wouldn’t use Sense UI if you paid me, and if it’s that important you can have Sense UI on the Nexus One, too)

        Aside from that the Incredible is butt-ugly.

  • Well, the only thing that I concern is the 3G radio frequency, I notice that HTC is cutting regions, while they can do the 3G in 850/900/2100 most of the new phones are just 900/2100 for Europe and Asian countries. I got my HD2 on the launch date in Taiwna and it’s useless in US even this is an expensive and high end phone, so Nexus got what a businessman needs, if Incredible are going to be like HD2, then it’s useless, because for people that travel worldwide not having triband in 3G is a peace of junk.

  • vzstillsux
    April 13, 2010

    the INC comes with flash 10

    • Garet
      May 2, 2010

      Flash lite not flash 10 all android phones get flash 10 soon and I am guessing Nexus one will be the first to get 2.2 which will have the flash 10 built in

  • JustReleaseIt
    April 11, 2010

    I just want one of the phones released on VZW already! I’m so tired of waiting for the Nexus One.

  • The article misses the point of owning a nexus one- immediate software upgrades from Google. With HTC incredible you will need to simply wait and watch and hope that the update will come through.
    Look at the state of all HTC phones that has Sense UI. Not one of them have received the 2.1 updated that nexus one shipped with in early January.
    Also this choice only matters for verizon owners. For other carriers, even three months later nexus one is still the only android superphone.

  • money mo
    April 11, 2010

    Global roaming is a plus. And when the nexus gets the update to support flash the incredible won’t. And when the nexus one get an os update the incredible won’t. And the nexus has voice to text. And sound cancellation Mic. And you can get your name engraved on your brand new nexus. Not to mention the desktop dock and car dock that’s available for the nexus. You make the choice. Its a no brainer.

  • The One
    April 11, 2010

    With the Incredible having everything that the Nexus One has, except for the “second microphone for noise-cancelization, but having a more powerful camera, fm radio tuner, 8GB of internal storage, plus a more polished UI in the HTC Sense UI……I see no point in getting the Nexus One…it has no value over the Incredible.

    • Garet
      May 2, 2010

      with the next update Nexus one will have a radio tuner and more powerful camera LOL it has more mega pixels and that does not always give you better photo quality.the sense ui will get you slower updates to the next versions of android. 2.2 is almost here and can you guess which phone will have it first??

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