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Android Phone Reviews
myTouch 4G vs. HTC HD7 – Cell Phone Schmackdown!

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November 15th, 2010


Check out our side-by-side comparison of the myTouch 4G vs. HTC HD7 with a specs and features comparison table along with some video goodness, as well. Enjoy!

Key Differences

  • Background: The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (made by HTC) runs the Android 2.2 operating system, which is the most powerful version of Google’s open operating system. The MyTouch 4G is compact yet sports a bright 3.8-inch TFT LCD display, and the phone connects to the Internet on T-Mobile’s high-speed HSPA+ network. The HD7 carries a giant 4.3″ TFT LCD display, reminiscient of the EVO and HD2 and comes with a 1 GHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM and connects via the HSPA network.
  • Operating System: The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G runs on Android 2.2, latest version of the graphical interface developed by Google. Version 2.2 of Android includes faster pereformance and better compatibility with Adobe Flash than the older versions of Android. The HTC HD7 runs on the new Windows Phone 7, a complete overhaul of the Windows mobile experience. The Windows Phone 7 OS is not Flash capable and does not allow “copy/cut & paste” functionality yet.

Side-By-Side Comparison

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G
T-Mobile myTouch 4G HTC HD7
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Operating System Android 2.2 Windows Phone 7
Display 3.8″ TFT LCD touchscreen, 480 x 800 pixels 4.3" TFT LCD touchscreen; 480 x 800 pixels
4G Capable Yes (HSPA+) No – 3G
Processor 1 GHz Snapdragon (2nd generation) 1 GHz Snapdragon
Storage 4 GB internal; comes with 8 GB microSD card; expandable to 32GB 16GB internal
Memory RAM: 768MB RAM: 512MB
Camera 5 megapixel stills; 720p HD video 5-megapixel; Dual-LED flash; Auto focus
Front-facing camera Yes No
Hot Spot Yes No
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Voice-dialing Yes Yes
Physical Features Windows Marketplace
Size 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.42 inches 4.8" x 2.68" x 0.44"
Weight 5 oz. 5.7 oz.
Battery Li-ion 1400 mAh, replaceable Li-ion 1,230 mAh, replaceable – Up to 6.33 hours talk time; up to 310 hours standby
Outlook Support Yes Yes
View MS Office Attachments Yes Yes
Web Browser WebKit 3.1 Internet Explorer Mobile
Apps Android Market Windows Marketplace/HTC Hub
Music Player Yes Zune
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY w/ Swype Virtual QWERTY

  • Features: Both phones offer only the touchscreen keypad, but myTouch 4G comes with Swype. The 4G comes packed with a second-generation 1 GHZ processor and 768 MB of RAM, making it one of the fastest phones out of the box. It also has a front-facing camera with video chat enabled, making video calls a cinch. The 4G also comes with wireless screen share functionality allowing you to stream media from your phone to any nearby DLNA capable device. The HD7 key features come from being a Windows Phones 7 device, which allows for easier access to important applications, as well tight integration with Microsoft Office applications and new Xbox Live mobile community.
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    39 Responses to “myTouch 4G vs. HTC HD7 – Cell Phone Schmackdown!”

    • Got Samsung Focus W7 in 2010. Netflix streaming almost unusable in 2012 compared with wife’s iPhone 4s. Home network (Verizon Fios) is blazing noodles fast. I love Microsoft Dev Studio for daytime Job, but this phone’s features still not ‘there’. 2012-02-27.

    • I have had my HD7 for a year now. Haven’t had a problem with it. It may not have all of the mainstream apps that Android or iPhone has, but they are always releasing more and new apps. My Android friends love their Android phones, buy are jealous of my operating system. Being able to open and edit my Windows documents has also been a huge help as well. My only complaint is that there is no Ancestry.com application.

      • And the 7.5 update also allows the phone to be a hotspot as well.

    • I love my hd7 so far

    • Hmmm, some interesting view points, I’ve had the phone since day one of release, my opinion is its a great phone, the software is amazing, after you get used to it, its really hard to go to anything else, I’ve got a s2 as well, but i only use it for…..well come to think of it i don’t use it at all, that’s not to say the s2 is a bad phone, in fact far from it, some think as powerful as a ps2 in your pocket is amazing, but its the ease of use that brings me back, also I’ve read a few people have complained about lack of flash. Well since last Tuesday even adobe have given up on flash for mobiles and are sticking with html5. which is supported after the mango update, and as for the app store, its got everything you’ll ever need, for example we don’t need 10000 flashlight apps (hint hint app store, android market)

    • i hate the HTC HD7!! I regret getting it!

    • Totally agreed! It’s like Youtube or 4 chan here..So many self proclaimed experts who post a single line of nonsense and actually believe some one is listning..It really shows what’s wrong with the web today.

      All this online anonymity brings a false sense of courage and self esteem to these individuals who in real life wouldn’t say a thing if face to face with a real live person..

      For myself? All these phones are all the same..With out all the junk on em their just glorified walkie talkies. LOL! I also hate texting and talking on the phone for that matter. I’m a people person give me a face to face chat anytime. All this nonsense over freaking telephone? Man go back to your facebooking please..

    • This is a phone ok.I would like to think that most people would do some research before buying an expensive phone that is supposed to be the next big thing.keeping up with the Jones should not be reason to buy but what u use it for.I own a iPhone and the hd7 each one i have likes and dislikes.Be real people u like what u r used to and a windows phone is not what u r used to.Too bad that most of u didn’t give the phone a chance.Happy with my hd7 had it 2months now no problem with apps or finding free ones.Xbox live is the shit.The new PS3 comp phone will replace my iPhone.so again your purpose for your phone is for how u use your phone.

    • 42h6Fh62h
      August 7, 2011

      Listening to you Windows haters whine and complain like tantrum throwing 5 year olds is funny as hell.
      It’s a phone, dude. Doesn’t give you enough “free applications”? Boo hoo. This phone sucks/is a piece of junk/worst phone I’ve ever owned? REALLY?
      Phones are very personal devices. I prefer Windows. It’s a preference. Not a dictum that everything else sucks. There hasn’t been a one size fits all since Bell South 500 desksets.
      This discussion is supposed to be about the differences between these phones; and there are legitimate and real design and implimentation differences.
      And as one who has paid over $500 for at least a half dozen phones over the years, if you pay $599 for a phone and don’t know what it does BEFORE you buy it, you have a lot more money than sense. I’m leaning toward an HD7 for reasons which include the 4.3″ screen (after being a very satisfied Samsung user for nearly 10 years). But I haven’t decided yet because I would also have to switch my 10 year carrier; though that is not as traumatic as it used to be. But I am still reading the owners manual for anything that even looks promising. I refuse to be some whiny-azzed “my new $2-300 phone doesn’t even do this or that”.
      Thanks for the entertainment though. Even if only one in about 5 of these was even worth reading.

    • I got the HTC HD7 and in my area T-Mobile offers 4g using the HSPAt network. The HTC utlizes that network and even thought it is a 3g phone it uses the 4g network. It was built prior to T-Mobile offering the 4-G network and I can get speeds of upto 7mbps on the high and on the low I average about 3mbps. Look at the specs of the 3g and 4g phones and you will see that the HTC has Band IV (1700/2100)which ultilizes 4g. Other phones do not offer this and this is a bonus. I a dropping my verizon Palm Pixi Plus because the 3g sucks and now I can get 4g disquised as 3g and pay less that $80 a month of 10g and then after they drop the speeds down after usage to 3-4mbps I am stilll way ahead of the game over verizon.Look into it. I am watch netflix and it is flawless, key is to be in a high 4g area.

    • lay lw
      May 19, 2011

      The HD 7 sucks.its the worst phone I ever had. It belongs in the trash

      • Yes. I agree. I use my Samsung vibrant with a shattered screen and let my HD7 keep my papers from blowing away in the wind. (When its not even windy). I’m pissed and want a new phone, PRONTO. Preferably non-Windows, and less than 10lbs.


    • Ok lets see u are trying to compare the next Gen of mobile computing against a 3g phone duh it going to be different all the my touch has 4g processors there for the bigger rom and I do have to admit that the no copy paste and flash player has got to be the dumbest thing Microsoft could have ever done and I am pretty sure they will give an update when they realize there mistake but hd7 All the way it is so user friendly and fast computing for a 3g phone

    • I bought my new cellphone myTouch 4G with Android, and it is more better than HTC HD7 with Windows phone 7 (This software stink). With Android you can run application that support Adobe Flash Player letting you to do good streaming on your videos. In spanish Windows phone 7 es una grandicima porqueria, no corre Adobe Flash Player ni Java, asi que no te permite tener buen streaming en tus videos, ni tampoco deja instalar Flash player porque no es compatible. I have just for a day HTC HD7 and I have to run to change it for myTouch 4G. Here some details about those phones.

    • I hate this phone with all my heart this hd7 Really sucks they need to add more applications and with the price of this phone you should be able to almost do any and everything right from this phone but you can’t they really need to upgrade this phone

    • Anthony
      March 5, 2011

      LOVE! the HTC HD7, yall are Haters seriously. It offers 16GB memory 720p HD video camcorder and a kick stand! those are extras that make the phone great. its got Xbox live, and i personaly think Zune is very good because it has all the songs that iTunes has and for only $0.99 and iTunes prices go up to $1.29 also so before u start disliking the HD7 look at it well it also has Office XS 5.0 great for entertainment, work, educational, fun, anad musical Someone out there! MAKE THE NEXT HTC HD7 PLEASE!!!!!!!!

      • daisy
        July 7, 2011


    • I agree with everyone!!! HD7 sucks!!! No ringtones and its boring!!! not worth 500 dollars!!! I cant download ringtones from anywhere and no apps!!! I got to take this bak…

    • Umm?? I just brought the HTC HD7 today! And I’m getting up bright and early to take this shyt back.!!! Omqqq it sucks so badly..smdh… Get.. R.i.p HD7

      • Anthony
        March 5, 2011

        what are you going to get a nokia phone idiot HTC Hd7 is the number 1 t mobil for and the face of Windows Phone 7

    • charles smith
      February 24, 2011

      I bought the HTC hd7 and im using my Nokia brick phone. Atleast on this phone I can make a call when I want and connection not be lost 8 times before it goes through. The phone is horrible slow. Has no good apps. Zune sucks. It freezes all the time. When I call someone and I does go throught I have to take the battery out to hang up because it doesn’t light up while your on the phone talking and then lock button won’t the it on either. This is the worst phone I have ever had. And I had cricket for a year and went through 6 phone.

    • I love the my touch phone. It does everything but netflix. I had a htc phone. Very difficult to use but a good phone. If you are a fan of apps and fast internet speed. Go with the my tough 4g.

    • I got the HTC HD7 and so far everything that I read is correct, the phone sucks triple time and it is not functional at all. Apps are hard to find, no call block on the phone, very basic and for a price of 699.99, it is jot worth it, they should have a price of 6.99……

    • Had the HTC HD7 for a week, HATED it. No free apps, very basic everything, no free nothing…and no emoticons while texting. Returned it and got the Mytouch 4G…what a HUGE difference….lots of free apps and very cool phone overall….can’t believe it’s 50 bucks cheaper than the HTC HD7. I do agree that the HTC looks very nice with big screen and that’s why I got it but what’s the point if its JUNK…it’s like a phone from the 90′s. you just can’t compare the two.

    • I just brought the HD7 phone last night & I hate it with a passion. The guy in the Tmobile store didn’t explain to me the difference between the two. The only thing good about this phone is the size and the looks. Other than that it sucks. I cant download any ringtones which really sucks. I’m taking it back today to exchange it for the mytouch 4g …. Uggh I hate Tmobile

    • Eustace Trevelyan
      February 13, 2011

      Also? The merging of ALL contacts on the HD7, with of course no option (in Soviet Ru- err, Windows Phone 7, phone customize YOU!) is really not a plus; the people you want to call and text are not always the same people you wish to facebook or email (no twitter on HD7, I imagine someone will eventually code an app.)

      At first glance, the HD7 seems to be (the lesser processor and non-4g speeds aside)a leap ahead, larger screen, much cleaner lines, interesting new tile thing. Till you try and change anything, where it will drive you nuts, unless of course you’re the type of person who’s used to static phones. If this is your first smartphone, you might not mind. Myself, i hated it so much i had to get something, anything else.

      I disagree that this is against HD7, this guy LOVES the interface and useability of the WinPho7, even when pointing out how customizeable the HD7 is NOT, he makes the point of how well-thought out it is, implying that it’s already “customized” better than you could anyway (if that makes any sense, lol). Given that he doesn’t hide his personal preference, and does point out the pluses of the mytouch, i’d say this was a good review.

      I still hate the HD7 with a passion:)

    • i absolutely love movies and android doesnt have netflix streaming wp7 looks like it has what i need and actualy has a substantial music player via zune. mytouch would probably be a better phone to most but honestly ive seen enough of android features, there almost as played out as iphone, well i take that back. point is i just want to try wm7 unless i can get it on my hd2, working android ob my hd2 and iheard that netflix streaming app will be launched for android this year. ill give it 2 weeks see if i like it, im fine with my hd2 it does so much that people dont realize. hd2 still #1 in by book il have it runnin 4 dif os’s soon enough

    • i got HD7 las thursday played with it, so far sucks it neither have wmp nor flash reader.
      i,m thinking to return it and get my touch 4G, before the two weeks return policy expires any feedback folks.

    • I had the hd7 for almost 2 weeks. Ive Been trying to convince my self i like it but cant switching to mytouch 4g after the holidays. Luv the screen size but whats the point if its not 4g. Cant watch anything in 3g and wifi a joke on hd7 so many bugs.

    • ummm. the hd7 does include have 720p HD video
      idk what you guys are reading
      The windows marketplace doesnt have much to offer because its still new. The APP store was the same way when it first came out.

      • Ive had my hd7 for two wks and so far, not what i need. U cnt download ringtones, etc. Its lik when are they going to change that, idk. Although driod has some apps i love like the ptt, ringtones, jus downloading period. So what do think, should i stick it out with my hd7, hoping they upgrade that, or switch to the mytouch 4g

      • king of the south
        November 6, 2011

        I had my hd7 almost 4 months” its cool its just different” & I also have a my touch 4g its nice” but im trading it to my baby sister because she got & hd2′& I have a Samsung galaxy S2 4g!!! HaHa so I dont care

    • I just got my HD7 last night. Honestly, i agree with the guy regarding the estethic look on the HD7. Other than that, it really does suck. The Windows market doesnt have much to offer. The Navigation, isnt free. It comes with TeleNav. So you will have to pay for it. And the GPS takes a long time to locate you. I think the Mytouch has way more features, 4G, Dual Cam, and the 720 HD recording which HD7 doesnt have. I am returning it in a few to get the Mytouch 4G. Hope this comment helped :)

      • Eustace Trevelyan
        February 12, 2011

        All the concerns here, I can echo x2. I love the look of the HD7 (it’s the most beautiful of the new phones), but the lack of settings let alone anything you might call customization drove me nuts within less than 24 hrs. Couldn’t get back fast enough to get the 4G. Ppl told me to go Android, and they were right.

        Unlike some, the lack of apps is expected for a brand new OS and not an issue for me, I’m sure in time there will be plenty of third party stuff, since MSFT has a track record of encouraging that. In fact, that, and how customizable and modifiable the HD2 turned out to be are why I picked this over Android.

        But from the unable-to-be-disabled vibration on the three hard buttons to the inability to easily set loaded music files as ringtones to the minimalist approach to controls, this phone is making a statement about the new Windows Phone, and that seems to be My Way or the Highway. Fortunately, I live near a highway, and it leads right back to the mall.

    • No Copy & Paste?! Fail! I wouldn’t buy a phone twice as good as either phone without a clipboard! Microsoft has an unexpectedly great GUI look, but an unexpectedly low customization? How very Apple of them. Very disappointing. I would have liked to have seen a comparison of the Netflix playback (if myTouch can play it). How does international calling compare? The video phone is a great feature for couples and long distance friends and family, but does it count against regular minutes, data transfer or both? The internet speed comparison wasn’t any good, because the myTouch had to load more with the Flash video. Another Apple-esque HD7 feature? To me, the HD7 is no competition.

    • I think the video comparisson was greatly done. So far though, the hd7 sounds like a better choice for me, although 4g speed must be superb.
      Great Job!

    • This comparison is obviously for the mytouch 4g and against the HD7. You belittled the HD7! You’re not that good at comparisons!

      • I dont agree that this comparison is against HD7. I think it showcases well the differences and the similarities of these two phones, leaving the decision up to individual needs. I personally appreciate the visual advantage the HD7 has due to my far from perfect eyesight. Thankyou very much for this video comparison.

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